Saturday, May 26, 2007

BBQ buffet dinner at Hotel Rendezvous tonight. And as quoted from mom, "spouses are invited". LOL. Elder brother with his wife-to-be, and myself with the boy. =)

I could live like this forever, just snuggled deep in your embrace.

Part 1 - Gelare ice cream cake. =) --- Swensen's ice cream cake from parents.

Us. ----------- That orange dress. =)

Part 2 - halfway through dinner. -- Part 3 - Gold Class!
I miss my bones! DIET!
Stepping into adulthood feels very normal actually. It's no different from any other birthdays over the last 2 decades. But the one thing that stood out this year was that the sweetest thing on earth made it an extremely unforgettable experience for me.

And so, parts 2, 3 and 4 are out.

Part 2: Dinner at White Dog Cafe. Yum.

Part 3: (The one that really took my breath away) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. So, what's so special about catching Pirates on the second day of its screening you may ask? It makes a world of difference when you catch a movie like that in Gold Class seating! Laid back in that big soft comfy recliner, with a fresh smelling blanket to snuggle under. Now, THAT'S the difference! And of course, my boy was the mastermind of it all.

Part 4: Up to Mount Faber we went! Walked a little, sat a lot, and simply gazed at the blanket of stars up above.

Thank you dar, for making my 21st such a memorable one. You must be really tired, driving around, making sure that the plans flowed according to timing. I heart you much. =)

Thank you to all who've wished me too, be it via SMS, MSN, Friendster, or personally. Thank you.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Before midnight, he said:

[1O] cma says:
[1O] cma says:
cake making time again! (read: shit)

At the stroke of midnight, part 1 of my surprise arrived.

A note reminder on my phone told me to head out of my gate for a surprise and what met me was the sweetest thing ever.

This was supposedly the ice cream cake that I wanted, and Mom initially agreed, but due to inconvenience of collection, she told me to choose another ice cream cake from Swensen's instead.

My darling knew how much I'm in love with this pretty cake, so he made all the weird arrangements with Ros. And appearing at my gate with it, the cake that he apparently "went to make".

Now, I'm so anticipating the rest of the day, and most importantly, the moment when I can finally slip into that pretty little orange thing. =) Thank you for part one!

The revival of my Nokia 7200 adds on to my happiness!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

We were making Sunquick orange squash just now and he was saying that in the past, his tuition teacher would make that for him with a dollop of honey, which makes the drink taste sweeter and better.

Me: But I've got no honey now.
Him: Huh? Then what am I?
Me: -________-"

Whatever NJ4! You come up with the weirdest taglines ever!
I'm happy for a couple of people, especially for Ben. So glad that you've finally opened up and set that barrier in your heart aside. Go, embrace her wholeheartedly! I wish you all the best! And no, I'm not your guardian angel or whatsoever, I'm just your bestie who's been by you for 7 years and counting, and you have been too!

I know you fairly well (I daresay 95% or more), and so able to predict certain things and traits of you. And the predictions of your partners? LOL. Never been wrong there either, have I? I'm happy that you're happy, and also glad that you share your happiness with me. There's a lot of "happy" in that sentence. Whatever the case, jiayou!

On a sidenote, I was craving for something cold and sweet and so I made my very own mango milkshake! Mmm, I love that sludgy texture of the milkshake as it slithers down my throat with ease. Yum! =)

Happy day, happy drink. =)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy birthday Daddy! I love my Dad heaps. MWAHH!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Him: pes a
Me : i know u pes A ah
Him: hahah shh dun tell anyone, actually the doctors wanted to give me pes DIST, hahaha!

Try harder to fool me next time. That was good, but good from the bottom. It only made me want to wallop you.

And so, the best lameness award goes to... NJ4! -_-

Monday, May 14, 2007

Today was a happy day. Trotted down to town with my boy and he insisted on getting me the belt that I wanted just so to "complete my birthday suit". Thank you.

We're three, and it's my turn to plan, so I brought him to my planned place for dinner. We had a super quiet night and a dinner that was planned to be slow pace but circumstance disallowed that. Nonetheless, still it was time well spent. =)

Seems like we're always spending our special day at quiet places for dinner aye? That's fine by me though, no interruptions and away from all the bustle.

His boiled barramund. ---- My red snapper.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I just learnt a shocking news today. Something that I had all the rights to know about, yet kept in the dark for nearly 2.5 years!

He should be socially responsible enough to let people close to him know, and when I mean close, I'm referring to physical closeness. How can you keep someone in the dark about something so important? For fuck's sake, it concerns the other party. Beyond redemption.

And because of one irresponsible asshole, it's causing me to worry not only for myself, but for others. Damn you, understand? BAH!

On a lighter note, I just borrowed my elder brother's old O2 mini! One day with just one phone is torturous.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Damn, I feel super handicapped now! Some time in end March, my old phone (Nokia 7200) died, and today, my even older phone (Nokia 6510) died. From three phones, I'm down to one, how to survive?

I already felt super deprived with one phone less, and now this has to happen? zZzZz! My W850i is still pretty reliable as of now, but I think I'm going to get another Sony Ericsson. Maybe one of those older models that's still quite stylish. Ah, what the hell.
Threw out my old pair of Nike running shoes some time last year and I never got down to replacing it until today.

This pair was practically calling out to me with its vibrant colour, and I really couldn't say no to it. Initially wanted an orange pair, also from Adidas, but they didn't have my size, so we carried on our search, and finally this pair was begging me to get it.

My boy's been wanting to go jogging with me for ages, now we can! Work hard together, and try to be at our best in two weeks' time! =)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

With two big bright purple smileys on my calendar for two consecutive days, what else can I ask for? I'm doing my best. Recovery, here I come.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I've got so many reasons to rejoice today.

First is because one paper is finally down! Following that, I've caught Spiderman 3, and it's really something worth watching. It was worth getting those tear ducts to work too! Then my boy brought me to satisfy my long awaited avocado milkshake craving.

Last but not least, as well as the sweetest and best thing to rejoice about, is that he bought me a very pretty orange tube dress!!! And it's not like I've been eyeing that dress or anything, in fact, it's my first time today that I'm seeing it. He bought it because he found it nice and reckoned that I would like it. I love it, simply because I'm an orange fanatic (ever since Primary school when my Art teacher told us to tell her what's our favourite colour) and because it's from him!

But I'm only to wear that dress on my birthday, and that's by his word. So okay, I shall just have to feast my eyes on it in the meantime. I'm not impatient, I can wait. =)

Achieved my first big bright purple smiley for the month of May today.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Just got back from dinner at Botak Jones with my family. Urgh, the strain on my tummy is killing me! None of us cleaned our plates because it was simply quite impossible to. The serving of fries was insane and the same applies for the coleslaw.

Nonetheless, all of us left the table happily patting our bloated tummies. Definitely a calorie loaded dinner, but a great one that's worth it. What's most important is that Mom was happy.

I trust what I know. But whatever for?
Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!! =)

Sidetrack a little, got this crazy quiz link from Jo's blog and it's been my source of entertainment for the last couple of days! And finally, today, I reached the very last question of the damn quiz!!!!!

Sadly, still unable to complete it because of some hiccups. So, no skipping huh? I shall try then! Save my skips for the ultimate question! My boy's addicted to this damn quiz too. Tsk, very bad for us.

Back to the main focus, happy birthday Mom, I love you! =)

edit// My boy completed that super duper crazy quiz! I will too, but tomorrow. It's late and I'm tired of that quiz. zZzZz.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My mom was at AMKhub earlier and she called to ask if I wanted anything from NTUC. SMS-ed her a list (as instructed by her) of what I wanted, and I was expecting only one of each. My mom came back with more than what I expected. Her logic: 'Since I'm there, just stock up for you so you don't have to keep making so many trips down yourself.' Mommy's the best. Whose mom isn't right?

Now I can open a mini-mart selling granola bars. Hahaha.

All except the box of Oats 'N Honey granola bars were bought by mom.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Waking up with you by my side,
Is bliss that can't be bought.
Hearing your light breathing, if not experienced,
Is something that can't be thought.

Buried tight within the sheets,
My boy is still asleep.
Sleep well, dream well, don't wake just yet
For I love to see you snuggled deep in my bed.

call me tiger