Monday, May 30, 2005

I'm a Happy Girl!!!
Went on a mini shopping spree with Val after school today! Although it was just at Bishan J8, but it was nice! Jas joined us but left earlier.

As usual, Val and I were like aunties, shopped at NTUC like nobody's business! Bought Japanese rice cake which were pretty tasty! Val bought a hell lot more things, super auntie! Haha! But at least we DO go grocery shopping ok, practising to be a good wife in future! LOL!

I bought earrings for myself too! And I'm so in love with Davidoff's Echo for woman!!! I'm going to get it! Ok, I'm mad! Just got my Mango scent yesterday (barely 24hrs ago) and here I am aiming for Echo.

Putting my madness aside, 1st day at school was killer! Lecturers n tutors used up evey single minute according to the timetable! It's only the 1st day yet they have to stress us out in this manner?! GRRR!

The consolation was that I got 3 gifts from my frenz. I'm a happy girl! I've been a happy girl of late, and I LOVE THIS FEELING!!!!! And to add on to my happiness, tomorrow I have to go to school only at 2pm! But that's only for this week because there's no tutorial and practical for tomorrow's particular module! WHEEE!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

New Scent!
Just bought Mango's newest scent! Smells great! And along with it, a free Mango bag was given! What a great deal! Hahaha!

School starts tomorrow! So exciting! I'll try to sleep early tonight!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Just went for a haircut this afternoon, bad disaster I would say. Firstly, it's as though I didn't really cut my hair, but the thing is it's too layered, that my hair is sticking out in ALL directions now! Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating, but you can just imagine.

Anyway, ever tasted barley mint flavoured mentos? Weird huh? But guess what, I got hold of such weird flavour! Was just walking around the market after my disasterous haircut, looking for sweets, when I chanced upon this weird flavour mentos. But it's nice! Haha!

Hmm... It's late, I should be off now!

Friday, May 27, 2005

ITP is over
Last day at work was great!!! My supervisor, Linda, brought me to lunch! Had Fisn n Co. She wanted to bring me to dine at Crystal Jade or somewhere better but I didn't want because I wasn't hungry. Nice right? But it's all expensed to the company of course. But still, they treat their interns so nice!!! Never knew that they practice having a mini farewell meal for interns, or should I say, never heard of. Permanant staff, yes, but interns? Hmmm...

Mummy bought a Crystal Jade Cakery cake for all my colleagues (those from Accounts Dept, HR & Admin), but I paid for the cake, can't possibly let my mum pay right? But of all cakes, she had to buy one with LOTS of fruits on it. She said that there was this chocolate cake with blueberry filling. She should have gotten that instead because it sounds so much nicer!!! URGH!

My Liaision Officer paid me a visit today as well. All things went well and best of all, at around 6.15pm, there was a beautiful rainbow just right outside my window!!! Very nice way to end my ITP. I'm so going to miss my colleagues!!!

My supervisor even said that if they ever going to need any help, they are going to get my help! WHEE!!!! -grins from ear to ear-

For now, I'm going to get my beauty sleep back! Have not slept well ever since last Wednesday. Hahaha! DaimlerChrysler, I miss you!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Whoo Hoo!!!
Had one of the best birthday ever!!! Went to work as usual, then headed over to my baby's crib. That's when the surprise came. He brought me to Bottle Tree Village (used to be Sembawang Sea Sports Club), and we had dinner there.

Thereafter, walked all the way back to his home. The distance covered was definitely more than 3km, because the pathway itself from BTV to the main road was 2.8 km. Healthy lifestyle, walk after a hearty meal.

Anyway, I love the bag dear, especially the colour! Thanks for such a wonderful day, and thanks to all who remembered my birthday. =p

Friday, May 20, 2005

So Retarded!!!
Ever experienced those days when you feel damn fucked up and like the entire day is so shitty and like everything is against you? Damn, how good does that feel?

Hate it, feels so eeky, feel like a DOH whenever this kind of day comes. Why? Why is it that people have to go through such things? Am I over-reacting due to fatigue, or am I really experiencing a bad day? Seriously, I have no idea.

39 hours without sleep is a killer, followed by just less than 5 hours of rest. It's definitely not enough to cover whatever lost sleep! I'm pissed, fucked up, irritated, eeky, stupid, shitty, etc. The list goes on.

May tomorrow be a better day.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sleepy To The Max!!!
Oh damn! I'm so so so so so sleepy!!! Only had 1/2 hour of sleep last night (or this morning rather)! Went to Zouk with Jo & Val, ChengXi & JiaXi (the twins), and 2 of ChengXi's campmates.

We only met up at Zouk itself. And amazingly, we didn't spend a single shit at all! Haha! Because we didn't booze (good aye?), then supper was on the guys. Ride home was by ChengXi's friend. The twins were really close, can see from the way they conversed with each other.

Outside Zouk, we were approached by this upcoming new magazine thing, some photoshoot shit, next wednesday, outside Zouk. Not a bad way to spend my birthday, something interesting...

Freaky thing happened in Zouk!! This bloody ang mo held me by my waist from behind, and I didn't think much about it because I thought maybe I was in the way and he wanted me to make way for him, so fine, I let him pass. Then after that he stood behind Val and was staring straight at me, like what the hell? And Val was like saying ask him what he wants but apparently, I can't be bothered. Moreover he left after awhile, so heck lah!

The rest of the night was ok. Nothing else happened. Now I'm so zombified at work, zzz!!! Have to get going!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Midnight Stocktake!!!
It was so fun!!! Got to enter the DFS area with my special pass. 1st time entering that area not as a passesnger going on board! Hahaha!

Stock take was crazy! So many things to count! And there are so many interesting items! Crazily, the most expensive item there is a watch which costs $3500 (if i heard correctly)!!! And the cheapest item is a drawback mini toy car which costs $5. Haha! The different car models were so so so so so pretty!!!

But it was really a thrilling experience! Reached home around 5am, stuffed myself with lotsa biscuits because I was so damn hungry, then went to bed. Still damn freaking sleepy at the moment, but I can't sleep anymore, so yeah, going to slack my entire day away today!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I'm Tired!
Just got up from my 1 1/2 hrs nap. Stock take at the warehouse (near expo) wasn't too bad, pretty interesting. The beginning was superb, being fresh and energetic and all, but subsequently the numbers started to look alike and all the numbers started to merge with one another. Well, you get the picture.

The day stock take ended pretty early (earlier than expected), got home and I died on my bed momentarily. Now, the midnight stock take battle at Changi Airport T2 is waiting for me! And I'm sure that tonight numbers will be my greatest enemy again! They'll all have fun playing tricks on my poor eyes and start taunting me. IDIOT!

How am I going to last through the midnight stock take? It's going to be from 12 - 5am!!! Have to report to CoffeeBean at 11. Going to get more rest now. Out!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Anticipating the Arrival of Tomorrow
I simply just can't wait for tomorrow! Because I don't have to go to work!!! Ok,i still do need to work, but I don't have to go to Centennial Tower because I'm going to the warehouse to do stock take!!!

Whee!!! Stock take from 9-4pm, then after that I can go home and rest, then I'll have to report at 11pm at Changi Airport Terminal 2 for the midnight stock take at the Mercedes Benz Boutique!!! So exciting!!! Can you imagine doing stock take at midnight? It'll last till around 5am, then on the 18th I don't have to go to work at all! Whee!

What an experience! The only thing is that I won't be home for Daddy's birthday (17th May)... Not sure if I should come home after the day stock take at the warehouse or not, or should I go directly to Changi Airport and chill there. Nevermind, I shall decide tomorrow.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Something to Smile About
0017hours...Happy 3rd month sweetheart! You've been great company, you've been sweet. You've been patient, you've been lovely.

Long way ahead my dear. Love ya!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Whoo Hoo!!!
Yay! Blogger is finally working! Tried to blog this morning when I got into the office at 8.30am, but think blogger was down. Yeah, I got to work so early when I'm supposed to start at 9am? Haha!

Anyway, the meet up with Jo & Val yesterday was great! We chilled out at Paulaner. So damn near for me, because all I had to do was take the elevator down from my office and cross millenia walk.

Met up with Val 1st, at 6.30 and we already started drinking. Eating only started after Jo arrived at 8pm! I had 2 liqueurs and 1 wine. Missed irish cream so much (used to drink it when we had it at home in the past)! Apricot brandy with sprite is nice, Val's recommendation.

Food wasn't all too bad but according to the other 2, food standard dropped (they worked there before, so they know). Bitching session lasted all the way till 12 plus. We got a little tipsy and things said then was meant to be kept within that circle. It was hell lot of fun! Hilarious!

Another date next Wednesday. Mambo. Yay! Crazy nights bitching away is a damn good stress reliever!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

House Of Wax
This show is worth watching! Good story line, gruesome as well!

Had a happy day with my boy. Going to bed soon. Good night!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Results are out! Thankfully I passed all my modules! They were all cats and dogs though, but oh well, Cs and Ds are considered good! Expected to fail at least 1 module. What a relieve I passed ALL! YAY!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

My Liaison Officer would be paying me a visit tomorrow! FINALLY! Initially he said he'll visit during week 2, and I thought he totally forgot about me but he called earlier to say he'd be visiting tomorrow.

Let's hope I'll have things to do when he drops by tomorrow, otherwise he'll feel that I'm a slacker. Think I should do my work slowly, then at least I'll still have things on hand when he drops by. Shall not rush in doing my tasks tomorrow. Haha!

Going to bed early tonight. It's my mum's birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday in advance mum.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Whatever man!
Mom's in a bad mood for no reason. I managed to slip out of the house as fast as I could. Didn't want to be of 100m radius near her.

Thankfully my fingers are not sprained. Just extremely sore. Bruises are starting to show. Both wrists are also aching and apparently bruises are forming there as well. And my knuckle on the extreme right of my right hand hurts like fuck. Bruise there is the most obvious.

Poor forehead too. Feel so dumb to have self-inflicted, but that was the only best way to relieve my anger within. Whatever.

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