Thursday, May 28, 2009

Phuket Getaway!

DAY 1 - 23 May 09

Sky still dark, air still cold, they could have stayed in bed and snooze longer but my loving parents made the effort to get up early in the morning just to send us to the Airport. Little actions like this makes me know I'm loved.

While waiting to board the plane, we got bored and decided to amuse ourselves with some arty farty things meant for kids to doodle and hone their artistic skills.

We soon boarded the plane and took the 1.5 hours flight and finally...

We arrived at Sugar Palm Resort & Spa @ Kata Beach! We had amazing bed decorations because when we booked the room online, there was a portion that asked what was our purpose there for and looking at the various options, we decided to amuse ourselves by selecting the "honeymoon" node. It was indeed a pleasant surprise when we stepped into our room. =)

Without any further procrastination, we hopped into our swim wear and headed to the beach which was a 5 minutes walk from our resort.

The beach was AMAZING! And if you think the water here looks very clear and nice, wait till you see Phi Phi Island's clear blue sea!

The rest of the afternoon was spent travelling around, shopping and getting familiarised with the area in our rented vehicle - Toyota Vios. At 5pm (SG 6pm), we finally had our first real meal for the day.

Although this was just a run down eatery, the food was delicious and the best part, it was so freaking cheap! $1.70 for the Kway Teow and $3.40 for that hugeass bowl of Tom Yum soup which had 9-10 fat prawns in it. SLURPS!

Our day ended with a shock to learn that the petrol stations in Phuket closes at night, unlike Singapore which runs 24 hours. Desperate to refill the tank, we drove around and I was sharp to spot a vending-machine-like self service gasoline kiosk!

This is seriously one cool invention! And after this find, we realised that there were many of such kiosks around Phuket! No wonder their petrol stations can afford to close at night.

Oh, amusement for the day:

They have a Cafe Del Mar too! =D

And that concluded our Day 1 at Phuket. For a more comprehensive set of pictures, view them at Facebook.

Day 2 - 24 May 09

Day 2 was covered entirely by a Phi Phi Island tour that we booked. We visited so many islands that I lost count and all I can remember is that the beaches were beautiful, with water so clear and sand so fine. I was in paradise!

Viking Cave

Snorkeling at Loh Samah Bay

My very first time snorkeling and it was extremely fun despite the fact that I drank some sea water when water seeped into my goggles and entered my nose.

Maya Bay

Monkey Beach (but there were no monkeys that day)

Lunch was settled at Phi Phi Don. Nothing spectacular, but enjoyable nonetheless. Last stop for the entire trip was Khai Nok Island, where we spent over an hour soaking up the sun, enjoying the breeze, waddling/snorkeling in the clear blue water.

Khai Nok Island

And then it was time to go back to mainland, where NJ4 and I watched the sunset at Kata Beach while settling dinner at road side food stalls.

Likewise, more pictures can be viewed at Facebook.

Day 3 - 25 May 09

On my birthday, we rushed through shooting, bungy jump and shopping because it was also the day we had to return to Singapore. =(

Again, we rented a vehicle and this time it was a Jeep. Honestly, driving is a wiser choice because their Tuk-Tuk Taxi is exorbitantly priced. So if you have a driving/riding licence and can read the map, good for you! Otherwise, lie on the chopping board.

After 5 years of not handling a weapon, I can still shoot! LOL! My knack for shooting is still there.

After shooting, we drove to Patong and put our lives at risk, literally putting our lives on a thin line. We went BUNGY JUMPING! 60m in height, the tallest in Phuket!

With that, the following videos will do it's part.

Jay-Jay's bungy

May Anne's bungy

Again, rest of the pictures can be viewed at Facebook.

With that, our Phuket trip was a fun-filled and fufilling one! We already miss Phuket! =(

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 2 at Phuket has come to an (early) end. So far so good. Phi Phi Island tour today was freaking awesome! Snorkeling with the fishes was so fun, less the times the clear sea water entered my goggles and made me swallow a few good big gulps of it via my nose. HAHA!

All the different islands were so damn pretty, with the water so clear and the sand so fine. I was in paradise. =)

Will be back tomorrow night and if I'm not too tired and/or lazy, I'll upload the tons of pictures we took!

Totally anticipating tomorrow's fun-filled activities!

p/s: NJ4 got his camera (the one I've been holding on to all these while) wet, and it's a gone case now. The camera has served us well and he's totally sore about its death. -hugs- Don't be overly upset!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jetting off in a few hours' time to the sunny beachy island! I pray that the weather will be bright and sunny and breezy and nice altogether for the next few days that I'm there.

Bye bye Singapore (for now), hello Phuket! =)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddykins! ♥

High-tea at Shangri-La's 'The Rose Veranda' left us all stuffed.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is the very first and way in advance birthday present to me from my elder brother and sister-in-law. ♥ The Swatch watch is so pretty, with my favourite colour on it! My SIL has great taste and really knows what I like. =) And Incanto Charms is finally off my wishlist. Thank you korkor and da sao!

Food have always been seasonal for me, and now it's that time for bars and more bars again. It has been months since I last stock up on so many bars at one go, but I'm a seasonal eater and I need changes. =)

More buys from the last few days, with some Larabars already long gone in my stomach:

And together with the last round of stock, I have a massive number of bars to keep me going for another few months or so. But I'm pretty sure that there will be more varieties of energy bars to be added to this stash in time to come.

Bars Galore!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's the 14th again, and we're 27 months into our journey. Time really flies, and it's really not all that good when one is reaching mid 20s in a couple of years.

Today is also the opening of Angels & Demons and knowing that I must watch it , Nj4 brought me for its screening!

Honestly, I believe if I had not read the book, I would be totally lost, because as always, the progression of movies are way faster than the story in the book itself. A great watch!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The auditors from KPMG are here and it was a weird feeling to see that 2 out of the 4 auditors are my Secondary School mates. Singapore is just so small. Hah.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

It has been a while since NJ4 and I dined at a place out of the ordinary and because we had a lot of time to kill before meeting up with Shinyu and Aaron for a movie, we decided to roam Upper Thomson.

Other than the crazy chocolate cake craving I had yesterday, I was also dying to have some fish, and so we did. =)

Our shared dinner: Pan-grilled Seabass with Pasta

Watched "Taken" at AMKHub with the 2 lovebirds and this show was worth every minute of my time! Honestly, I wouldn't mind watching it one more time. And Liam Neeson has that "old man charm" that I like. =x

On an extremely random note, I have bought so many energy bars over the last couple of days that I really do not know when I'd be able to finish them all. I believe that the bars are somewhat a good investment.

Almost $100 worth of energy bars waiting for me to eat them, and I totally cannot wait to try the new and exorbitantly priced bars I bought. I must be crazy.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Cough, flu, mucus as thick as gelatin, and voice a few octaves lower than usual. Despite those, I have this really bad craving for some sinful devil's chocolate cake. I never believed in abstinence from "heaty" food when I'm sick. Fine, call me crazy.

Monday, May 04, 2009

First and foremost, happy birthday to my one and only Mommy. =)

When there is a party, there are people. When there is a party, there is booze. When there is booze, there are bound to be people who are totally wasted or semi-wasted. And so the story goes...

The party and the people.

The people and the booze.

The booze and the fun.

The wasted and tired people.

And as usual, for the rest of the pictures, view them on Facebook.

Friday, May 01, 2009

In celebration of Susanty's 25th birthday, we went down to Boiler Room and had balls of fun! But the fun only lasted 1/3 of the night for me because my stomach went against me and I had a food poisoning sort of experience. Anal diarrhoea + verbal diarrhoea = nasty.

Still feeling absolutely unfit to move after the various diarrhoea, I was surprised to see pictures of me being able to smile for the camera! The following pictures are all taken at 1.15am, so I'm guessing they are just seconds apart.

In chronological order, we have the following shots:

Wow, that smile was a chore to summon when I was in excruciating pain. And please ignore my fat and distorted looking arm. I have no idea where that ET-like arm came from. A photo log will be up after I get all the other pictures from the various camera holders! =)

call me tiger