Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Run & Snap!

So, Shape run came and went, and I surprised myself by running 5km non-stop. On a usual basis, I was never able to run 5km continuously, much less do it under 35 minutes. Now, I can't wait for my results certificate to reach me via post.

Mommy, Myself, Valene

So after all the morning adrenaline rush and excitement from the run, evening came with more excitement from the photography lesson that my girlfriend and I signed up for. A noob armed with a Canon 550D, I got these shots:

I paparazzi-ed the girlfriend!

The little group from Feelmedia 24.07.11

Super enriching Sunday! And not forgetting, thank you love for being at Shape Run bright and early that Sunday morning with me. =)

Sunday, July 03, 2011

My Virgin Attempt

After living for 1/4 of a century, I finally participated in my first ever paid run! It was a really great experience and I'm glad I have another 2 of such events on hand, and it definitely won't be stopping there. =p

Ready and set to go!

So after running/jogging/walking for 10km, I finally finished and was still very much alive! Not too bad for someone who has never ran anything more than 5km before.

And then Val finally came back, followed by Sus!

Pretty Little Thing

Thank you love, for meeting me before the event, for waiting for me throughout the event, and for willingly looking after my girlfriends' and my bag!

And like always, babymeh loves being part of everything!

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