Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Family Is Fat Fit!

Yesterday, Dad sent us all a text to say that we would be going for a Nature Reserve walk this morning. It has been about half a year since my last walk with the family, so I immediately agreed to it!

After about an hour, we finally reached the U-Turn mark, where the family rested for a bit before carrying on.

I had a severe case of insomnia last night, and only had about 4 hours of sleep. My eyebags and dark rings are the fugly end product of it. =(

Love such walks with my family!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brunch.. @ 3.30pm

When people say Brunch, they are usually referring to a meal eaten between breakfast and lunch, which most people would assume it to be a time between 11am to 1pm. However, knowing how my friends are (mostly cranky and abnormal, just like me), we met for Brunch at 3.30pm, which should have been afternoon tea instead.

So anyway, I brought them to Arbite because I've been there a couple of times and everytime I patronize them, I always leave with a happy palate and an even happier tummy.

2 pots of Peach Nectar tea

Before our food arrived, my 2 friends who became friends with each other in the weirdest way ever, began their nonsensical act as they ALWAYS do. Seriously, I have no idea what is up with this two, but no, they are not an item, and no, I highly doubt that will ever happen.

Introducing DL and DL!

And our food finally came!

Pan Fried Dory Meuniere & Tiger Prawns

Arbite Breakfast

Eggs Benedict

Great looking food coupled with fantastic natural lighting in the eatery, and armed with my DSLR, I totally love how the pictures taken at Arbite turned out.

And there are only 3 types of food because K and I had the exact same thing; the Eggs Benedict.

Happy Fat Us

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Boyfriend With Loads of Surprises

Today is Valentine's Day. To me, it's really just another day, where merchants take the chance to jack up prices like crazy and promote "Valentine's Day Specials".

So because Valentine's Day is not a big deal to me, when the Boyfriend announced that he has lesson today, I was totally unfazed. Little did I know that this would happen:

At lunch, I was just out and about my usual lunch hour walk when he called and asked where I was. He said he was on his way to meet me and wanted me to meet him at my lobby. And he sprung this surprise on me:

A bouquet of 10 roses, and his explanation being, "To me, 10 roses means 'Perfect 10'. " =))) Thank you, love.

Friday, February 10, 2012

211 Roof Terrace Café

This evening, K and I utilized a food voucher that he bought for us quite some time back, and I'm really thankful for he got it after I merely commented something along the lines of, "That's one place that I've wanted to tried for quite some years now but never got the chance to."

So to Holland Village we went, and like 2 very starved adults, we placed our orders pretty quickly once we got there. Surprisingly, our food came really quickly, without compromising on standards.

K had the Babyback Ribs and I had the Lamb Cutlet. Both dishes were so damn good in terms of taste, texture and portion!

And obviously, me being me, I could not help it but had to goof around a wee bit, as I always do.

Cappuccino Foam Smile!

Dinner ended on a sweet note with ice cream at Island Creamery, a little treat from M to K. =D

Ice cream, my joy and my bane. Something I cannot say no to.

Thursday, February 09, 2012


I like change, yet at the same time dislike it. I may sound like I am contradicting myself, but I really am not.

Goofed around with my hair this afternoon as I was on leave and had nothing better to do, and I quite like the outcome.

Sad to say, my hair will never fall like that if I were to really chop my locks off. Tested, proven and cried. Perhaps, my hair is just as stubborn as the owner. Totally guilty as charged.

call me tiger