Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Place To Call My Own, Not Too Far From Home.

Back in September 2012, the boyfriend and I balloted for the AMK project. Due to some silly oversight, we missed the application for the 'live near parents scheme', also known as the Married Child Priority Scheme. Hence, we only had 2 ballot chances.

When we got our queue number about a month later, my heart sank: 781 out of 619 available units. In order for us to have a few semi-good units to choose from, we needed at least 200 couples ahead of us to give up.

Selection of units for September BTO started in November, and our appointment was scheduled for 16 January 2013, 5.45pm. The wait was extremely agonizing. January came, and I was religiously stalking the HDB website, looking at the number of units left, as well as which floors were available.

2 days prior to our appointment date, I saw hope, as there was still 1 unit each on level 14, 11, 10, 9, 8 and 7. As fast as I saw hope, the lights on 14 and 11 went out.

On the day of our appointment, level 10, 9 and 8 got snapped up so quickly that I really lost all hope. In all honesty, I felt very dejected. I kept hoping that level 7 would wait for us and be ours.

Went to HDB Hub for our long awaited appointment, and to my surprise, 7 was there for us, waiting. However, after looking at the model and with my Dad's very wise train of thoughts and suggestions, we let 7 slip by us, and took a unit on level 6 at the other block which will have less blockage from existing public housing. In addition, we will probably have fresher air at this unit in future as it is next to the neighbourhood park.

Home =)

You may not have a majestic exterior in terms of height, but I'll see that you'll look pretty on the inside for sure. I'll see you in 5 years' time, my little Home. =)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Love

This year is the second year I celebrated the boyfriend's birthday with him, and this year, I put in more effort in finding a nice venue for his birthday treat.

While doing some research online, I chanced upon Zero.Zero, and found that it was the sister company of Tao's and Dozo. Having dined at Tao's before and enjoyed the food a lot, I decided that Zero.Zero would definitely match up and be a notch better than Tao's since the selection of food offered at Zero.Zero is a notch above Tao's, a.k.a more atas.

Instantly, I made a reservation stating the date, time and occasion. The reply I received from the management impressed me, as a midst the confirmation, this was included, "For the birthday arrangement, we will provide a complementary cake with candle for him =)". Seriously, I was already sold even before trying them out.

The whole week I was so excited for the dinner and I kept telling the boyfriend that I hope he would enjoy this year's meal much much more than last year's.

I'm glad to say Zero.Zero delivered!

We started dinner with a glass of Moscato each. Yummy~

The ordering system works as such: Dinner is a 5 course meal. Other than the starter course, under each course there are a few items, and we are to select one dish from each course.

Amuse Bouche: Assorted Platter

Cold Dish (both): Smoked Duck Breast with Apple Slice

We chose the same cold dish, and boy was this a fantastic choice! The smoked duck was crazily tender and flavourful, and when paired together with the apple slices and apple sauce, it was so so so good that I wished I had another portion of that stuff!

Side Dish (his): Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab

Side Dish (mine): Grilled Escargot with Cheese

The soft shell crab was okay but nothing to shout about. The escargot on the other hand, was pretty interesting and tasted mighty awesome and also, that was our first time eating snails.

Main Course (his): Pork Collar on Houba Leaf with Lava Stone

Main Course (mine): Beef Rib Eye on Houba leaf with Lava Stone

Both our main courses were well executed. Up to this stage, there was honestly nothing to complain about the taste of the food as well as the presentation. Although the pork collar was good, we both agreed that the beef rib eye was the winner. Freaking tender and tasty even without having to dip into the sauce provided.

And then came the last course of our meal. Desserts...

Dessert (his): Mille Feuille

Dessert (mine): Pomelo Orange and Mango Pannacotta

At this point in time, I was stuffed and to stomach anything more was really pushing it. But the desserts were great too, and I couldn't help it! =/

The complimentary chocolate brownie from Zero.Zero for the birthday boy!

Happy birthday, Love. I hope you enjoyed dinner this year, and put the birthday present into good use soon. =)

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Tribute To PoPo

My Grandmother was a great mother to her 5 sons, and a fantastic grandmother to her 10 grandchildren. She was a lady who puts everyone before herself, especially when it comes to feeding us.

I will always remember the months when Dada and herself stayed with us, and I shared my room with her.

I will always remember how worried I felt whenever I crawled into bed for fear of waking her up.

I will always remember the sound of her soft snores as she slept soundly beside me.

Not everybody has the chance to share a room (much less a bed) with their grandparents, so I am very glad that I had that opportunity.

On 21 December 2012, Popo was called home to be with The Lord, to be with Dada and also to be with her eldest son for eternity. To be honest, I am happy for her that she no longer has to suffer. The way she gasped for every single breath of air in her last couple of days was too painful to watch.

For families and friends who are interested, I will roll the pictures and videos from here on.

With my Mauritius granduncle and grandaunts

The entire family.

Final Service


Service at Mandai Crematorium

Cremation - Goodbye Popo ='(

After the emotional cremation of Popo, we dropped by Dada's niche to let him know that Popo is already with him, and that her remains will be placed with him the following day.

We went back to Mandai the next day to collect the remains of Popo, and like Dada's time, each of us took a piece of Popo and placed it in the urn.

At the niche, Dada's urn was taken out to place Popo's in first. For easy identification, their names were written on their respective urns.

Sealed together, for eternity.

Rest in peace, Dada and Popo.

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