Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Haven't blogged in a while because my computer crashed on Christmas eve, how nice.

Was using it before heading out to meet my boy and his friends when my computer decided to take a permanant rest, so very not up to standard. Dad told me that my hard disk crashed, so there goes my everything! Pictures, files, memos, EVERYTHING! I'm hoping that Daddy was able to recover it, instead of having to reformat it.

So anyway, met up wif my boy and his Secondary school NPCC friends on Christmas eve and they are really MAD. Bunch of guys who are already in the army, yet with still the humour of boys who can't seem to grow up (not in the irritating sense of course). Drinking session with them was hilarious, and the weird things we talked about and games we played added on to the fun. Even supper was fun-filled.

Glad to have met his closest bunch of friends. And because all of them were from NPCC, neither actually really believed that I'm still serving the corps as WCI. It's not really that hard to believe, is it?

Our half year anniversary just came and went, how fast time flies. 6 months into "Us", and I'm still sometimes getting to know you all over again, which is good, because then I get to learn some new things which I missed out previously. I love you baobei.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Darling's Echo just broke and I was the cause of it. If only I'd sat that bag filled with gifts properly on the table, or floor.

That big bag was sitting nicely on the table for more than 10 minutes when all of a sudden, it just shifted and the bag toppled over, sending my boy's Echo to hit the ground hard. The shattered glass didn't hurt me physically but I'm suffering emotionally. Feel bad knowing the fact that I could have actually done something to prevent that. If only I placed the bag on the ground nicely, instead of high up on the table.

The bottle was still half full, and now all of it is gone just like that. And the guilt piles up higher with the fact that my boy doesn't blame me a wee bit, rather being more concerned that I did not cut myself in the process of cleaning up.

I'm sorry dar, really. A new scent for the both of us it shall be then.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Went down to Ministry of Sound last night but couldn't smoke our way in, so ended up paying the $20 cover charge but it's reasonable beacuase it includes 2 drinks.

Went with Jo, Jacky, Richard, Zhilun, Benny (R & Z's friend), and of course my boy. While he and I were queueing, this guy called out to me and waved, and I momentarily couldn't put a name to his face, so heck it, I just waved back first. Then I realised it was Freddy, and Jo was so happy when I told her I saw Freddy. Freddy's still so cute.

Anyway, MOS is HUGE! And it's good because it's like a one-stop place with all the different genres. Maybe because MOS is new, that's why the crowd wasn't that big, therefore making MOS seem too big for its own good. And the air-conditoning is free of charge. Cold to the max!

Meeting up with Jo was fantastic though. Been quite a while since I last saw her, and she's still as lovely, still as cranky. Love her to bits.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My elder brother just ORD-ed a few days ago, and he brought home 2 sets of combat rations. I just tasted the green bean and barley dessert and I would say that it's fairly nice! Not too bad for combat rations. In fact, I'm actually slowly savouring the dessert at the moment. Haha.

Pretty crazy to be eating combat rations, but I've always wanted to try how they taste like, so there, I've had my try. Yum!

When the other rations like rice and noodles are open, I'm going to have a taste of everything! But better not consume too much, or I'll have hard stool and have problem moving my bowels (which I'm already having slight problems with, haha).

It's time for yet another round of mapling.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Delta gathering was again another mad outing. There were 9 of us, and as usual, I got bullied by Jay-Jay and Ahmad. 2 years have passed, and they are still such big bullies.

Had dinner at NYDC, and for the first time, we decided on where to eat pretty quickly. I'm super amazed! But prior to that, majority arrived late, punctuality is something they do not have, and I'm bewildered because all of us are CIs, so where have their PICARD gone to?

Imagine yourself arriving at 4pm, and the last person only arrived at 5.30pm. I sat till my ass hurt like mad. -_-

Photo taking with the Christmas tree was not missed out, it's our yearly routine. Every year we would meet up around 16th as it's our anniversary from passing out of CIBTC. And every year, we would take pictures with our beloved Christmas tree outside Paragon. Had loads of fun with this crazy bunch!

Dinner at NYDC - - - - - - - - Our yearly routine

Friday, December 16, 2005

The holidays are finally here! Not really actually, because next week is supposed to be E-learning week, only the week after would be my one week break, but so long as I don't have to go to school, it very much means that the holidays have started for me!

There'll be a class BBQ at the end of December and again, we'd be exchanging gifts among our classmates, and I guess I count myself lucky to have chosen someone who is quite easy to get a gift for. Just go in the direction of her so called "pattern" and I wouldn't go wrong.

There'll be an exchange within my clique of 6 as well. So many presents to buy, so little time. I need to go Christmas shopping soon!

PS: Mango sale is now on! Went down with Val yesterday and I managed to get 2 tops. Val was crazy, she spent 4 times of what I spent, madness. She goes nuts when the word S-A-L-E is in sight. A shopping queen will always be a shopping queen. Haha.

Monday, December 12, 2005

My mother just threatened to not give me any allowance from next month onwards, just because I buy chocolates and candies.

And because I don't exactly use my allowance to eat proper meals, she had to use that as a threat. Then fine, I shall not eat at all, and I'll see what she can do about that. She'll definitely regret threatening me in such manner.

I won't eat and it's because my mother drove me to it.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

The plot of Saw II is really applauding. Just caught it earlier in the evening, and albeit being all bloody and gory, the story line was great.

The twist was good too, comparable to Saw I, but I would say that the shocking factor that came from the twist was better in Saw I.

Even till now, images from the show still flashes through my mind. The brain, the bloody flesh, the charred skin, and more. Okay, enough said, Saw II is a must watch, and who knows, it might actually boost your appetite! Right!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The ice cream depleted pretty fast and now the freezer isn't as packed as on the first day when the whole load of ice cream arrived. My family is getting fatter and I'm not spared as well. Sinful indulgence.

Been feeling very lethargic of late and sleep never seem enough. Have to recuperate over this coming weekend, and get myself ready for Christmas party! I'm so looking forward to Christmas!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

I'm a chocoholic as well as a cookieholic. And now, I've realized that I'm very much in love with Subway's cookies, especially the chocolate one. Chewy and gooey and sweet. Yummy!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

My house just turned into a mini King's ice cream warehouse. No kidding about that. My parents just went to the King's ice cream factory today and bought a whole load of ice cream back. 4 one litre tubs, 50 over drumsticks, 30 lime vanilla ice cream sticks, and 4 packets of mochi ice cream.

To think they actually cleared out the big fridge's freezer compartment and shifted everything to the small fridge's freezer the day before, so this was pre-planned. Upon opening the big fridge's freezer, ice cream is practically spilling out. This is madness. This is way worse than the other time when I mentioned about the ice cream stash. In this case, I can open a "May Anne Ice Cream Mart" and start selling ice cream. Just go figure out the madness of it.

The amount of ice cream seem to be enough to last till over CNY. About 5 months or so or maybe even longer if I don't start eating ice cream 3 meals a day everyday. I can hold an ice cream party! RIGHT!

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