Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Productive Sunday

Sunday is usually the day where most people take it slow, preparing themselves for the upcoming battle with the "Monday Blues". The last Sunday of August was probably one of the most productive Sundays in my life. The boyfriend and I woke up bright dark and early on Sunday morning at 4am and dragged ourselves to Punggol to partake in the Straits Times Run In The Park event. We signed up for the 15km event, so our flag off timing was at 6.45am.

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 photo IMG_7627_zps4f0295ec.jpg
Caught somebody yawning!

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Because the boyfriend paced me, I stopped for a break to walk only at around the 11th km mark, which would otherwise have been earlier if I was running myself. And with that, we crossed the finish line at exactly 1h 39mins, which makes this by far my fastest 15km official run event!

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Came in at 28th place in my Division (F 20-29), which is not too bad by my own yardstick. It is an achievement to me at least. =)

We went back, washed up, and took a nice long nap to energize ourselves for THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA musical at MBS!!! Thank you, Love, for surprising me with this about a month back!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Table Manners

It has been a while since K and I took a day off work to have brunch together and basically waste the entire day away. On Friday, we did just that. Since he needed to head to Expo to collect his AHM race pack, I decided to bring him to Table Manners for brunch. I had such a great experience with D the first time we were there, so naturally I was excited to re-visit!

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Set C - 1 fiber, 2 protein ($17.00)

The boyfriend had Set C which consisted of 1 choice of fiber, and 2 choices of protein. From the fiber list, he chose Spaghetti Pomodoro and as for the protein, he took Beer Battered Fish Filet and Bratwurst Sausage.

 photo IMG_7600_zpsee0fe6e5.jpg
Set B - 2 fiber, 1 protein ($13.50)

I took Set B which consisted of 2 fiber and 1 protein. (FREAKING AWESOME) Truffle Fries and (EVEN MORE FREAKING AWESOME) Spicy Spaghetti Aglio Olio made up my fiber and I got the Burger Steak with Cheese & Onion Relish for protein.

I think the choices I picked was better than the boyfriend's. =p To be fair, the boyfriend's selection wasn't half bad, but paled in comparison to mine. The Aglio Olio I chose was the bomb! It looked so simple, yet it was so tasty and addictive! I do not eat a lot of carbohydrates in the form of pasta or rice (white rice is totally out), but the Aglio Olio was so good that I finished every single strand on my plate after giving the boyfriend a forkful for tasting. If I visit Table Manners again, the Aglio Olio is definitely going to be a selection, no doubt about that!

 photo IMG_7603_zps69474086.jpg

As for my burger steak, it was nice and pink in the middle, and the patty was thick, juicy and super flavourful as well! Seriously, I am still as impressed as I was the first time I visited this place. This will definitely be my go-to place for food whenever I am in the area. =p

Monday, August 19, 2013

Go-Kart Experience

Was invited by D to join her friends for a JB go-kart and shopping day out and obviously, the boyfriend and I jumped at the opportunity and agreed to go!

Out of 10 pax, 8 of us have never tried go-kart before, so we were all very excited about it.

When we arrived at the go-kart destination, it began to drizzle, followed by a crazy storm and that really dampened our moods because it almost felt like the rain would not let up, and we would miss the chance to try that activity. Thank God we stuck around and the rain finally lifted. And off we went!

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 photo IMG_7552_zpsb915c63a.jpg

RM35 for 10 minutes of adrenaline rush was so worth it! Because the ground was still wet from the downpour, a few of us skidded but recovered quickly. I personally skidded twice and spun 360 degrees both times. To be honest, the both times I skidded, I silently chanted, "Don't crash, don't crash, don't crash." It was pretty scary because I had almost no control of the wheel when the kart was spinning. So after dashing through the circuit for the first round and after skidding twice, I went slower and slower in the subsequent rounds until my 10 minutes was up.

When we all returned and line the karts up, I realized that the kart I was assigned to was relatively smaller than the ones the others used (the blue kart on the left was what I used, while the others used the kart the size of the one in the foreground as per the picture). I suspect I was assigned a kid's go-kart instead of the standard adult-sized one. Am I really that small? =( But my kart had a lot of power nonetheless, and it was indeed an awesome go-karting experience!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

KOTR 2013 Didn't Happen =(

The title of this post says it all. KOTR 2013 got cancelled due to the thunderstorm that refused to let up this morning. Got up at 4.20am all excited for the 16.8km event, but my mood dampened (with the weather) when it started to drizzle as we were on the road. The drizzle ended up in a heavy downpour when we got to town, and it didn't stop which caused the event organizers to cancel the event.

Thinking that I could expense a fair bit of calories at today's run event, I happily stuffed myself silly the past few days. Apparently, all was for naught.

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Habitat Coffee

Dinner on 7 August found us at Habitat Coffee and I was super happy with that kind of dinner. Cake and desserts over pasta/noodles/meat dishes any time!

 photo IMG_7487_zpsed9f85cf.jpg
Bear Bites

On National Day, 9 August, the boy and I had very cute food for brunch! Paw-shaped yam flavoured man tou with chicken and black pepper sauce for the boy, and oat flavoured man tou with chicken and cheese sauce for me. Coupled with cheese fries, the cute meal was pretty good and satisfying.

 photo IMG_7490_zpseda50f9b.jpg

Because I am a sucker for froyo, and because there was a National Day promotion going on at Sogurt (Star Vista & Bukit Timah outlets), the draw was too big not to be missed. $4.80 for as much as you can spam your cup which was extremely worth it!

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For our last "carbo loading" meal, or rather, because we knew we were going to expense a larger than normal amount of calories the next day, we went to Creamier and had a waffle set each. And due to my greed and sweet tooth, I chose to have TWO scoops of ice cream to go with my waffles. ALL TO MYSELF!

All the crazy eating for nothing! ='( So much guilt now, so I guess I'll have to eat clean for the next 2 weeks. =/

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