Friday, February 27, 2009

After a long day at work, with half of it spent in the musty-smelling Archive Room, I came back home, switched on my laptop, and started cleaning my room so I have a conducive environment to rest.

When I returned to my computer, 2 MSN chat windows were flashing with the exact same contents:

Hongbin with this,
[6:55:20 PM] 禪: home already?

and Dilun with this,
[6:59:22 PM] `dilun/ i'm: home already
[6:59:22 PM] `dilun/ i'm: ?

HAHAHA, pardon me, but I'm easily amused.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yesterday, after a heavy downpour, the sky cleared up in the evening and revealed the most amazing rainbow I've ever seen.

The wonders of Nature. Simply amazing.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm pretty alarmed at the obsessive love I have for Waraku. Within 7 days last week, I visited Waraku THREE times! Wow.

19 Feb: With Mandy

21 Feb: With NJ4

I find this so amusing because the bowl was REALLY HUGE and I look as though I'm not wearing a top and trying to hide behind the bowl. LOL!

22 Feb: With Dilun

3 Waraku trips in almost 3 consecutive days. There's honestly no doubt that I really love Waraku. HAH!

Monday, February 16, 2009

2nd Anniversary - Part IV

Ah ha, I'm not lazy! Part IV was at the Singapore Flyer. I'm not in the mood to narrate today, so I'll just clutter this space with pictures.

As usual, the rest of the pictures can be viewed at Facebook.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

2nd Anniversary - Part III

And so, I FINALLY know what the long awaited Part III is! But before I go into Part III, here's pictures of my more well-bloomed bouquet of lilies and the Valentine's gift from me to him:

Pretty, isn't it?

So anyway, I was told to keep my stomach empty for Part III, which I obliged because I knew I was definitely in for a fabulous treat! As we were on the road, I was already thinking of the endless possibilities of dining places we were heading to, but I failed to guess Ritz Carlton.

Yes, he brought me to Greenhouse @ Ritz Carlton for the Champagne Brunch Buffet. With free flow champagne, pretty and delicious food, enticing smelly cheeses, gorgeous desserts, a great ambiance, and the best company, I seriously thought I died and was in CandyLand (more apt during the massive desserts galore)!

By the looks on my face, it is obvious that I was on a sugar high even before I touched the desserts! Just by looking at them made me happy!

We were so bloated thereafter, so to digest the food, we took a stroll at Botanical Garden, but it was too scorching hot (although I'm a Sun lover) to walk around much.

Part IV would be up soon, provided I'm not too lazy. =)

For more pictures of Part III, view it at Facebook.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

2nd Anniversary - Part II

Almost exactly 12 hours after Part I, I woke up to Part II of my 2nd anniversary surprise. =)

As always, I SMS-ed NJ4 telling him that I'm awake and queried about the time he's coming over to get me. And the following pictures would adequately narrate and unveil Part II.

Actually, when NJ4 told me to open the door, he meant the front door. But because I just woke up and have not stepped out of my room, I opened my room door and saw the bouquet of lilies at my door step.

Apparently, my elder brother received the bouquet from the delivery guy and placed it at my room door step. And so, that was how my Part II surprise greeted me. =) And my poor boy was already over at my place an hour before I woke up. Aww.

Gift shopping followed by the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" wrapped up our Valentine's Day, but that's not the end of our 2nd anniversary celebration just yet.

I'm looking forward (yet at the same time having some fears) to Part III and Part IV (which I already know what it is) tomorrow! Part III would most probably be my greatest joy and fear which I will fight through, just for it and for NJ4. Now, I just can't wait!

2nd Anniversary - Part I

And yet again, a task reminder rang at 1.30am asking me to open the door. But before I could step out of my room, a soft knock on my door revealed a surprise for me.

And this is Part I of my 2nd anniversary with Jay-Jay.

Spot the difference.
So, how about a game of 'Spot the Difference'?

Pretty cupcakes!

Jolly wants a piece of my cake. LOL! Jolly was spotted a few months back and was immediately adored by me. Every time we pass by that shop in Suntec, we'll pop by to take a peek at Jolly.

Since I was contented enough to see Jolly once in awhile, there was really no need to own Jolly. But NJ4 being the way he is, got Jolly along with the Mrs Fields cupcakes as a lovely surprise for me. =)

My Love

Thank you love. Happy 2nd Anniversary. =)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I find it very heart warming that despite years after graduating from Polytechnic, my group of girls still make the effort to gather and have a meal, be it a fancy meal, or a simple home cooked one.

Last Sunday, the 4 of us gathered as Shinyu's place (again) for her home cooked Sarawak laksa. What came as a surprise was that Val's D cooked soy sauce pork belly which was delicious!

The laksa.

Yuumilicious super fatty pork belly!!!

Pudding for dessert.

With all the food displayed infront of us and considering the fact that it was around 4pm when we were about to have lunch, we were starving and was so glad that we could finally dig in!

A couple of hours after late lunch and some tidbits snacking, we decided to shed off some calories by going swimming!

Sadly, the weather was not on our side. It rained 10 minutes after we got into the pool and we barely started. =( But the weather didn't dampen our spirits, and the day ended on a lovely note. =)


After not having seen her for 3 years (probably more), I finally met up with Debbie in town! Time and distance did not strain our friendship, neither did it cause any awkward moments when we met, not one bit.

From the time we met till the end of our date, we were talking non-stop, even through dinner (though we've been taught not to talk with our mouths full). This girl is full of nonsensical yet amusing shit and that explains why I heart her much. =)


Sunday, February 08, 2009

07.02.09 - HNF Seniors' Night 2009

I never knew how big an event HNF Seniors' Night was until I attended it myself. An entire Expo hall was being used to house VIPs, artistes, performers, sponsors, staffs, 1000+++ old folks and their care givers.

President S.R Nathan and Mrs Nathan were the special guests for the night, and there were artistes from abroad as well as local artistes involved too. The hosts for the night were Chen Shu Cheng (陈澍承) and Koh Cheng Mun. It was really quite a big-scale event.

Expo Hall 2B
Old folks 1
The old folks.

Old folks 2
More old folks.

Some performing artistes.

Myself, Zhang Yaodong, LK

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Went over to NJ4's place to 拜年 today, and what I thought would scare me shitless wasn't so scary after all. =)

We then proceeded to the Singapore Flyer to make some changes to the tickets that NJ4 has. He postponed our "flight" to 2 weeks later. And since we were there, we walked the F1 tracks and did many silly stuff!


More insanity can be viewed at Facebook.

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