Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mom bought me an orange bag from TheLifeShop today. So pretty!

Ooh, here's something interesting. 2 weeks ago, NJ4 brought over a durian from his durian tree at home. Technically, it's a durian, but it's a non-edible one. Just look at the miniature durian, so adorable!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I don't remember consuming anything contaminated yesterday, because I ate what I've usually been eating. But I woke up after a 11 hours slumber, feeling nauseous and weak.

I managed to make my way downstairs, guzzled a lot of water and ate half a carrot, hoping the nausea would go away. However, bile was threatening to emerge. I fought it down but ultimately lost the battle.

The most retarded thing was that I was so weak I had to sit on my bathroom floor and throw up into a pail. And because of that position I was in, heaving was a bitch. But once I got the nasty contents out of my system, I felt better. Throw in a couple of hours of sleep and I miraculously felt normal after that. Now, that's so weird.

I wonder if that's a sign of my body system failing, slowly but surely.

Oh, and I so absolutely love orange that even my puke was orange!

orange vomit

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Of Birthdays, Friendship and Love.

To all who wished me via various methods, thank you! =)

24th and 25th May was filled with many happy celebrations. Yesterday, Delta attended GuoHui's 21st birthday party, whose birthday falls on the same day as me. Happy Birthday GuoHui! =)

(1) GuoHui flaunting his "Mister Yaya Papaya" t-shirt.
(2) The usual birthday boy + cake & friends picture.
(3) With the late comers of Delta.
(4) Ros, myself, Em

The words printed on the N.U.M t-shirt that we bought for GuoHui described him totally. After the customary photo-taking-with-the-birthday-person-and-cake, he had to announce to everyone that we share the same birthday. -_- Nonetheless, it was really nice catching up with Delta again. I honestly love these people to bits.

My love drove me home and we spent some quiet time together. I told him to go home earlier to avoid getting nagged at. Usually, he takes 10 minutes or less to get home from my place, but after 15 minutes, there was still no news from him.

Just as I was about to call him, he called and summoned me to the nearby playground. What greeted me totally melted my heart.

My birthday "sand cake". I had to blow out ALL the candles.

What a pretty sight! Apparently, 22 tea lights should form the "22" in the middle of the heart, but he made a mistake on the second 2, without realising it. But it's alright baby, I still heart it very much. =)

Today, my love brought me out for lunch at Sun with Moon.

(1) His: Mini Unagi Don & Kinoko
(2) Mine: Tempura Udon (cold)
(3) Mini Matcha Parfait
(4) He asked me to look at him and he shot that. -_- Check out the eyebags!

I eyed this Guess bag about a month back and he insisted on getting it for me today despite me wanting to get it myself some other time. Thank you darling, for all the effort you've put in. =) I had fun!

(1) My birthday cake of course.
(2) With the man I love the most, my Dad.
(3) Making a wish and I have no idea what's with the spastic face.
(4) Honestly, I think being spastic runs in the family.
(5) Putting out the fire Blowing out the candles.
(6) Again, I have no idea what's with the face.

Last but not least, my birthday gift from my Kor Kor, I like!

Orange bathroom floor mat and towel!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Congratulations to my one and only for clinching the position of Contingent Commander for his Commissioning Parade in June! =D

Okay, I've been tagged to do a quiz, AGAIN. So, for the fun of it...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yesterday, I finally got to try The Soup Spoon after so long! The soup was deliciously creamy and tasty. Don't know about the sandwich though. We will definitely go back to try the other soup variations.

Pumpkin Soup & Smoked Salmon Sandwich combo

After procrastinating for 3 long months, my boy finally got down to choosing his Anniversary gift from me to him. What took you so long?

I'm glad that you love your new watch baby. Ohh, Iron Man was fantastic! The storyline was a little rushed in the middle, but the overall effects made up for it. A day well spent with my one and only. =)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Last night we set off in 2 cars and met up at Jumbo Seafood (East Coast). My boy made me drive, and he played King. So, because of that, I made him piggyback me when we arrived at East Coast.

Evidence of a very 不爽 May Anne.

As we were making our way to the restaurant, we heard a loud crack overhead. My boy stood still, and I was praying that the branch wasn't directly above us. A split second later, I felt a thud on my head and a big fat branch was on the ground, barely 5cm away from us. Because I was being piggybacked, I became his shelter (albeit not a very big one). My forehead (nearing the hairline) freaking hurts like mad now, and there's a bump. Elder brother called me a luo han. -_-

Being slightly concussed, I was hoping my tastebuds would change somewhat, so I tried bonding with the chilli crab, but my attempt failed yet again. I guess I have to resign to the fact that I can never eat crabs like before. Dad said it's probably my own psychological barrier. Perhaps. But the taste of crabs really does make me nauseous. GAHH!

Pretty bag!

Sister-In-Law gave me an advanced birthday present! Thanks!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddykins! =D

Jumbo Seafood tonight, which means crabs, again. ZZZ!

Before - - - - - - - - - - - After

Goodbye shower curtain. Hello shower screen! My front porch is getting a makeover too, the mini garden will be tiled up. I forgot to take a picture of the "before", so there won't be an "after" picture. Anyway, it's only halfway done for the cement needs time to set.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Guess who's back?! =D After 3 long (and agonizing, because I was sick) weeks, my sweetest drug is finally back from Taiwan!

He touched down at 1.20am, dumped his luggage at home and was over at my place at 3am. Talk about being efficient. Mr Super-Gan-Cheong.

"Hello, *exchange hugs and kisses* how come you seem thinner now?"

Eh, that was so uncalled for. I haven't changed that much in 3 weeks.

(L): 1 racer top, 1 dress, 1 shorts, 1 skirt, 1 handphone strap.
(R): Taiwan snacks for the family! A box of 12 each.

Look, my love attempted at shopping for clothes for me! Apparently, he shopped more for me than for himself. I appreciate it baby! I totally dig that orange handphone neck strap, although it's a little too long (or maybe because I have a short body).

My love didn't miss my family out, for they get to sink their teeth into the oh-so-yummy 老婆饼 and 太阳饼. Thank you love!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's been a week and I'm still coughing like crazy, with phlegm thicker than Jello. It's almost comparable to Konnyaku jelly's consistency. -_-

I don't remember taking so long to recover in the past. At the rate and intensity that I'm coughing, my only fear is that it would set off another Pneumothorax attack again. I really don't need a third time to occur.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Inclusive of today, I've had 3 extremely unproductive days. Due to flu, sore throat, cough, recurring fever (and everything else associated with being half dead), I could barely concentrate on my books. And exams are just exactly a week away!!!

My phlegm and mucus are green, and I mean REALLY GREEN.

Green phlegm. Too explicit but I don't care.

After watching Rouge (Ep 9), my mother's anxiety level heightened. She set some rules for me, but I reasoned with her that setting such rules will not help me, but it's more detrimental instead. She said we would discuss the issue after my exams, and she understands that it's not going to be an easy task for me to overcome after 4.5 long years.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy! =D

In celebration of Mom's birthday, my family (+ spouses) had dinner at Mellben Seafood (AMK). Food was delightfully delicious but no pictures to share the joy because everyone attacked the food faster than the speed of lightning, and I didn't even get to say "wait". -_-

Thanks to that food poisoning almost 5 years ago, I don't/can't enjoy crabs anymore. I attempted eating a pincer, but got so nauseous after the first mouth that I couldn't continue. And because the 3 different crabs came after all the other dishes were finished, I spent the last 30 minutes watching the rest pig out and get messy with the crabs.

Despite the lack-of-crab-bond, my first and last meal of today was indeed satisfying. =) Happy Birthday once again, Mom.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Photobucket Photobucket

Met up with the girls at Swensen's for dinner earlier to celebrate Susanty's (actual), Shinyu's (advanced) and my (advanced) birthday. Susanty shared her joy of the ultra cute doggy cupcakes with us. It's too cute to be eaten, so that little cupcake is sitting in my refrigerator.

My birthday gifts from the girls. Thanks sweets!

The four of us headed to St James after dinner and we literally danced all our calories from dinner away! Extremely therapeutic I would say.

2 years 4 months since I last went clubbing. 4 hours non stop on the dance floor and I'm worn out beyond words. I have to admit that my dancing mechanism's lifespan has deteriorated over the years and I'm getting old. I'm starting to ache all over. But it was one helluva wild night.

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