Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Running Milestone

I've always been challenging myself with my runs. To be faster and to have more endurance for distance.

After running consistently for nearly 2 years now, I've finally outdone myself.

On 25 Jan, I did a leisure 5km run which included pretty steep slopes at my estate. When I stopped to check the timing at my 5km mark, I surprised myself with a timing of 28:51. That was by far my fastest timing for 5km I've ever done! After that day, I was unable to achieve a timing that was as good as that, but mostly around 29mins to 32mins.

On 17 Feb, I pushed myself to do a 10km run as I haven't done a non-stop 10km run in a long long time and HK's Standard Chartered run was around the corner. Again, my run included slopes, and this time round, I did 2 small slopes and 3 steep long slopes. And once again, the timing surprised me! My previous personal best for 10km was about 1 hour 3 mins, so when I saw 1:00:55, I couldn't believe it, but yes I did it!

On 19 Feb, just 2 days after I broke my 10km PB, I did it again. In this run, not only did I beat my 5km PB and 10km PB, but I also met my personal goal and challenge of completing a 10km run in under an hour! This was definitely a crazy milestone for me as I never really believed that I could achieve this goal for I've had 3 occurrences of Pneumothorax and even had a lung operation for it in 2009.

I've come a long way. From struggling and being medically diagnosed with an eating disorder since 18, to having 3 Pneumothorax attacks, to a lung operation. I've always been a little round when I was younger, so I started a harmless diet but it slowly spiraled into an ED unknowingly which eventually led me to the depths of an ED. I now know that health is more important, and with proper exercise, eating whatever I want is possible. I can say that although I still watch what I eat (most of the time), I'm very much free from the clutches of the devil. Running has taken its place, and challenging myself to greater heights is something I truly love.

I'm so happy that I managed to do a 10km run in under an hour. This has got to be my greatest running achievement so far. =) I'm so looking forward to Hong Kong this weekend for I'll be bringing running to a whole new level and an entirely different experience! And of course, not forgetting all the Dim Sum I'm going to happily stuff my face after that... =p

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

At the stroke of midnight, the boyfriend sent me a text together with a picture, and those were the first thing I woke up to, which made my day.

The morning went by as usual at work, and an hour before lunch, I received a call from a lady who told me that she was a florist and had a bouquet for me. I happily collected my bouquet from her at the lobby, and it was a really pretty bouquet of 12 red roses!

I tried my luck to juice the boyfriend for some information about our dinner location, but he kept his little secret under key and lock. So all I could do was to patiently wait for time to pass by until we got off work. Finally... We met at Raffles Place MRT station and after we walked for quite a fair bit, we arrived at...

Dinner was a 3-course meal. Other than the starter which the boyfriend and I had the same dish, we both ordered different dishes for the main course and desserts. The more differences, the more for us to try. =p

Deco on every table, and the cookie was meant for us to take back

Not too long later, our first course arrived.

CANARD - we both had the same starter

SAUMON - mine

BOEUF - boyfriend's

I never knew that beef cheek was so so so so so soft and tender and easy to chew. This dish was fantastic and I wished I ordered this instead of the salmon. Not to say that the salmon was not good, it was, but the beef cheek was better!

LE 'ISPAHAN' - mine

The marshmellow strip was infused with rose flavour, and it was superb!

This dessert was faultless! The blueberry cheesecake had an awesome crunchy biscuit base and the flavour of the entire mixture (cheesecake + muffin + ice cream) felt like a party in my mouth. Yummmmm.

Thank you, Love, for celebrating Valentine's Day with me and making it special for me. =)

Monday, February 11, 2013

In less than 2 weeks' time, I'll be jetting off to HK with my boyfriend and friends to participate in the HK Standard Chartered run event. Seriously, this has got to be the most exciting run I'll be doing so far. And to add on, it's Winter season in HK, which means we'd be running in freaking cold weather.

My 10km event starts at 6.30am which means that my girlfriend, Dil and I will surely have a crazy fun time freezing our limbs and asses off as we run the entire 10km route. I cannot wait!

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