Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The lung specialist I saw in the afternoon suggested that an operation would be the best option for me but I'm still contemplating whether to go for the operation or not, because 3 keyhole cuts on my ribs and chest areas would leave visible scars and that would be so awful!

Without operation: 80% chance of recurrence.
With operation: <5% chance of recurrence.

Apparently, the CT scan showed that I have air pockets in both lungs, and I was advised to go for the operation to burst the air pockets and secure my right lung (which already had 3 episodes of Pneumothorax), lest both lungs give way together concurrently. But I'm not ready to be chucked back into the hospital so soon. =(
Over the weekend, my family finally did something out of the norm! Daddy's Secondary School mate organised a 2 days 1 night trip to Kukup and it was really a nice getaway! All we did was sightsee, eat, relax, play and sleep. A very laid back and serene place which made it a therapeutic getaway from the bustling Singapore city. With that said, pictures, little captions and videos will sum up the trip.

Where we gathered at Jurong before setting off.

The different creatures at the Kelong.

The resort we stayed in.

At mid noon, when the sun was scorching hot, the adults had a great time buying durians from the village durian peddler.

When night came, the view from our resort was beautiful and the kids had their turn of fun!

A setting sun.

The kids had so much fun with sparklers and rockets and that enticed the adults to be kids too!

On day 2, my parents, boyfriend and I took a walk out to Kukup town and bagged some goodies before heading back to sunny Singapore.

Although there was not much to do in Kukup, my family and I still had loads of fun, relaxing and enjoying the "sea breeze". An extremely short trip but it did a lot of good as a stress-buster!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

2 nights ago, my Mom returned home and presented this stuffed toy to me saying, "Look what I bought for you! I know you don't like pink, but I got it because it's a pig, so you can hug me to sleep at night!" Mom was born in the year of the pig you see. I'm 23, but she still treats me like I'm 13. LOL!

Anyway, I went for my CT scan, and it wasn't as scary as the name sound! And I did it again at the health store in the hospital.

Ah yes, somebody please shoot me. Like I don't already have more than enough bars at home. =X

Being the lovely boyfriend that he always is, NJ4 accompanied me to the CT scan and we spent the rest of the afternoon having late lunch at Ichiban Boshi and shopping around.

The set we shared.

Because I don't eat a lot we were trying to be economical, NJ4 and I shared a set! The cheese curry chicken was delicious! Thick sinful curry with cheese and tender chicken pieces, totally irresistable!

And then we went to Challenger to get the items we needed, and I've finally gotten myself an external hard disk drive! The orange looked more copperish than orange, so I settled for this cool lime green casing.

The colour looks absolutely delicious!

Yet another item off my list! =) Off to Kukup in a few hours' time!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Because my Grandfather's tribute was more important than any other matters, I procrastinated blogging about the events that happened before and after his passing.

On 12 June, NJ4 brought me to catch a local A Capella group by the name of Budak Pantai. This group have a set of really great vocals and they were funny like crazy!

At the price of $12/pax, we were each entitled to a packet of chips and drinks of our choice, and we had to redeem those little goodies with the cowpons (yes, you read that right) issued to us!

Fantastic group! They will be doing a concert in due time, and we will most probably go for it provided NJ4 is in Singapore then.

After that, we went to my playground, Mustafa. It was where I stocked up on all my bars. I got home and received the news regarding my Grandfather and it was most probably because my heart raced like crazy that triggered my 3rd Pneumothorax attack.

Little did I expect this round's attack to be so serious that I had to be hospitalised. Damn. I honestly felt like a pig in the hospital. All I did was eat, sleep, take medicine, go for x-rays, eat, sleep, take medicine, got for x-rays, and yes, you get the drift.

My first hospital meal was dinner, at 5.30pm. Freaking early!

I almost died at the sight of the rice mountain, but luckily NJ4 was there to do the task of vacuuming those little grains for me!

I thank my boyfriend, my girlfriends, my brothers and sister-in-law for coming by to keep me company. ♥

The night was terrible when the nurses kept waking me up to take my blood pressure and give me my medication. Got woken up at 6am to go for my chest x-ray as well. Aren't patients supposed to rest? -_-

Breakfast looked like a meal fit for 2 people to consume! I only managed to get an "after" picture because my handphone got cranky and did not register the "before" pictures.

3 hours later, lunch came. How to eat when I'm still stuffed from breakfast? I swear that hospitals have the craziest feeding time, ever!

Rice again! =X And it was NJ4 to the rescue once again! I felt bad about wasting the rice if NJ4 can't be there to help me, so I told the nurse to exclude rice in my following meals. She made arrangements and told me that my meals have been changed from Chinese food to Western food. That made me really excited and looking forward to dinner, but when dinner came...

Replacing rice with porridge is essentially the same thing to me. And they cancelled my Western meal order. -_- Most probably because they had to follow the day's meal plans, which mine was initially Chinese food. And so the porridge went back to them as it came. =X

Night routine was exactly the same as the previous night.

My meals for Day 3 was the best! WESTERN!

Breakfast was so delicious that I could not stop, and I was almost on the verge of explosion when I was done.

My greatest achievement of all the meals!

After breakfast, I was so pleased that my lovely parents dropped by before heading to my Grandfather's wake. But they landed me into something that I was not and still am not too happy about. The only consolation is that I still have a choice though.

And my last meal in the hospital before I was discharged was another Western meal. But because I ate like a cow for breakfast, I couldn't stomach my lunch. Did a little nibbling for over an hour and my vacuum machine came to my rescue again! =D

This Friday calls for a CT scan, followed by an appointment with the lung specialist on Monday. I hope something can be done, lest I get my 4th attack and have the Doctors stick a chest tube in me. Gross!

And so I ask myself everyday, "Why am I putting myself through this, I must be crazy, crazily crazy."

Sadly, I still do not have an answer. 2004 - present. Case closed. NOT.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

L - R: Larabar Banana Bread, Clif Luna Toasted Nuts 'n Cranberry, Larabar Apple Pie

After an agonizing 1.5 months wait, my Larabars and Luna bars have arrived! The Luna bars are a replacement of my initial order of the Pecan Pie Larabars which had some expiry problems. I can now satisfy my curiosity of how a Luna bar taste like! =D

A few hours prior to Dada's passing and my hospitalisation, I was out roaming Mustafa and these were the goodies (excluding Fitnesse cereal & Delectables) I bagged home:

My granola/muesli/energy bars are growing and growing and growing in numbers, and this is what I have as of today:

I can open a minimart! =)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tribute To Dada.

A loving, devoted husband, a caring father, and a doting grandfather; my Dada was all of it, and he excelled greatly.

From the memories of most of the Grandchildren, we remember Dada as a humorous man, and a man of great wisdom. More often than not, he will impart us with his knowledge and wisdom, and Dada was a great inspiration to each and every one of us.

I remember as a young child, Dada would bring me along when he brought tour groups around.

I remember going to Sentosa, Haw Par Villa and a few more places with Dada and his tour groups.

I remember how the staffs always teased Dada and I, asking if I was his daughter, to which he would proudly say, "No, she's my Grand-daughter!"

I remember the days in 1998 where I spent one whole year at Holland Road with Dada and Popo after school.

I remember buying candies and tidbits and hiding them in my bag, only to sneak a nibble at them when Dada was not looking, for the fear of getting nagged at for "eating rubbish".

I remember Dada always telling me to go to the dining table to take so-and-so to eat.

I remember Dada telling me to cut my nails and aim them into the bin.

I remember falling asleep on the smelly-but-comfortable sofa every afternoon, with Dada and Popo taking their afternoon naps as well.

I remember Dada showing off his "little mouse" to us Grandchildren often. He had 2, and they were mounted on each of his upper arm.

I remember dreading to eat the papayas from Dada's garden, because they were always being "watered" with all the males' liquid waste.

I remember rushing to eat the mangoes from Dada's garden, because they were always huge, yellow and sweet.

I remember, I remember, I remember. The list of things I remember about my Dada can go on for days, which I will not be able to list all of them out.

My beloved Dada was called home by His Father on 13 June 2009 at 1.19am. The Chan Yiptong family is greatly comforted knowing that Dada has returned home and is in the Lord's safe arms.

With so much to say, yet unable to pen down every single train of thoughts, pictures and videos of my Grandfather's wake and funeral will sum up everything.

And because I was hospitalised the very same morning that Dada passed away, I was unable to attend the wake for the first 2 days. Da Jie said that they all had mental block when it came to writing in the memories book, but I had no trouble, because I knew exactly the important highlights that imprinted lasting memories in my head. So this was what I wrote to Dada:

For memories sake, we took tons of pictures during the wake and these were the few I took with my camera.

On the 16th, a service was held, and for those who are interested, I have broken the service into snippets of 5 parts.

This has got the be the best picture, ever. With Popo looking down lovingly at the picture of her late husband. Priceless.

The Chan Yiptongs donned black suits and dresses, for the last service and cremation of Dada. No doubt it was heart wrenching, but we all knew Dada is well and always living in our hearts.


At Mandai Crematorium

On the 18th, a few of us went down to collect Dada's remains and I'm glad that although I was not able to attend the first 2 days of Dada's wake, I was there to place a part of him into the urn.

Bye bye Dada, rest in peace. We will always love and remember you. I hope I will be able to remember your voice in the many years to come. And I know for sure there's one thing I will never forget, and that's the way you call me, Seh Moi. Love.

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