Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Run Events In 2013

24/02 - HK Standard Chartered (10km)
11/05 - Nike She Runs (5km)
31/05 - Sundown (21.1km)
11/08 - Adidas KOTR (16.8km)
25/08 - ST Run In The Park (15km)
03/11 - Nike 10K
10/11 - GE 2013 (21.1km)

Sunday, December 08, 2013


I must be very blessed and have done something very right in my past life to deserve the man I have today.

Christmas came very early for me from the fiancé. My renewal of handphone contract was due in Dec 2013, so I was deciding what phone I should get myself with the renewal. After looking around and testing out various phones, I decided on getting the Samsung Note 3. Before I got down to doing so, the fiancé upgraded his Dad's line and got the phone for me as a Christmas gift.

When he passed me the gift, I was shocked at how heavy it was and I suspected what it was after feeling it. I asked him why he was giving me the gift so early and he replied, "I keep longer also no use mah."

As instructed, I only opened it after he went back home. I gingerly unwrapped it and when I saw the Samsung logo, I said to myself, "This can't be...". I ripped the rest of the wrapper off and lo and behold, it was really what I thought it was! It was supposed to be an Xmas gift I was going to give to myself, but the fiancé was a step quicker.

Always surprising, always loving. I wonder what have I done to deserve a man like him. But I'm more than thankful to have him.

Thank you, love.

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