Monday, February 28, 2005

whoo hoo!!!
juz got hm...finally met cheng xi...aft noein him for more than a yr,we finally met...wahaha...had dinner at cafe cartel...aft dat walked arnd J8 awhile,den he sent me back on his bike...his was a sports bike,sit until damn stress...coz hafta lean 4ward,n had 2 hold the bike's body...position damn awkward...

got the same comment as i got frm my big eye renjie...both of dem said dat pillioning me was like as thou dey're riding by demself coz dey cant feel my hello?im nt weightless!but yeahz,gd in the sense dat dey can ride as ease lah...haha...

cheng xi's company was gd,farnie dude,full of shit...n nw den i noe he has a twin bro...haha...datz smth dat i nv knew over the past 1 yr plus...hahaha...alritez,gotta get goin...gotta call big-eye renjie nw...

Sunday, February 27, 2005

tired tired...
wen 2 renjie's hse ydae aft lunch...watched him play his stupid game on ps2...aft dat wen 2 the supermart 2 get some groceries n he cooked dinner!!!haha...wasnt too bad,the taste was good,juz dat it was wae too salty but he actually said it tasted alrite 2 him...zZzZz...but i honestly felt his it was TOO salty...

nvm abt dat,overall,dinner was good...slacked aft dinner n headed 2 sembawang park aft dat...boring place coz it was a damn tiny park...lotsa ah bengs arnd thou...

wen back 2 his place and slept like a up earli n he sent me hm...slept summore wen i got hm n i juz woke up nt too long ago...startin 2 get hungry nw...gonna grab some lunch...ciaoz!

Friday, February 25, 2005

hair cut!!!
suppose 2 haf np parade 2dae but i skipped it...4 the sake of lah,was too tired 2 go dwn 4 parade...moreover i din bring my half u 2 sch,so heck it lahz...wen dwn 2 orchard wif val instead...den her fren Alan (i think) came...had free haagen dazs ice cream coz val's fren's fren works at the outlet at taka...tok abt indulgence,yummy!

juz cut my hair's the conversation i had wif my mum juz nw:
me: mummy,i juz cut my hair!
mum: *look at my head* har?got diff meh?no diff wat!!!
me: wateva~
my mum is 4eva saein dat there's no diff weneva i go n cut my previous length was till my hips,nw it juz barely hit past my bra line,yet my mum sae no diff...qi si ren!but im happy wif my hair nw,hopefully i dun drop so much hair animore...wahaha...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

small world...
met up wif Glenn diz afternn b4 i wen 4 my ITP briefing in sch...he wanted my pics, -_-, lol!infared din work,so had 2 mms 2 him...zZzZ...wen 4 ITP tok,it was full of shit...

bumped in2 youyi(my Chingay sector IC) in SB!!!wat a small world man!'s like he aint even frm SP(he's frm NTU),n yet of all places,i bumped in2 him in SP,SB!haha...he called me den i was like tryin 2 put a name 2 his face at 1st...haha...found him familiar but cldnt straight awae recognise him...luckily i managed 2 recall hu he is,otherwise so paiseh...haha...

juz as we stepped in2 dover station,renjie called,saein he had nite's out...wen over 2 his place aft goin 2 town 4 awhile wif val 2 get my top...had dinner at his place...yummy...haha...den hm swt hm...nxt time i can c him most prob wld b either tmr or fridae...

cost accountin paper tmr,n i haven started a single shit...still gotta do an online search 1st...2nite dun nid 2 slp le...sianz...

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

dinner was great!wen 2 town 2 mit jo n freddy wif's been sucha long time since i last saw freddy...haha...still as froggy as eva...haha...den freddy left,so the 3 of us wen 4 dinner at crystal jade!!!yummy...xiao long bao was great,but both my xiao long bao broke,boohoo...

nvm,nxt time shall eat dat 1st,so dey wun get stuck 2 each other,den they wldnt tear apart...haha...dinner was really filling...wanna explode nw!

Monday, February 21, 2005

wat a bum!
claz started at 9am 2dae,but i onli reached sch at abt dat man?aniwae,it's IS,dat 3hr lab lesson...i tink the lecturer gave me attendance...haha...ok,im seriously takin advantage of him 2 the core...hahaha...

my 6510 committed suicide 2dae...erm,ok,i actually murdered it...but it wasnt on purpose!it dropped on the ground in the lift while i was makin my wae up in sch,n my poor fone bounced on the hard floor a couple of times...aft dat,i looked at it n i was like: oh shit!there goes my fone (coz there was no reception). turned my hp off n on alot of times,still no reception n dat was wen i pronounced my hp dead.

howeva,my hp din die! was Singtel dat screwed up!all my frenz wif Singtel line were like complainin of nt havin ani reception...zZz...make me tot dat my hp died...heng ah!wat m i gonna do w/o my 6510?i cant nv live wif juz 1 fone man!i need at least 2!

gonna rest awhile,den gotta start muggin 4 Financial Accounting paper tmr!i dunno a shit watz goin on eva since CA1 sia!im so dead!
hide n seek
come out,come out,wherever u r! juz watched hide n seek wif renjie's an ok show but i was able 2 predict thrill...

vrooom!was renjie's 1st pillion on his new bike!haha...scooter-like bike...zZzZ...looks so cartoon 4 a guy 2 b riding a's nt really a scooter lah actually...but pretty cool...

ok shit...startin 2 crap...betta get goin...slp is impt!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

juz got back frm chingay duty!hahaha...haven on my com for 2 daez...been bz...a lil update:
18th feb:
wen 2 sch,den aft sch wen dwn 2 orchard 4 my chingay duty...aft chingay duty,met up wif renjie,wen over 2 his place...spent the nite there...slept like a dead log,but woke up in the middle of the nite n ate chocs n he played PS2...pig,can eat chocs in the middle of the nite...
19th feb:
woke up late,juz in time 2 get ready 2 head off 2 orchard 4 my chingay duty grouped up wif jay jay n hong kai (same as ydae)...we were deployed 2 our respective areas of duty den b4 the parade started,a girl (motivator) came up 2 me n asked me 4 my no 4 her guy fren...din wanted 2 gif but i relented.

aft the whole parade,diz guy frm my sector,Glenn, wanted my no as well...haha...n he's stayin at Westwood Crescent!!!Same as Danping!but he stays at 100 smth...haha...

aniwae,it's scary nw dat there r so mani nice ppl arnd me...diz is a periodic ting...wen it's quiet,it's totally quiet,wen 1 cums,a string cums...zZzZz...but ok lahz,make more frenz!the more the merrier!alritez,tink i betta get goin...haven been slpin well at all for the past wk...

Thursday, February 17, 2005

wen over 2 renjie's hse 2dae (ydae rather...)...watched ocean's plot...had dinner over at his place...his mum's mee hoon kway!yummy yummy...haha...renjie's sucha crapster!(oei,if u readin diz,plz plz plz dun kill me hor!)

aniwae,had a great dae wif big eye...super crappy...gettin 2 noe him much fierce summore...oh yah!xiao bai sooooo cute!wahaha!

got the shock of my life wen i returned hm,coz jer was over at my place...apparently my mum let him in...well,had a good tok wif jer again...tings r more or less settled now...glad it's kinda resolved...nv lose faith in fate...datz smth i heard over n over again juz nw...

been slpin like shit lately...bad slpin outta here!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

wat a vdae!
gifts i received(in sequence as 2 whom i got dem frm):
-bracelet (eden)
-chocs (steph)
-a bouquet of 12 lilies worth arnd $150,sweets,chewing gum (javerson)
-cute doggie necklace (jay jay)
-SK necklace,a bouquet of roses wif toy dogs in a tray (renjie)
-couples ring,a rose,handmade poem thingy (jer)
madness...juz settled the bouquet of lilies in a gigantic vase...really very pretty...smells great too...fed it wif panadol...haha...gotta go feed my other bouquet of roses wif panadol soon vdae...great gifts...thanx 2 all of u out there...i really appreciate all the presents!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

scariest roller coaster ride eva!
my life juz wen thru the scariest roller coaster ride eva...
-movie (i do i do)
-walk (great world city to clarke quay)
-UK funfair
dat was where the scariest roller coaster ride hit nt tokin abt a roller coaster ride's juz an expression...the unexpected happened...i can really trust my gut feelings...dey nv fail me...gut feelin told me i'd bump in2 him,n i really did...damn.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

juz had 1 of the best dae/nite eva!
-ate choco coated strawberries
-2 movies (racing stripes & finding neverland) btw,DO NOT watch findin neverland...terrible!
-cosy bay (great atmosphere)
-walked back 2 suntec frm cosy bay (freakin far)
-hm swt hm
perfect...sweet...soarin sky-high...

Thursday, February 10, 2005

eventful dae!!!
happy CNY 2 all!haha!2dae was such an eventful dae!1stly,woke up 2 a nasty body ache,thx 2 ydae's cleanin here n there...wen visitin,brought sparky's the juicy part: sparky wen missin at my grandparents' place at holland v!!!

the main door was closed,n we unleashed sparky...aft awhile,my younger bro asked: "eh,where's sparky ah?" den the rest of us were like...OH DARN!the back yard door aint shut!datz it...sparky was GONE!!!elder bro walked dwnwards 2 look 4 sparky n i wen 2wards the direction of holland sight of sparky...

juz so nice,a car drove past at a very slow speed n saw my mum standin outside the gate lookin here n there n the car stopped n guess wat?!SPARKY WAS IN THE CAR!!!yes!some good samaritan actually picked sparky up n dey actually turned 2 rounds juz 2 try 2 get sparky back 2 its rightful owner!wat a nice couple!

so there...sparky returned hm 2 us safe n sound...phew!aniwae,felt stupid in a dress 2dae...yes...may anne in a dress...aft 10 yrs,i finally wore a dress again...hahaha...stuuuupid!met up wif renjie n aft dat my 'daddy'...hahaha...hilarious...dey were like so excited 2 c me in a wat the...

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

maid 4 the dae...
diz was how my dae wen:
-wake up
-scrubbed back yard wif dad
-change my own bedsheet
-wanted 2 mop my rm but poured wrong floor detergent,nt meant 4 parquet,ended up moppin the living n dining rm
-changed water,mopped my rm,decided 2 b nice,mopped the rest of the upstairs of the hse
-scrubbed front porch wif dad
-mini reunion dinner wif family

n nw im shacked 2 the like the maid 4 the dae...elder bro slept the entire dae,pig!younger bro was "busy" playin games n watchin tv the whole dae,more pig!

Monday, February 07, 2005

yay n boo...
yay: coz i finally registered 4 my basic theory test at BBDC!n oso coz ive finally gotten the Nike bag dat i've been eyein 4 quite some time oready!!!haha!so happy...i luv my bag 2 the core...hahaha...

boo: coz the hairdressing salon dat i usually go 2 aint open!n so i cant get my hair cut!argh!i tink i remembered the hairdresser tellin me b4 dat afew daez b4 cny,she usually doesnt open 2 do biz...oh no!and i dare nt go 2 other places cos i'm fussy.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

so so so tired!
juz got back frm the Chingay briefing nt too long ago...n im ultra slpy!!!wen there so earli in the mornin,ended up wasted alot of time on admin lousy man!shld haf wen later,den can slp more...

aniwae,those CNY goodies r a taboo!ive been eatin dem the past few daez n all thx 2 dem,im puttin on some shitty weight!if onli i can refrain myself frm eatin dem...yeahz...if onli...

I NID SOME SLP!!!!!i look like some freakass zombie rite nw lah...irritating!my eyebags are fugly!so tired but juz had lunch n it's bad 2 slp aft a meal!so...i muz TAHAN!

aniwae,my family is weird...we're gonna haf our reunion dinner tmr!so earli lah!nv b4 in my 18 yrs of life had i had a reunion dinner datz nt on CNY eve...find it so weird...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

yes!wen dwn 2 redcross hse with jay-jay 2 get our 1st aid cert!aft so long!kinda lame lah,juz wen dwn aft sch 2 get it n here i m at hm le...

my fren's dad is in hosp and condition ain't well...i pray hard dat his op tmr will be fine...aniwae,dun worry too much k sotong?

tmr is the last dae of sch!!!yay!hahaha...n CNY is approachin!BAK KWA!muahaha!ok ok...madness...betta get goin!cheerios!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

juz re-sat 4 my Finanacial Accounting paper...n i screwed it up again...

aniwae,makin a trip dwn 2 BBDC tmr 2 register n bk my basic theory test date...finally im startin my 1st step 2 takin my driving lisence!aft sucha long long long lame...i feel so backward...shld haf gone earlier...wateva lah...betta nw than later or nv...

kk...betta get goin...slackin time!finally the holidae mood is here!yay!

call me tiger