Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Best Saturday So Far!

It's been a really long while since I last had so much fun, where I laughed like I really meant it, and where the sour heavy feeling in me is mostly gone.

So anyway, my Sister-In-Law's friend recently started a shoes business online, and I heard that the shoes are so comfortable that they do not bite. I was immediately sold when I heard that, for I have the most useless feet around where any and every footwear will bite my feet.

I popped by the website, and left with 2 purchases. The shoes came really quickly, and it was hand-delivered to me right up to my door step (or in my case, gate step).

Seriously, these 2 pair of shoes have got to be my best buy EVER! Cheap, pretty and so so so comfortable! I could run in those heels! And I'm sure like anything that if I were to party in those heels, I'd still be able to go for my run the same night! The flats, needless to say, was more comfortable than comfortable. I hope there will be more varieties soon!

So right after I received my lovely shoes, my lovely babe came to my place for a sisterly chillout session. And we really had crazy fun messing around in my super orange bedroom!

My favourite picture! Thanks M, for the great shot! =)

And then I got a text from a friend, asking if I would like to join him and another mutual friend for drinks that evening. My BFF was game for it, so I got ready and off we went to Overeasy for drinks.

I'm so glad to have know you babe. You've been such a great joy to me, and it's been years now, but it still feels like I only just knew you. =)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lion King

The decision to catch The Lion King musical was a fantabulous one! Cat B seats though costly, was seriously worth every penny when you get to see the expressions of the actors.

I totally love the fact that a touch of Singapore was blended into the musical, which made it amusing and "catered" for Singapore. No regrets, seriously!

After the awesome musical, we filled our tummies fat with Indian food, followed by dessert. Yummy!

My Sunday couldn't have been better. =) Or maybe it could. =)))

Monday, April 04, 2011

Exercise Is Fun

Second time I joined my family for a Sunday walk. The Sunday that just passed, we began from somewhere along Upper Thomson, all the way to Bukit Timah. 2 hours of brisk walking and my ass is aching quite a bit now. LOL!

The beauty of Nature.

The cheeky BabyMeh came out to play while we stopped midway to rehydrate as well as knock sand out of our shoes.

As we were heading towards Bukit Timah, we went off-route a little, but that additional no-through route we took rewarded us with fresh air and a beautiful serene view.

And right before we hit the main road where we could hop onto a bus back to where we first started out, we had to cross a railway track and that felt like I was in the 80s or something.

call me tiger