Sunday, November 30, 2008

With the untimely passing of my SE W850i, I targeted SE W595 as a replacement. However when my family and I were at M1 shop, the salesperson had to tempt me with SE G705 and after contemplating for ages, I decided on G705.

My Mom made a deal with me, of which I only had to pay for the cost of W595 and she would absorb the remaining cost of G705. Thanks for the advanced partial Christmas gift Mom! =)

Super cute carrier from M1. (Inclusive of toy)

Sony Ericsson G705
Hello Gorgeous!

Little gift that was included in the bag.

I'm loving my new toy. =)
It is so depressing that my Sony Ericsson W850i has decided its time is up. I have to admit that it didn't die on its own accord, but I killed it unintentionally. So it's really more like manslaughter than murder. =(

Hopefully I'd be able to get a new phone later today. So anyway, on a happier note, NJ4 who is always full of shit and surprises bought me a N.U.M singlet. Because of such surprises, he has lied to me countless times, but they were lies without malice or ill intentions. White lies.

After getting his car for so long, today was the first time (I think) we took the train to town! A good 6 hours of walking later, we had dinner at Waraku because I was craving for Mentai, but sadly, the new outlet at Heeren didn't have Mentai on their menu. =(

His: Cold Udon with Crab in Cream Sauce

Mine: Avocado and Tomato Salad with Japanese Dressing

And because it's the season to be jolly and the season for giving, I gave myself a present from Braun Buffel. LOL!

Braun Buffel wallet set

For a set like this, the price was ridiculously cheap! And because I've eyed on this design long ago when it was first launched, I bought it almost immediately without a second thought. I'm so happy! =)

And for those who are interested to know how huge exactly Tigger is:

Friday, November 28, 2008

HNF Staff Appreciation Dinner 271108

HNF's Staff Appreciation Dinner came and went and the Committee's efforts have paid off after meeting weekly for a month. Being part of the committee was fun, exciting, and very fufilling especially when you see the other staffs genuinely enjoy themselves at dinner.

With that, pictures and a video clip would narrate the entire event.

Part of the decorations done up by the Committee.

Committee's table

The Committee

Finance Dept (L-R): Chooi Mei, Lay Kuan, May Tan, myself, Merri

Being part of the Committee, and being the youngest in HNF, I was assigned the duty of holding the lucky draw bowl to assist Emcee Ben Sng the entire night. I was so busy going up and down the stage that I didn't quite manage to sit down and enjoy my dinner, but it's all worth it when I won 3rd prize, hahaha!

3rd prize lucky draw winner with hands totally loaded. -_-

Our lucky 1st prize winner! Little Miss Green too!

3rd Prize: $150 Harvey Norman voucher. =)

Door gift

The HNF family

Kudos to her for getting everything together.

And I'll end this post with a video clip of the Emcee's performance. Hilarious I tell you!

Totally enjoyed myself so much that I'm beyond expressive words. =D

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A week since my last post and it's been one hell of a taxing and long week. Everyday just gets worse, and the fact that the past week have been revolving around random meetups and food doesn't help.

1 whole month of effort went down the drain in just 1 week. Damn.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yesterday, a new family member joined my existing gang of Orange Furballs, and I'm enjoying him/her/it very much. And here, I present to you, the newest addition to Orange Furballs:

The newest and largest member of the lot.

The Family
The entire Orange Furballs family.

=) =) =) Thank you, love.

Caught Saw V and I found it pretty good because this was a summary and closure to Saw I-IV, but something just tells me that there would be Saw VI, because the story had many open-ended scenarios.

Hopefully there would be a #6, otherwise I'd be left in a limbo which I totally dislike.

Now, it's time to cuddle my hugeass Tigger and bid the world good night.

When the going gets tough once again...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A couple of days back, we turned 21 months old, and without fail, NJ4 would attempt to feed me fat on our special day.

He brought me to Ju Shin Jung East Korean Charcoal BBQ and the place was so huge that it resembled a warehouse!

Ju Shin Jung East Korean Charcoal BBQ

I adore their water tumblers and ultra cute utensils!

Coin Towel

When this came together with the water and tea, I thought they were sugar cubes for the tea. I was in the midst of analysing this queer object when NJ4 spoilt my fun by telling me what it was. He knew it because he dined here before. =(

Fascinating! Call me a mountain tortoise, but that was really my first time seeing a towel being concealed in such an innovative way!

The standard Korean appetisers came almost immediately after we placed our food orders, and I love love love Korean appetisers! The down side is that I'd usually end up too full when my main dish arrives. But still, I heart them oh so much!

Simply divine.

L (His): Bimbimbap -- R (Mine): Spicy Tofu Soup

As we were getting ready to call for the bill, we were informed that we still had desserts. Oh my, by then I was already totally stuffed! But when the dessert arrived, I downed every single morsel. LOL!

Sweet Ending

Dessert was wonderfully light, sweet, cold and delicious. A great way to cleanse the palate and a sweet note to end our dinner. Yums! But of course, nothing is sweeter than my one and only.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have the best people around me and I'm truly blessed. My parents offered to pick me up from work yesterday, which I immediately agreed to. But when I went down, I was surprised to see NJ4 instead!

So effectively, I knew my parents were picking me, my parents and I didn't know that NJ4 was picking me, and NJ4 didn't know that my parents were picking me. My parents and NJ4 met downstairs and they let NJ4 pick me instead. So complicated, LOL!

Today, NJ4 pulled yet another surprise book out stunt, and sent me down to Bugis for my meeting with pretty Mandy. And he waited around the area for almost 3 hours for me to be done, just to send me home before heading back to camp. ♥

So anyway, I love all the meet ups with my sweets. =)

Her laughter is highly infectious, and honestly speaking, meeting her after work is just too short a meet up.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

This weekend was too short, way too short. NJ4 booked out only this morning due to duty and he has to go back to that hellhole later tonight.

You know, I've always thought that females were the vainer sex of the two, but boy was I wrong!

He's just so damn in love with this Nautica pullover. -rolleyes- But I've got to admit that he looks pretty good in it! =)

Yoguru Twist
L: Yoguru frozen yoghurt - Twist
R: Random candies from Marks & Spencer

The weekend just isn't enough. =(

Saturday, November 08, 2008

It is not wise to attempt opening a tub of honey that has just been removed from the refrigerator. And being clumsy doesn't help as well.

Exactly a week ago, that tub of honey bitch-clawed me, and today the wound on my pinkie is still swollen, painful and ugly.

One week old wound.

It's been a full week, yet the flesh still hasn't leveled up. Going about my daily life with a wound that deep on a joint that is constantly being moved is really such a pain in the ass (or finger rather).

Who would have thought that a honey tub could wound me so badly. And the tingly sensations on my fingertips (and sometimes my toes) I've been experiencing is so irritating.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I've got to admit that I'm a difficult individual to understand, to please, and to get me to open up. I'm a tough nut to crack.

Trying to get to my inner core is as good as attempting to cross a mine field, for I have a highly explosive temper. People thread across mine fields, probably to get to the other side where they'd be rewarded with a pot of gold (?), freedom, and whatnot.

For my case, none of the incentives above are applicable, but despite that, NJ4 is still willing to take the plunge and thread across this mine field at the risk of losing a foot or two.

My week started out on a beautiful note, all made possible by my love. Being on half day leave on Monday, he cooked lunch for us to share and brought it down to my work place to spend an hour (++) with me.

Cold Udon
Cold Udon

Despite looking very much like spaghetti, the udon still retained its chewiness and was so delicious! Thank you love.

Deep inside me, behind the cold hard nonchalant exterior, I'm still very much a warm fuzzy human being within.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


The full body massage was ticklish and painful, but it left us yearning for more. 75 minutes flew by so quickly! Thank you darling. =)
We were pissed off at each other because of some miscommunication, tiredness, restlessness and a few other factors thrown in.

Despite being awake since 6am on 30.10.08, having to shoulder the stress load from work, and me throwing a bitch fit, my sweetest drug still made the effort to give me a sweet surprise, to make up for something that was nothing at all to begin with.

Long story short, he popped by Mezza9 right after he booked out just to get me a 2 slices of gourmet cakes.

And because that poor boy haven't had his dinner (and it was already nearing midnight), we whipped up a simple dinner together.

Milky scrambled eggs + Stir-fried mushrooms + Bread

His dinner resembled more like breakfast, but that's the simplest and most hassle-free meal we could make on short notice. Nontheless, yum!

call me tiger