Sunday, October 31, 2010

We All Need A Little Self Pampering III

After contemplating for quite a while now, I finally decided to get my Burberry bag today. Settled my bank investment stuff in town and met up with Dil after that to get my bag.

Not ready to use the bag yet, hence the plastic!

This wasn't what I initially wanted but when I saw this, I love it much more than my initial selection. No more shopping for a while now!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

PHS Homecoming

Today was Presbyterian High School's Homecoming, and my usual clique arranged to go back to our Alma Mater for a visit.

Class of 2002 2005

WQ was in constant denial of our graduating year and insisted that we graduated in 2005, so 2005 it shall be!

We left after lunch and 4 of us went to Serangoon Garden for dessert. Settled for Arbite which was a quaint little cafe that served decently priced and awesome tasting desserts!

11 years of friendship. I love you guys!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Melbourne - 14 July 2010

Seriously, in future I need to blog about events as soon as possible because when I procrastinate as long as 3 months to do updates, I cannot remember the sequence of events or what really happened back then. Sure, pictures may help, but still...

So anyway, NJ4 and I spent our 41st month together in Melbourne! We spent the early afternoon walking in the chilly weather of Melbourne, in search of a Thai restaurant that NJ4's brother recommended.

Oooh! Everything was noms!!!

After brunch, we took the tram to somewhere I forgot, where we window-shopped. Because the weather was so much colder as compared to Sydney, I wasn't too keen to walk that much, so we settled down for hot chocolate and cake. =X

After teabreak and more walking around, we took the tram to Docklands. Apparently, NJ4's brother highly recommended the place, but after we alighted from the tram, we felt like we were lost in some ghost town! It was raining that night, and so the air was extremely cold. With leggings, 2 jackets and a thick scarf, I was still chattering like crazy. It didn't help that the rain made my boots soaking wet.=(

Half an hour after we attempted to find the "very nice place" that NJ4's brother mentioned, we gave up and NJ4 made an SOS call back to Singapore. And when the instructions given were a) not clear enough, b) too hard to follow/locate, we gave up trying to find the "very nice place" and darted into an Italian restaurant for dinner and warmth.

So there, that was our 41st month celebration for the whole day in Melbourne.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Melbourne - Great Ocean Road (13 July)

We spent Day 2 in Melbourne on a booked trip to Great Ocean Road. A pity it started pouring midway. So with damp hair and soggy footwear, we tried our best to enjoy the trip. Didn't help one bit that I was wearing super thick socks and boots and they were so squishy by the end of the entire trip. GAHHH!

So after a long coach ride, it was time for lunch and we walked around for some self-musings thereafter.

The beauty of nature!!!

And the Great Ocean Road trip continued...

The sky started to turn dark as the coach made its way back to the mainland of Melbourne. We went back to our hotel, changed out of our squishy footwear and went for dinner at Chinatown, which was merely walking distance!

Hot wonton soup on a cold cold night, super comforting!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Melbourne - 12 July 2010

I am finally posting on my first day in Melbourne! =p

Hello Grand Mercure!

Right after we checked in and dumped our baggage, we went for food, followed by some sight-seeing.

Mee Kong - AWESOME Vietnamese cuisine!

Horse carriage!

We needed something to fuel us for a greater journey (yeah right), so we loaded ourselves with some carbs!

Sodium overload! But it served its purpose as fuel. Lord of The Fries reminded me of my Secondary 3 Literature book, Lord of the Flies. LOL!

State Library of Victoria

We ended our night with a movie. The cost of 1 movie ticket in Australia can get you 2 tickets in Singapore. After that night, I have learned to shut up about the rising prices of Singapore's movie tickets. =p

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Initially, it was the various similarities between that person's new blog layout and mine. And then slowly, the items desired become uncannily akin to mine. For a very long time, I've kept my cool about it, and even attributed it to being just coincidental.

But this time, the exact opening phrase was copied. The exact 7 words that I used to start off my post were replicated. And I am so damn annoyed because it is something very close to my heart.

Seriously, stop it.

//Edited on 17 Oct 2010, 5.42pm
So, amendments were made to that blog. The list of desired items changed. The replicated post was amended so that from 7 words, it became 6. And the entire chunk of labels were removed. So much effort put in to change so many things, just so that the blog now looks not so much like mine. Hmm. Guilty max.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sydney - Hunter Valley (11 July 2010)

When 11 people decided to go to Hunter Valley together, a monster vehicle had to be rented, alongside with a car owned by someone-who-told-me-not-to-mention-about-this-ownership and his housemate.

The rented 7-seater with the owned car

SC's "kid" and NJ4's "kid" went along too!

First stop was to Tempus Two, where I got a bottle of dessert wine that tasted so very good I just could not resist.

Blue Cheese is love!

Hugeass block of chocolate!!!


4 couples in the air!

And this, is the 11 of us.

call me tiger