Sunday, August 31, 2008

In celebration of his 21st birthday, I brought my love out for dinner today, just the two of us. =)

The original place I wanted to bring him for dinner was closed for some minor facelift on 31st August, 7pm onwards. I was hopping mad when I saw the notice, GAHHH! Thankfully, I had a backup plan, so we headed there which was about 15 minutes walk away.

Complimentary bread with dip
Insalata Avocado Casonsei Boscaiola

Everything above was lovingly shared between the two of us, heh! Happy birthday once again darling!

My Prince turns 21 today, and knowing he had no intentions of throwing a birthday party, I planned a mini Delta gathering to celebrate his 21st for him last night.

It was meant to be a surprise party for him, but he wasn't really THAT surprised because time factor screwed my little surprise for him. =( Nevermind that, so long he had fun, it's all that matters. =D

Delta had something planned on their own, which surprised me as well! When we arrived at CoffeClub@Somerset, they told us that they've already placed orders so it's only us left to make our orders.

So my love opened the menu, and to his (and mine as well) surprise, there was a lovely card slotted in between the menu.

Apparently, Delta told him that the balloon was all they got for him, and he said it was okay, but knowing this bunch of people who can come up with the wackiest ideas ever, there was more to just the card surprise.

While awaiting for the arrival of our food, a "whispering game" started going around as evidenced in the following pictures:

Ah, so that was what the "whispering game" was all about! And my love was smiling grinning so much like the character on the shirt!

And then our food came, and they all tucked in happily and hungrily into the following food feast:

And these are the lovelies who made everything possible, thank you darlings! I really really really appreciate it a lot! =D

After dinner, we went shopping, or rather, the guys tagged along while we girls shopped! And Delta, always being full of nonsense and weird antics, did the following lame-but-freaking-hilarious things:

Aslam & Boy Ros, Em & Boy
Funny face Ros Funny face Em

You people are my bundle of happiness. Definitely a bunch of friends that are keepers. =) I heart you people so much. 5 years and counting!

And of course, not forgetting my gift to him, which was so darn difficult to get because his size was sold out in every Adidas boutique. It was by chance that we entered LeftFoot while shopping around with Delta, and they had his size! =D

I hope you enjoyed everything that was planned out for you, Prince. Once again, Happy 21st Birthday! MWAHHH!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's only Tuesday, but I was missing NJ4, so I dropped him a text message, and the following messages were exchanged:

"Book out for me?"
"Shit, why must you ask? I was suppose to give you a surprise pick up at work later zzz, forget everything now!"
"Forget what thing? That you just told me something?"
"I got tell you something meh? Nooo... You see wrongly already"


Double ^_^ because I just got my first pay cheque! But I can only bank it in on 31st. Such a long wait! GAHHH!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

With my first official pay day nearing, I sinned without planning to.

Now I have a pretty orange cutlery set that's all mine! I love how the chopsticks-cum-foodpricks have been integrated into one, super innovative! And I love how each item has this ultra cute smiley on them.

Hello orange bikini! That little bit of pink element is still acceptable however much I dislike pink. I closed one eye for the sake of the orange parts, lol!

My other buys were all food stuff, damn!

And then, we went to catch the fireworks. For this, pictures without words is the best way to bring out the beauty of everything, so enjoy the pretty pictures!


The pink fireworks in the last picture looks a lot like a heart. I'm not sure if it's just my imagination, but whatever the case, it's awesome!

With that, I enjoyed myself with my prince.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just got out of the Doctor's office, and those who understands the nature of my company would know why there is a Doctor in the office.

Anyway, it was a mandatory staff medical check up, and because the doctor's weighing machine was missing, I managed to bump my weight up by 2kg! As usual, I got nagged at regarding my BMI, and I cannot imagine what would have happened if I told him my actual weight.

Like all the other doctors, I was told to cough with care after learning about my history of Pneumothorax. I'm still trying to master the art of coughing gently. Not easy okay! LOL!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Over the weekend, NJ4 insisted on bringing me to Mustafa so that I can stock up on my food supplies (a.k.a my meals). Rows and rows of sinful indulgence made my head spin, but when I saw this orange box, I stopped dead in my tracks.

Fascinated, I scrutinised the box and when I saw "creamy choco peanut filling", I was so damn reluctant to let the box go.

What thrilled me even more was that when I got home and opened the box, the internal packaging was orange too! =D SO PRETTY!

Taste wise, I wasn't impressed, because the peanut flavour was so mild to the extent of being almost non-existent.

And only after finishing everything, then I learned something that I did not know my whole life, that I was living in Indonesia all this while.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy 18th month to us. =) He purposely book out just to bring me out for a simple celebratory dinner. And because it wasn't really a planned decision, I did the thinking of where we should go for dinner.

I've always wanted to give Little Part I Cafe a try since ages ago, and today I did. The cafe is tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood along Upper Thomson Road, just right beside Thomson Plaza, and I'm sure it's not difficult to spot the place.

With an extremely homely interior, it's a great place to just spend some quiet quality time with your loved one(s). In addition, they serve delicious and healthy food at very affordable prices!

The very pretty and homely interior.

Menu Ice water Green Tea Ice Blended
L - R: Menu; Ice water in a pretty jug; Special Green Tea Blended

And then, here comes our food after about 15 - 20 minutes wait...

His: Little's Chicken Schnitzel

Mine: Salmon Crepe

Both dishes were nicely executed in terms of visual and taste aspects! Thumbs and toes up! Even their paper napkins are so adorable:

Thank you baby, for driving all the way out from Sungei Gedong just to have a simple but much appreciated dinner with me.

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