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Mauritius - 15 Sep 2013 - Yiptongs Met Yiptongs

Second last day in Mauritius, and it was also the day we got to meet relatives from Mauritius, South Africa, and Canada! Quite a number of them planned for a trip back to Mauritius after learning that the Yiptongs from Singapore will be visiting Mauritius in September 2013.

Prior to the lunch meetup with the Yiptongs (of whom 90% I have NEVER met in my entire life), my relatives who hosted us since Day 1 brought us around for some sightseeing.

We went to a place of worship, where many Indians go there to pray and cleanse their souls with the holy water in the lake/river.

 photo 1_zpsae08ed9f.jpg
 photo 2_zps642c912d.jpg
 photo 3_zps95d41d85.jpg

Spotted an old school ice cream and snacks van along the way, and the path that led to the Black River Gorges National Park had small stalls selling touristy items.

 photo 4_zps2177fa9f.jpg
 photo 5_zpsd62f992c.jpg
 photo 6_zps7f9ec998.jpg
 photo 7_zpsb094c5ea.jpg
 photo 7a_zpsc60a1ac0.jpg
 photo 8_zps481061df.jpg
 photo 9_zps33b540ea.jpg

We then proceeded to the Chamarel Waterfall and Coloured Earths.

Chamarel Waterfall (as described on the board)
The waterfall is supplied by river St Denis and Viande Salée, and is more active from December to April with the summer heavy rainfalls and the cyclonic period. It is about 100m high and has 2 different lava flows.

 photo 10_zpse52d5100.jpg
 photo 11_zpsf616cc75.jpg
 photo 12_zps9cc2fdd2.jpg
 photo 13_zps152ccefc.jpg
 photo 14_zps6a244c27.jpg
Oops, K and I are standing on the wrong side of the family.

Coloured Earths (as described on the board)
This natural phenomenon is due to decomposed basalt gullies. The hot and humid climate helps in the decomposition of the basalt into clay. As a result of total hydrolysis, the soluble elements such as silicic acid and cations are washed, leaving a large composition of iron and aluminium which constitute a ferralitic soil.The iron sesquioxydes have a red and anthracite colour, whereas the aluminium sesquioxydes have a blue or purplish colour.

According to my Dad, the place was not blocked off many years ago, when he was a little boy. And he mentioned that my Grandmother told him that no matter how the sand is being mixed up, the colours will go back to the way it was originally. Such a pity they blocked the area, otherwise I would have wanted to try and see it for myself if the sand will really go back to its original state after being mixed.

 photo 15_zps7d70314c.jpg
 photo 16_zps68a1d836.jpg
 photo 17_zps2e44555c.jpg
 photo 19_zpsb244c0fb.jpg
 photo 18_zps2d216e7c.jpg
 photo 20_zpscd0a988c.jpg
 photo 21_zpse7b8d471.jpg
 photo 22_zps5f83e4ad.jpg

After a whole morning of sightseeing, it was finally time for the lunch meeting with the other Yiptongs!

Lunch venue was arranged by our relatives, and I must say that the place was BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Basically, the place was just a single building with a large hall and a lot of outdoor seating, with a gorgeous view. Take a look at Andrea Les Lodges!!!!!

 photo 22a_zps84ca5aa8.jpg
 photo 23_zps6b59b837.jpg
 photo 24_zps449960a2.jpg
 photo 25_zps8564eed4.jpg
 photo 26_zps3705e570.jpg

 photo 26a_zps138364ad.jpg

After a lot of ooh-ing and ahh-ing, and after self-introducing 1000 times to all the various relatives, lunch is finally served! Indian cuisine at its best!

 photo 27_zps27de3625.jpg

We took a walk around the area post-lunch and it was a wonderful hike as the air was cold and fresh. And my eyes feasted on beautiful scenary.

 photo 30_zpsf8d79be4.jpg
 photo 29_zps8d78acc1.jpg
 photo 31_zps54dbae9a.jpg
 photo 36_zpsbde4c571.jpg
 photo 32_zpsa1bfd558.jpg
 photo 33_zps1263d8c1.jpg
 photo 34_zpsa1147317.jpg
 photo 35_zpscc9ef56d.jpg
 photo 28_zpsf54fdce8.jpg
 photo 38_zpsb2803f34.jpg

This is my family, and it is not even 1/4 of all the Yiptongs. And yes, my family is of all sorts of race and different ethnic groups. Yiptongs are cool like that. =p

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Mauritius - 14 Sep 2013 - Catamaran Cruise + Surprise Proposal

As the title says, I got proposed on that very day in Mauritius, on the beautiful St Gabriel Island.

Okay, so my entire family knew that K planned to propose to me in Mauritius, and I must say they were all superb actors and actresses and they did not let anything slip. K nearly foiled his own plan when he forgot to empty his trash can on his laptop. I was using his laptop a couple of days prior to the proposal, to upload pictures onto FB when I accidentally trashed some pictures,so I went to his trash can to restore my items. It was there I chanced upon a trashed video with D's face as the thumbnail and I questioned K about it and obviously he was very evasive about it which made me mad. We had a huge fight and I refused to talk to him for the rest of the day and even the following day. Anyway, only 2 days later then I found out what everything was about, in the sweetest manner ever, at the most unexpected place, unexpected time, and in full view of my entire family.

This day, the planned activity for the whole family was a catamaran cruise which was super shiok because the air was cold but the sun was hot enough to keep us slightly warm.

 photo 1_zps4fbb48d4.jpg
 photo 2_zpsb8c95499.jpg
 photo 3_zps5786df28.jpg
 photo 4_zps60ac7bd8.jpg
 photo 5_zpsf79ca5c5.jpg
 photo 6_zps2e42f21b.jpg
 photo 6a_zps2b032676.jpg
 photo 7_zps843b33f4.jpg
 photo 8_zps64c9d7db.jpg
 photo 9_zps76ff5d84.jpg
 photo 10_zpsf58ee151.jpg

After about 45 minutes, we finally arrived at St Gabriel Island.

 photo 11_zps00989fb7.jpg
 photo 12_zps899c51ad.jpg
What a beauty with such clear waters!

 photo 13_zpsdaaeb332.jpg
 photo 14_zps934bc67a.jpg
Daddy's little girl.

After getting off the catamaran, we had some time to explore the island and just rest on the beach. So the then-boyfriend and I walked around and went for a dip in the clear cool water.

 photo 15_zps99c7801a.jpg

When it was nearly time, we decided to head back to where my Mom and aunt were seated on the beach, waiting for the rest of us. Coincidentally, every one else came back from their venture too, but I suspected nothing at all because it was nearly time to get back onboard the catamaran.

Somehow, with sea sports, I always seem to have a full bladder extremely quickly. So despite relieving myself in the sea (What? Don't judge me, I'm sure you all have done it too!) just half an hour earlier, I felt the sudden urge to go again, so I waddled into the sea and did my thing. When I returned, my Kor Kor suddenly said to me, "Mei Mei come, I show you something."

You know, it is VERY unusual for my elder brother to show us anything unless he finds it very interesting or good to share. So the unsuspecting me took the iPad from him and stuffed the earphones into my ears. (I cannot believe that I did not even recognize the iPad to be K's at that point in time!)

A video started playing, and when the first person came on screen, I exclaimed very loudy to K, "EH THIS IS T! WHY IS HE ON THIS VIDEO? HE BECAME FAMOUS FOR SOMETHING AH?!" At that point in time, I seriously thought it was some soccer spoof video that T made that went viral or something, that even my elder brother caught on and found it interesting enough to share. Reason why I thought it was a soccer spoof video was because the sound was "YES YES YES YES YES", like from those you would hear during a soccer match victory or something.

 photo 16_zps188a1d10.jpg
Please ignore my half amused, half WTF face.

Because EVERYONE knew about this plan, all the "actors" and "actresses" were getting ready their equipment to record the entire process, and K was digging for The Ring. And of course, my Dad already started doing so, hence the birth of this picture.

 photo 17_zps8b0a2b2b.jpg
K and the little black box in his hand. =p

 photo 18_zpsba627f9c.jpg
 photo 19_zps285154f6.jpg
Touched by the words of some.

 photo 20_zps4bc727a3.jpg
 photo 21_zps7b27a9d1.jpg
Can't remember what he said, but must have been damn hilarious.

 photo 22_zps26c69398.jpg
AISEH! Down on 1 knee!

 photo 23_zps71e861da.jpg
From another angle

 photo 24_zpsf8270c96.jpg
The answer is obvious.

 photo 25_zps10c3f47a.jpg
Sealed with a kiss. =)

 photo IMG_7953_zpsfef32321.jpg
Beautifully custom-made by Jann Paul.

Honestly, everything happened so fast that I didn't hear much of what K said as he proposed on a bended knee. I remembered hearing the loud thumping of my heart, and the blood crazily rushing in my head, causing a light buzz to be constantly in my ears and throat. LOL! Excited lah, never get proposed to before mah...

After the whole surprise proposal, we went back onto the catamaran and continued the cruise. There was a BBQ lunch onboard, followed by snorkeling.

 photo IMG_8015_zpsb96d0b23.jpg
 photo IMG_8010_zps1194f659.jpg
 photo IMG_7972_zps46e28a2d.jpg

On the way back to the main island, we spotted a pod of dolphins! The guide onboard told us that it is usually not a common sight for dolphins to be seen in that area. It was indeed our lucky day!

 photo 26_zpsb9dc1e78.jpg
 photo 27_zpsaee38113.jpg
 photo 28_zps362941c8.jpg
 photo 29_zps75696770.jpg
 photo 30_zpsf30f91c6.jpg

At dinner, my Mauritius relatives surprised us with a cake congratulating us on K's successful proposal. Although the words on the cake were not right, but still, so sweet of them!!!

 photo IMG_0757_zps4fbc3534.jpg

And to end this post, here is the proposal video that the now-fiancé made for me.

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