Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Musings

[1O] Jay-Jay [MA] says:
*are u downloading fringe?
[may anne] nj4 [O.F.M Addict] says:
[1O] Jay-Jay [MA] says:
[may anne] nj4 [O.F.M Addict] says:
*lazy to find
[may anne] nj4 [O.F.M Addict] says:
*u find for me
[1O] Jay-Jay [MA] says:
[1O] Jay-Jay [MA] says:
*might as well say next time lazy to give birth, i give birth for you
[may anne] nj4 [O.F.M Addict] says:
[may anne] nj4 [O.F.M Addict] says:
[1O] Jay-Jay [MA] says:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

1 Month Shy Of 4

To celebrate our 47th month last Friday, NJ4 and I decided to be a little adventurous, so we went in search for a Korean eatery that was much raved on many food blogs. It was not the most accessible place without the comfort of a 4-wheel drive, and the damp weather made it a tad harder to reach the place, but we eventually did.

What awed me was the variety of Banchan (Korean appetizers) that was served. I did a quick count and oh-holey-moley, there were 13 of them!

The amount of Banchan could very well have been my dinner already!

NJ4's Bibimbab

My Spicy Tofu Soup (which had seafood in it!)

Although the food came very quickly upon placing our orders (about 5 minutes after ordering), the taste was nothing to shout about. It could have been because I went there with expectations, hence the disappointment. Or it could have been that the standard dipped since all the reviews were dated some time in 2009. It wasn't bad, just not very fantastic. But it still was fun searching for the place and exploring places that we've never been to before.

Happy 47th, Baby.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekend At Batam

Over the weekend that just past, NJ4 and I went on a 2 days 1 night trip to Batam. It was my first time to Batam and I didn't know what to expect, but I gathered enough information from people around me to know that there was nothing much to do there.

8am found us at Harbourfront on Saturday morning, and 2 hours later, we were being ferried to Batam!

NJ4 and his countless funny faces!

We finally reached Batam and was shuttled to our hotel which was a less than 5 minutes bus ride from the ferry terminal.

All our mehmehs went along too!

After exploring the hotel for a bit, we went for lunch at Harris Cafe.

And while waiting for the fullness to ride over after lunch, NJ4 started making funny faces (again) and I got them all captured! And then I followed suit, LOL!

We ended the night with a walk around the poolside together with both our babymehs!

Night went and morning came. We had breakfast, went for a 1 hour massage, walked around the hotel again, played a game of bowling and got ready to head back to Singapore.

The "Flying" Tortoise

A totally unfair game because at the last round of NJ4's turn, all his pins got swept away after the first ball was bowled. He played the second ball with no pins in sight, hence the "spare", which gave him the last free round to play which he scored a strike. Pfft.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Jolly Svenja

On the last day of 2010, Mini Jolly Svenja was the lucky toy to be bought off the shelf to join the family of 4 at Countryside.

She watched the fireworks with us outside One Fullerton, and then met Baby Meh for the first time in 2011! Together, we went to watch Saw 7 in 3D, had Mac Donald's for supper/breakfast, and crashed for the night at about 4am.

That marked how we spent the last day of 2010 and the first few waking hours of 2011.

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