Friday, July 31, 2009

It's fun to webcam with my love. And it is fun(ny) when he does stupid and nonsensical things, just like this:

[1O] CMA says:
[1O] CMA says:
thats not me
[1O] CMA says:
[1O] CMA says:
thats liang po po

HAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, what's not to love about him? ♥

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And so, I have been scheduled for surgery on 3rd September but have to be admitted into the hospital on the 2nd. 2 hours of surgery, and a chest tube stuck into the side of my body post-surgery is not appealing at all. The tube which is attached to a water canister will be following everywhere I go for almost the entire hospital stay. Obviously, I'm totally dreading it, but for the sake of being able to travel by air and do vigorous activities, I will press on.

Anyway, whenever I'm at TTSH, I can never not go into the pharmacy. So today, in I went and came out with 3 boxes of various food bars from Go Natural and Kashi. Walked around with my parents (who went to see the specialist with me), and I bought a box of Uncle Sam cereal bars from United Square. =X And because I love Larabar's Cocoa Mõlé so much, I bought another 2 yesterday.

Ah yes, I hereby present to you my bars galore!

Talking about bars, I had Larabar's Cashew Cookie this morning and it was soooo darn good! I think this is my favourite flavour of all!

I will be back for more! And if I can get this flavour by the box from my contact, all the better! YUMS!

Thank you Dad and Mom, for being the best parents I can ever ask for. Thank you both for being so supportive and always running around with me for my appointments with the specialist. Pneumothorax aside, I also thank you both for giving me space and time to work that problem out at my own comfortable pace. Thank you two for loving me. =)
A promotional mani/pedi at Wax In The City left Val and I walking out of the nail parlour as members of the most expensive yet most money worthy package. And because we shared the package, it was even cheaper and more worth while than the cheapest package they have. I believe it is time for some self-loving. =)

Have an appointment with my specialist tomorrow (or later rather) to book the date for the surgery. I wonder when is the soonest available date, and although I'm not freaking out yet, I know I will once the date is set and when the scheduled surgery date looms nearer.

All will be well, I hope.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Looking at Lara Cocoa Mõlé, my heart raced with excitement, but I stopped myself from ripping the package open and posed it for my orange camera. When I was satisfied with the pictures taken, I gingerly made an opening and revealed the much anticipated bar.

Again, I had to stop myself from sinking my teeth into it before taking a picture of it's smooth and shiny body. And then it began...

You can never imagine how ecstatic I was when I bit into the bar and crunched on the huge nuts. The 2 holes at each side of the bar were where the nuts sat. Nuts combined with cocoa, natural sweetness from the dates, and a hint of spice from the chilli, I was in paradise.

Because Mom said she wanted to try this flavour, I gave her some to try but her reaction was hilarious. Obviously Mama and Lara could not get along at all.

The first Lara I tried was cherry pie and I totally hated her, but as I tried the other flavours, I gradually started to befriend her and even made her one of my closest friend. Sadly, my Mama can't seem to accept Lara like me. Honestly, I believe that eating such bars require an acquired taste, and I'm glad that Lara works well for me. =)
Debs and I have been meeting up quite a fair bit since she returned from Sydney, but I can never get sick of our meetups because each time brings me much joy for she's always cranky and full of nonsense.

Lunch was at Oomphatico@Tanglin Mall and we were totally sold my the interior, design, atmosphere and feel of the place. The food was good too, so I'll definitely return there some day, although getting there requires quite a bit of walking.

The prawns in my Prawn Cocktail were big, juicy, chilled and pretty fresh, and Deb's Farmers Club was savoury and absolutely divine for settling a craving for some salt.

After a happy filling lunch, we walked back to ION and spent practically the rest of the afternoon in ION. With too many interesting shops, too big a crowd, and too much to talk about, we didn't manage to go into majority of the stores.

Skipping most retail outlets, we did not and could not give ThreeSixty Market Place a miss. Call us Aunty, we really do not care. LOL!

The many different coloured peppers brightened up this section of the supermarket, and it sure did a good job in making my day. I love love love colours. And at one of the food stores in the basement, that roast pig was pitfully displayed in full view for everyone to see.

At the rate I'm buying all these different bars, I'm seriously going to eat myself poor! The only consolation is that I'm using my own hard earned money to buy them, so I do not feel indebted to anyone.

Now, I cannot wait to try Cocoa Mõlé. I love chocolate, and I adore chilli, but when the 2 are combined together, I'm not sure if I'll love it. However, I believe in the saying of, "You wouldn't know if you never try" so I'm going to be crazy May Anne and give it a shot when I feel wacky enough. =)

And because I'm a sucker for cake donuts, I could not stop myself from walking into Dunkin Donuts and coming out with 2 pieces.

Oh for the love of cake donuts over the classic ones. Ah yes, I indulge too much, but at least I know it makes my parents happy. I'm already trying doing my best. =)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On Sunday, we went to "shop" at Val's place and I must say that it was nothing but fun with gossips, and of course not forgetting their lovely presence. =) In the evening, we pampered ourselves with mani and pedicure, and that was actually the first time in so many years of friendship that we did such an activity together!

Caught Hairy Harry Potter with a friend on Tuesday. He's somewhat my half neighbour, and is a person I haven't exactly met properly before. Complicated, but very simple actually.

And today, I had a date with Daddykins to Mustafa! Initially, I thought my proposal to visit Mustafa would be denied, but I was in for a surprise! Like a little warrior, I trooped down to Mustafa with Daddykins and raided the area like a semi-professional. Hahaha.

It was time for a restock, and boy did I spend much time squatting by the rack, deciding on which bars to throw into my basket and how many of each to get. But I had fun.

Besides getting the bars, I bought the silliest thing ever, just because I found it too cute to resist.

HAHAHAHA! I'm totally digging my new water bottle at the moment. =)

And thank you Daddykins, for bringing me down to Mustafa upon last minute request. ♥

Friday, July 17, 2009

The signs are catching up with me already. My lungs and now my teeth. Have to be more determined. I must and I will. No more.

After what felt like a few weeks, a check on the calendar indicated that it has only been barely a week since NJ4 jetted off to Sydney. I still have a 4 months wait to get by. BLAH.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Since my love left for Sydney, my lovely friends have been meeting me up 1 after another for 3 consecutive days.

On Saturday, dear Sus gave us a treat at Shin Kushiya becuase she just received her bonus which amounted to almost 5 figures. Lucrative!

Super thick slices of fresh and sweet sashimi!!!

We over ordered for just the 3 of us, but we all enjoyed the great food! I will be back to try the main dishes that Shin Kushiya have to offer!

On Sunday, I met Debs, one of the very few Primary School friends whom I'm still in contact with. We sinned half the afternoon away at Bakerzin, and because I overslept (thank goodness Debs called!) and was an hour late, I insisted that our lunch/tea was on me.

Over cakes and drinks, I'm amazed how we talked and talked for over 2 hours(?).I love the fact that even though in Poly we hardly contacted and/or meet up, and those years she was in Sydney for her University studies just zoomed by with no meetups and extremely minimal contact over MSN, we can still carry on from where we left off.

And the sweetest girl gave me a makeup bag and a pouch as my very belated birthday gift!

I am your wicked sister, haha! Thank you babe! =)

On Monday, buddy called for an impromptu meetup. This dude is yet another person I can get comfortable with, talk nonsense to, and can simply irritate the hell out of each other without being self conscious whatsoever.

Glad you had fun buddy. =) I love my close friends, and happy 29th month darling. =)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

So, it has been almost 30 hours since I last saw NJ4, and although I was one tough cookie at the airport and felt perfectly fine, I woke up in the morning with the realisation that my love has really left and I would not be able to see, cuddle, nudge and talk to him face to face.

The sudden realisation left me lying in bed with tears in my eyes, but that moment passed very quickly, for I know that in about 128 days, we would get to see each other again. =)

Anyway, as a farewell meal for my love, I treated him to Kuishinbo, knowing that he love crabs and I heard lots of rave about their snow crabs. It's a pity I still do not fancy crabs (which used to be my all time favourite) ever since that nasty food poisoning many years ago.

So, let's get down to the food!

Cold Dishes.

NJ4's eyes and facial expression did a little happy dance when he had his first mouth of snow crab. Also, I think he was so satisfied that he almost had an orgasm. LOL!

My Happy Little Prince. =)

The following day, my parents gave him a farewell treat at SuanThai.

Chicken overload!

The fried-tening food! LOL!

Two days of heavy dinners is quite daunting, but I'll get by.

Friday, July 10, 2009

In about 15 hours' time, my Love would be jetting off to Sydney for his University studies.

No doubt he'll be missed by me, but I'm comforted to know that I will be able to see him soon come Christmas season or possibly earlier. 4 to 5 months, but time will pass very quickly.

See you soon back home then, Love!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

This afternoon, just before I woke from my slumber, I dreamt of Dada.

In my dream, I saw Dada as a fit man, just like how he was before his stroke. I saw him crossing the carpark and I happily called out to him and ran towards him as fast as my short legs could carry me. I finally reached his side and he said just one sentence to me, "I'm now Dada and Popo together as one". And that was it.

I was tearing in my dream, and I woke up startled with real tears in my eyes. From what I decipher, his sentence meant that Popo has now taken the role or being a father and a mother to her children, and a grandfather and a grandmother to her grandchildren.

I miss Dada, I really do.

Today, someone from Pasir Ris called my younger brother and said that a dog very much resembling Sparky was found. Bro went down and according to him, that dog looked and barked exactly like Sparky, but Sparky's "birthmark" was not present. Also, the dog was not very responsive when my brother called him "Sparky". We can only continue to hope and pray that Sparky's safe and alive.

I miss Sparly, I really do.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

4 girls and a guy headed to Malaysia via bus and stepped foot on Malaysian soils after crossing Tuas checkpoint. We spent endless of hours in Jusco, and daringly took the public bus to City Square in JB. Adventurous, and oh-so-awesome to get out of the country with friends, although it's just across the causeway.

And then we shopped and shopped and shopped, and only had lunch at 3pm when our backs and legs started to ache like crazy.

A pity NJ4 had to leave early, so I had to leave with him too. =(

But I'm happy with my loot from across the causeway. =)

p/s: I miss Sparky a lot. Please be safe boy. And I hope that some day not too far in the future, you'd be found and come back home to us. =(

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