Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Went back to PHS to take my sec3 cadets for their promotion test. What a disaster! I forsee that less than half of them will pass their Sergeant promotion test. Not that I'm mean and that I refuse to promote them, but some of them really cannot make it!!!

Dropped by big eye's place after that (around 8 plus), and I finally knew why he was back home late the other night! Haha, thanks for the surprise dear! He made a keychain with my name that was carved out from acrylics. So colourful! Must have been quite costly because my name is so darn long!!! Haha! But nontheless, thanks alot! Huggles~

Ate a hell lot of gummy candies for dinner just now. Bought those mix and match candies, and I just kept taking and taking and didn't realize it was slightly over 200g, and I finished almost everything by myself! Yikes! Imagine the amount of globs of fat that I just piled myself with. EWWW! Owell, blame them on those darn addictive candies!

Right, I might be burning the midnight oil tonight. Have to really start mugging already!!! The consequences of not starting early = no choice but to burn midnight oil = sheer torture!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Went to school today for Business Law extra lecture and lecturer taught us roughly how to tackle exam questions, etc.

Looked for my Laision Officer after the lecture. My LO seems like a damn nice person. And he said that I'm his onli ITP student who's being sent to a "decent" company, because I'm located in the central part of Singapore whereas the rest of his ITP students are being sent to Tuas area. And because I'm centralised, he said he might visit me more than what is required (that is 2 visits).

My LO is also a car fanatic, that's why he got all so excited that I'm having my attachment at DaimlerChrysler. He asked if I know what kind of company that is. Like DUH?! But of course he doesn't and can't know how I know so much about DC. shh...but I'm not allowed to be affliated to the company.

So anyway, I find my LO real nice, and let's hope he stays that way, because he's my only lifeline when I go for my attachment. Hah!

Damn, feel so lethargic now. Maybe I should go and try to take a short nap or something. Off I go now!

PS: HELP needed! Anyone has any idea where I can get music for my blog? iwebmusic is filthy, I need any sites that are safer. Thanks!

Monday, March 28, 2005

a little cleanup
Cleaned up my room a little today. Changed my bedsheets, cleaned the floor, cleared my bookshelf a little. End result: Satisfied!

I think I'm seriously mad, it always seems like when it's during my exams period and when I'm supposed to be mugging my brains away, I'd start cleaning up my room. Why? I seriously have no idea! I think my mind is just subconsciously doing it just so as to procrastinate. So then I wouldn't have to start studying so soon. Darn, that's definitely not good. But at least now my room is slightly tidier and cleaner, and the sense of satisfaction is there. Haha.

Now I'm on Blackboard copying notes for my tax lecture. Skipped a few lectures, so I have retrieve my notes in this manner. Kind of troublesome, but I've got no choice. So much for skipping lectures.

Better get back to copying my notes!
Met my boy yesterday. Watched "Dread Club", it was some psychotic killer show, ultra gruesome! Lots and Lots or blood shed and gore. Bloodier than "Saw". Not a bad show.

It's late, I betta get to bed soon. Mugging starts tomorrow, bummer!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Just got home from the Chingay Crowd Controllers Appreciation Dinner. It was buffet dinner, alot of fried stuff, and I ate super alot! So much so that I feel like puking now! And yes, there goes my diet plan again! Diet plan busted once again! So sad!

Tomorrow I have to be determined! Hopefully I can! Hahaha!
What a Small World
Went to watch the eye 10 with RenJie yesterday, screwed up show! Not up to my expectations, the commercials were so misleading!

Anyway, I met ChengXi's twin bro in the theatre! Haha! I thought that guy was ChengXi so i practically called out and waved to him! And that guy responded with, "I'm not ChengXi, I'm his brother, JiaXi."

I was like totally stunned! Haha! They look so freakingly alike! From head to toe! Haha! Maybe because I met ChengXi only twice before, that's why I'm unable to differentiate the twins. But seriously, they are a pair of super identical twins! Even their dressing sense are similar!

Got to attend a Chingay dinner later at NTU Hall 10... Boring! But the thought of being able to meet the whole Chingay family again simply rocks! Haha! Alright, I better get going now! Cheerios!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

funny and sad in a way...
It is funny how a friendship can just suddenly come to an abrupt end. Reason for cessation was actually just a minor misunderstanding. However, the drift is definitely not caused on our side. The other party is the one drawing the line clearly. For whatever reason, we're bewildered.

As hard as we try to make an effort to talk to the other party, it was all but just failed attempts. It's amazing how people can just want to end a friendship over a small misunderstanding. To me, I definitely feel it isn't worth it at all. That misunderstanding could be easily cleared. In fact, it wasn't really a misunderstanding, it was just that some thought were being voiced out, that's all. So why must things come to such an end?

To make things worst, people around the 2 disputing parties suffer as well. Well, I guess this is how life and people really are. If it is meant to be this way, I guess we just got to accept it as it is. It is just such a pity, and it's definitely not worth it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Watched "Saw" with RenJie at his place today. Utterly gruesome, but the storyline was a very witty one. Damn good plot. Finally got to watch the show that I've been wanting to catch all along. Great show, really.

Today marks the end of RenJie's long MC break. He gotta go back to camp tomorrow, poor boy. Let's hope his MO will 'da fa ci bei' and give him some good deal. Perhaps excuse uniform?

School tomorrow, DARN! I don't ever want to go to school!!! So sick of it, and the exams are coming! Sux man! I better go to bed early tonight, have been sleeping at like 3am plus for the past few nights, I'm so gonna die from lack of sleep again! Off I go!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Don't try 2 lie 2 me, you'll never get away with it (most of the time that is). I'm not dumb, so don't even try. There are things that I know of, but if you try to bluff your way through me, I can tell you that that's an extremely wrong move. Think again.

Anyway, I bumped into Jay-Jay on my way to school this afternoon. He somewhat "scolded" me for being late because it was 3pm. Today was just an exception that I could go to school late, and I got scolded. -_-

By the way, things are getting real messy now. Hard to explain, but I certainly do not want things to turn out this way. Sigh.

Monday, March 21, 2005

whoo hoo!!!
Great day out with Edwin! Firstly, dinner was fantastic, had NYDC's mudpie!!! Yummy!!! After that, I bought myself a new Pierre Cardin wallet and 2 new tops! A happy and fulfilling day!!!

I'm gonna skip 4hrs of lectures tomorrow morning. It's revision lectures, so I'm not going. Going to spend the time catching up on lost sleep instead. Will go for biz law tutorial at 2pm.

Alright, I better get going and do my stuff!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

still tired
Just got back home from RenJie's place about 1 hour plus ago. His wound is recovering pretty well so far, just that there's pus oozing out from some areas. Other than that, he's healing nicely.

Anyway, I feel like such a pig today! Slept at around midnight last night, woke up at 10plus, ate bee hoon that RenJie's mum cooked, slacked around a little, and we went back to sleep. Woke up and I watched TV because the big pig was still asleep.

I guess I'll be going to bed early tonight. Haven gotten my "after-camp" sleep of 12hrs straight yet. Betta get going!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Trying to get a good night's rest at camp is totally imposible. Firstly, the room was so freaking stuffy, secondly, sleeping on a bench isn't a very fun thing to do, because my back is aching like shit at the moment. To further worsen things, I only had about 2hrs of sleep and I'm just about to die now. I'm so glad that the camp is over!!!

Currently blogging from RenJie's place. I'll be bunking in with him tonight to take care of him. Alright, got to go!
bored and tired...
In PHSNPCC room now. We're having our March camp, and I'm bored because there's nothing to do right now, and all the other CIs have yet to go to bed, so I can't sleep too. To make things worse, I'm the only female instructor here. Cherry isn't coming down for this camp.

Anyway, the room is so stuffy that I can't breathe properly. So suffocating! How I wish that it's 5pm on Saturday now, that's when I can break camp and go home.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Forever the Same
I've come to realise that no matter how one say he/she will change, that is all just a hoax. It is indeed very true that a leopard can never ever change its spots, and this can be proven by many of such people.

I've tried to trust that particular someone again, but once again, my trust was broken. Even after making so many promises, after seriously swearing that the change will be visible, I don't seem to be able to see it at all, not even a single bit.

Even at this point in time when things are so crucial, that person could still do this kind of thing, the same old thing. So I conclude that one can never put full trust on another. Because in doing so, you'll only end up hurting yourself alot. Believe it or not, it's up to you people. I'm just stating facts from my experiences. Like it or not, this is life.

Sorry but I feel that it's hard for me to ever really believe that you're a changed person. I've misjudged you, or perhaps, you made me feel that way. I hope you're happy with the way things are right now, and I believe it's better for you, because now you can have fun and need not worry when you'll be caught red-handed for lying.

I just wish that one day, you would really change for good, put all your promises and words into actions for once and for all, and when that time comes, I hope you'll really cherish the one you have with you at that point in time. Do not let her down the way you did in the past, because it hurts a lot, but I doubt you know how that feels.

Till then, I wish you all the best. You were one person whom I really gave my heart to, whom I really loved, but you had to break it. Seriously, I wish for you to be a better man, go back to whom you used to be initially, be the person whom I fell in love with, cause that's when you were really you, no lies, no hiding, no disappointment.
big eye renjie is in pain...he had some allergic side effects frm consumin the medication dat was prescribed 2 him...apparently his eyes swelled like mad aft consumin the medicine n his wounds still hurt and it's disruptin his slp as well,tink he hada super bad nite last nite...he's at TTSH nw...hope he gets betta soon...

aniwae,haf biz law proj 2 rush...n im so damn tired...haf phsnpcc camp startin tmr as well...sianz...another tiring weekend...nt gonna get much slp in camp(mayb nt even a wink)...

*hope hon will haf a speedy recovery*

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

heartache,wobbly legs...
juz got hm frm visitin renjie...he met wif a minor accident...the sight of his wounds made my legs go weak...kinda bad,esp his right leg...his legs sustained majority of the injuries...left elbow a minor 1...but still,the wounds on his legs r enuf 2 send me weak in my knees...

he said he wun b biking animore...apparently wat he told himself was dat if he'd eva 2 mit wif ani sorta accident,he'll nv least nw i can heave a sigh of relieve...

hopefully,he can slp properly 2nite...take care dear...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

1st mth anniversary
it's our 1st mth bein 2gether...sucha pity dat he's stuck in camp,so sad...owellz,at least we celebrated it last sundae,so it's ok...i miz him...

puttin dat aside...sch is gettin so hectic,wif biz law proj n upcomin exams...can die sia...ive got 3 high-weightage modules in 3 consecutive daez,wat kinda exam timetable is dat?wonder who planned our exam timetable,tsk!!!

rite,i shant go on...rantin aint gd 4 off!

Monday, March 14, 2005

yay!!!my new specs!
finally collected my specs frm SP optemetry centre!got it diz afternn durin lunch time and apparently my head is too small 4 the specs,coz it had 2 be adjust a thousand times b4 it fitted me...haha...

n nw,the legs of my specs r curved wae too much dat i cant rest my specs back in2 its spectacle box...terrible!so much so 4 havin the specs 2 fit my face n cant fit the box...haha...tecksoon said he'll try 2 help me get a larger box 4 nice!haha...

alritez,im so happy wif my specs now...althou the left side is wae thicker than the rite cos my left eye is +300 n right eye is +75,so can u imagine the vast diff in the thickness of the 2?haha...2 make tings worse,im far sighted,so it's a convex lens,thicker in the centre...

nonetheless,i still love my specs!!!coz it's red!muahaha...

Sunday, March 13, 2005

boogeyman,here i come!!!
at renjie's place nw...juz got our 1st mth anniversary gift frm him,a bracelet...nw ppl will hear me wen i approach...zZzZz...gonna catch boogeyman later...shld b leavin his place anitime within 40mins or so...

aniwae,the weather has been terrible lately,so freakin hot...stuffy as if the weather aint bad enuf,the haze is here as well...zZzZz...wen on earth can i haf fresh air once again?diz sux man...bummer...rite,i'll quit complainin...goin off...

Saturday, March 12, 2005

hectic dae!
travelled to n fro 2dae...all coz of a gift...zZzZ...1st stop was a new top frm mango...thx...den in n out of shops i wen...changed my mind again n again...stupid shops din haf sizes 4 diz n dat...gave up n headed 2 suntec 4 some hope...

suntec was worse...1stly was coz of human jam...stuck 4 damn long...nvm,the 1 i eyed had no decided 2 head back 2 orchard...waited 4 the damn feeder bus...45 mins,n i gave up,walked back 2 cityhall mrt station instead...wat a waste of time!

back at orchard...colour i wanted had no size...(damn!watz wif all the tings dat i eyed yet wif no sizes?!)...had no choice but 2 choose a diff colour...bummer...aft dat i headed straight back hm...

spent like 4hrs or mayb more juz 2 get a gift...power aye?my back aches like shit now,shoppin really tires me out...wanna slp earli 2nite(hopefully i'll stick 2 wat i sae dat is) i go...

Thursday, March 10, 2005

phs 40th anniversary
whoo hoo!it's Presbyterian High School's 40th bdae 2dae!!!wat a grand occassion!dinner was great!9 course dinner!whoo!

the onli dumb ting was dat i was the onli female at the table of 10...the other 9 were guys frm NPCC n NCC,all CIs n CLTs...but it wasnt sucha bad ting coz i was bein taken great care of...esp by Sebas...haha...Teck Soon took pretty much care 4 me too but Sebas was the 1 hu actually started the ball impressed...Marcus was pretty gentlemanly 4 an action he did as well...

my NPCC dudes were more like my jie mei,so din expect much frm dem...but still,all of dem were pretty gentlemanly (im referrin 2 the seniors,the juniors were...hmmz...juz boys)...haha!

the performances were nt too bad,dinner wasnt dat bad either...can c dat PHS really spent a lot 4 diz occassion,damn grand!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

juz got hm n saw a "on government service"'s my BTT results!!!haha...passed it...yay...

aniwae,tmr's phs 40th anniversary...gonna go 4 dinner...heard dat it's a 9-course dinner!muznt eat dat much thou...hah...coz fat le...still gotta tink of wat 2 wear tmr...formal...

fuckin shit man!y does diz alwaes hafta happen wen i dun haf sch n wen i wanna slp till late?!idiot!the last time round was grass cuttin,nw it's insecticide sprayin,watz nxt man?!

shit lah!earli in the mornin spray insecticide 4 wat?u noe those kind whereby dey make hell lot of noise n emits thick white smelly smoke dat impedes breathin?yeah,datz the 1!n the MOST irritatin part is dat dey stop work once im fully awake!!!wat the hell?!diz happened b4,exactly the same ting wen dey cut the grass previously!

I HATE DEM!!!juz nice as i cant slp animore dey stop work!!!shit!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

wat the!!!
i awoke 2 a minor shock diz afternn!!!why?coz wen i switched on my 6510,it was in chinese!!!like wat the hell?wen on earth did the language setting changed 2 chinese?last nite it was in english,n nw...

had a hard time changing it back 2 english...i find it weird thou...shouldnt "automatic" b in english?the settings was at "automatic" all the while n it's been alwaes in english,diz afternn my 6510 decided 2 screw up on me...i had 2 change the setting 2 "english" 4 it 2 b in english..."automatic" suddenly decided 2 stay as chinese...screwed up!

good dat its back 2 english!alritez,betta i go!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

long dae...
wen 4 np parade diz mornin...finally aft sooooooo long there's a saturdae training!how i miz the old daez wen parades were held on saturdaez...5-dae wk really screwed all the UG's activities...aft parade,wen 4 mr lai's 'fish philosophy' talk...was pretty ok,kinda interesting...learnt new tings...the 4 steps 2 follow are:

2)make dem comfortable (i tink diz is the 2nd pt)
3)be there
4)choose ur attitude

so yeahz,heard dat diz can b applied 2 practically aniting dat u do...

wen dwn 2 renjie's place in the evening...all the wae till nw...watched infernal affairs pt 1 at his place...very gd's a pity i missed it in the movies...owellz,wateva...aniwae i get 2 watch it now...still got the other parts 2 watch...gonna watch it some dae soon!haha...

rite off...tired 2 the max...

Friday, March 04, 2005

new specs done!
juz did my eye examination at SP 2dae...teck soon did a thorough examination 4 me...i made a new pair of specs! SP's optemetry centre of!!!so nice!haha...

n coz im a student frm SP,there's a 10% discount...cant wait 2 collect my specs!!!budden hafta walk ALL the wae 2 workshop 1 to get it n datz like at the other end of SP!!!ARGH!

alritez,i gotta get goin!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

shacked out...
slept like a dead log in btwn free time frm 1 lect 2 another...tink i managed 2 get abt 20mins of slp...shiokadoo!

wen over 2 renjie's place...his mum cooked dinner again...laksa!yummy,but nt spicy...but it was gd...watched tv n slacked...was sooooo slpy!

tink i'll b goin 2 slp b4 midnite 2nite...super i go!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

basic theory test
juz had my basic theory test 2dae...tink i screwed usual...watz new?the 'no overtakin' sign i mistook it as 'no entry 4 vehicles' smart...checked thru my book aft the test den realize...other than dat,i hope i answered the other qns correctly!

aft my BTT,i wen dwn 2 orchard 2 mit steph n val...met up 4 our project grp mitin...budden we onli really did work for abt 25mins or so...aft dat we wen walkin arnd le...haha...trimmed my eyebros 2dae finally!!!had a terrible tummy ache wen we were headin 2 the mrt...i rushed 2 the toilet immediately n released a entire load...tummy still ached a great deal aft dat but i cldnt hog the loo...

still hurts a lil nw...tink i mite unload again later 2nite...i betta get goin...super tired...
renjie's mummy's bdae!!!
wen 4 dinner ydae wif renjie,his mum,his sis,n his sis's bf...had indonesian food sumwhere at clark of restaurant?i dunno...wahaha...din pay attention...but the food was pretty gd...

aft dinner,indulged in ice cream...den off 2 play was fun seein the couple fite it out wif one another on the pool table...haha...ok,nt fite,but it was hilarious how it seems dat renjie's sis's bf was givin in 2 his sis...renjie's sis is 1 hell of a comical person too...tink it runs in the family...haha...his mum is sucha joker as well...super jolly...

aniwae,im gonna haf my basic theory test later at 2pm...n ive yet 2 complete studyin...tink im so dead diz time...die lah!betta get goin nw n read thru it...*poof*

call me tiger