Sunday, June 26, 2005


My darling boy "chilling out" with me. Posted by Hello

Had dinner over at my grands' place last night, in celebration of my little brother's birthday (hey, why wasn't I given such treatment? haha, doesn't matter because not as though I didn't get to share my bro's enjoyment). Simply love my grandma's cooking, yummy!

The birthday cake that followed was even better! From Grand Hyatt can?! When mine was from some ulu-nated cake shop below the blocks that kind, like rolleyes!!! Don't blame anyone though, because why my cake ended up to be some crap cake was tagged with a valid reason, and it's a super long story, so let's just drop it, heh!

The events that occured during the dinner was great, happy mini gathering and all that, and those that followed the gathering was better. =p By the way, I love him, the one I hold so dear to my heart, the one and only..... SPARKY!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Lil Bro!
It's my oh-so-irritating-a.k.a-nt-too-bad-a-companion brother's 18th birthday today! Finally he's 18! And the most classic thing was that he sms-ed me last night with the text: "HEY. ANYTIME YOU WANT TO CLUB, CALL ME. HAHA. I'M AT CB NOW."

Yse, note the CAPS, that was how he typed the text to me exactly, probably because he was using his Samsung phone and was all so lazy to change to small fonts. Can you imagine going clubbing with your brother? Hmm... that should be interesting! Haha! I'm so going to try it one fine day! Think it'll actually be kind of sweet? I don't know, just feel that it'll be quite nice, but of course not one on one, like DUH! Definitely there'll be his clique of friends, and I'll have mine.

But yup, siblings going clubbing together and returning home together after that, I can only imagine. Not too bad at all. Haha!

My brother may be a pain in the ass at times, but it's also damn obvious that he cares for me alot and is frequently on the lookout for me (the same goes for my elder brother, makes me feel like such a lousy sister now, because somehow I don't really take the effort to bother myself with their whereabouts, whereas they do... fine, I shall start to be more caring towards my siblings!) and for now, I can't help it but say:"I love you bro, really!"


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mango Madness Sale
Went down to Mango at Raffles City with Val, Leeping and Wee Kit. Got 2 tops and now I'm regretting my decision for 1 of it.

Looked so pretty at the store, but when I tried it again at home, it looks like crap. Hopefully I'll suddenly like it again. Meanwhile, I simply can't stand it. At least I like the other piece. So much for wanting to start saving up. -rolleyes-

Bloody Auditing CA1 tomorrow, but I don't have the mood to study for it! Shall study tomorrow during the 2 hours in between before the test.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I Feel So Dumb
I, Chan May Anne Yiptong, went to school for only 20 minutes today! How fantastic is that?

Alarm clock went off at 8am, and I sub-consciously turned it off and the next thing I knew was of me practically jumping out of bed in shock and realising that it's already 9.15am (lessons start at 10!)

My thoughts toggled between skipping the 1st lesson (tutorial), or cab down to school in ultimate fast speed. Decided to skip, but after my shower, there was still enough time to cab down and still be in time for school. So yes, I rushed out of my house and waited for a cab. And I waited, and waited, and waited... AND waited!

DAMN THE CABS! When you need them, there's NONE in sight at all (ok, there was, but all hired). After 15 odd minutes of waiting, I gave up because by the time I reach school it'll be probably around 10.40 or so, like no point! The worst feeling on earth is to cab it down to school like a nut and end up not getting attendance for that lesson.

So once again, I changed my mind and decided to skip tutorial. Slowly walked to the MRT station and took the train to school for the next lesson, and I was like about 15 minutes late? Maybe a little more, thanks to the slow walk. -rolleyes-

Bloody lab lesson ended early, so yes, in all, I was in school for only around half an hour. -rolleyes again- Last lecture cancelled, the lecture before the last lecture was some crap lecture (the lecturer really puts me to sleep with her droning voice), so I came home! At least I took a nap, that's something productive for my body! HAHA!

Freaking long-winded today! I swear if blogger eats this post up, I'm SOOOO NOT going to blog for a LONG time (right)!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Nissan Fairlady 350Z!!!!!
I saw my dream car twice in a day! How fantastic! Once when I was on my way to school in my dad's car, my brother tapped me pretty hard to get my attention to look at the Fairlady (because he knows I'm in love with the car). It was a silver one that I saw on my way to school.

The 2nd round was when I was on my way home! And that was milky white! Silver so classy, milky white so cute! Twice in a day, twice in a day! -prances around the room- First time seeing Fairlady live, and I see it twice in a day!!! WHOO! Definitely one of my best days ever! Haha! Just because of a car, yes, I know it's crazy but what to do?!?!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Birthday Darling!
Spent almost the entire day with my boy. Dropped by his place at around 1430hrs and slacked all the way to dinner time and I brought him out for dinner!

Headed to Causeway Point, in hopes that there'll be a Citychain outlet there (to adjust the length of his Adidas watch), but there wasn't a outlet at Causeway Point, so we just had dinner there and left for Lot 1. Haha! Madness, travel all the way there just for a Citychain outlet.

Bumped into Jin Hui, and for a moment I thought he couldn't recognise me because he seemed so spaced out when I called out to him. After that, Shin Yu sms-ed me, saying her boyfriend saw me. Haha! Met up with her and her boyfriend for awhile, talked a little then we went our separate ways. Fancy meeting so many people at Lot 1.

Enjoyed the day with my boy, happy birthday dear! Hope you really like the watch, and also everything else that was in addition to the gift. Have a blessed birthday, and may all your dreams come true!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Took pictures yesterday in school with Stephanie! It's been a long time since I last took photos with her! Along with my other classmates...

Zhen Zhen, Hazel, myself, Steph, Susanty -- Steph & I

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Went shopping for hon's birthday gift. Bought him an Adidas watch, I like! But what matters most is that he likes it. My younger brother saw it, he says it's nice, but said that if it was another design, it would be even nicer (and we both agreed on the same design), but excuse me, I doesnt print cash, so yup, settled for this. At least it's nice =p


Saturday, June 11, 2005

I crazily made cookies last night, at around midnight? Haha! And I ate more than 1/2 dozen away right after it cooled off. MADNESS!!!

Let my mum try just now, she said it's nice, but a little too sweet! Have to reduce the sugar amount, but for people with ultra sweet tooth like me, I find it absolutely fine. HAHAHA! YUMMY!

Going to let my little bro eat some now, so he's the 1st guy I made cookies for!!! HAHA, what crap.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Oh No!!!
I made a wasted trip down to BBDC today!!! Wanted to book my FTT date, but guess what? I forgot my login password!!! How smart right? Tried all the passwords I usually use, but to no avail.

And BBDC charges $10.50 just to change password! That's like DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!!! Who in the right mind would actually pay that amount just to get their passwords resetted? But... I guess I'm left with no other choice but to take that decision?

Almost died in school today, lack of sleep can really kill faster than lack of food. And now that I'm at home, I can't sleep, how fantastic! Stupid body system!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

You lied, you still lie now, and you will continue to lie. Fancy all those talk about not being in a relationship with anyone? Guilty of something that you have to hide the fact?

"I'll never go into a relationship with her" was what you said. What a big fat lie. At that point in time when you said that, u were ALREADY in that relationship. Told you I knew, yet you still deny, and seriously, I don't see a point.

Trying to get the best of both worlds is what you're trying to achieve, that's so obvious, and to tell you the truth, it's very lowlife. Think about it. Always feel yourself as the "innocent party", "the one who got hurt badly"? Nah, think again.

You were in a happy relationship at that point in time when you said so much to me. Your purpose? Hoping that I'll soften and return to you? Obviously you want to have everything to yourself. If not A, then at least B would still be around, for you to keep. So despicable.

You're being unfair to her. And seriously, I pity her for that. You always say you know exactly what you want in life, I strongly doubt so. Looking at the way you handle things, you're very immature. From this day on, be happy with the way you lead your life.

I'm utterly disgusted with your actions the other day. Fancy being so bold when you were hiding a lie. Poor her. Your life is in a mess. Straighten things out, it'll definitely do you good.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I just cut my hair 1 week ago and I went for another haircut today! It really isn't my fault, I just couldn't stand my ends, they were like wires! So yes, made the decision to snip my ends off when I was at RenJie's house, and immediately we went downstairs!!!

Now my hair seems so much shorter, so sad!!! Oh whatever, at least most of the spoilt ends are gone and I'm happy! HAHAHA!

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