Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today I met up with my fellow ex-NPCC-Area3-WCI to pass her some stuff. Despite not communicating much when we were colleagues back then, and despite not having seen each other for at least 4 years, this girl was such a sweetie pie.

She bought me a bun from Crystal Jade bakery and told me that I'll definitely like it a lot.

Sweet Corn Custard Bun

I loved the bun very much! It's a pity that the custard filling was a tad too thin. They could have been a little more generous with the filling, which would definitely make this bun score higher points!

I'm unsure if she'll ever read this, but thank you so much for the lovely bun, HuiQin! =)

And tomorrow is my follow-up with my Surgeon, Dr Aneez. Boy, I can't wait to see him!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I have always enjoyed spending time with my parents, and of late, I'm blessed to have the luxury to do so more often than before.

Friday saw my parents and I at Iluma's Manhattan Fish Market and it is awesome to spend such meal times with my parents.

So between the 3 of us, we shared a stomach exploding dinner which consisted of the following:

Spicy Fish & Chips

Original Fish & Chips


Then, because Mom had shaky hands complained that my camera is lousy, the few pictures she took of Dad and I turned out blur, and the best of the lot is this:

♥ Daddykins!

No picture with Mom because she seemed too hungry to take a nice picture of Dad and I (LOL) and didn't seem too keen on taking a picture with me/us. =(

Dad took this picture, and yup, because I'm greedy like that. Hah.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First day back at work after being on hospitalisation medical leave for 3 whole weeks was chaotic. Quite a few loose ends that I had to tie up which frustrated me a little , yet at the same time I was happy to finally have things to occupy me with.

Sadly, I was in constant pain. Bad lung. Tsk. And it didn't help that I have an external spot on my ribs that feels extremely bruised. Lesson learnt: No wearing of bras for the next week or so, until I see my surgeon for my follow-up. Bikinis to the rescue!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shinyu is back from her Korea trip and the girls and I went over to her place earlier to collect the items we "ordered".

BB Cream

The only item I had in mind when I placed my "order" with Shinyu was a bottle of BB cream. But the amazing girl went crazy over cosmetic products and bought back a whole load more stuffs than we asked. And I ended up buying this:

Sleeping Pack

This is essentially an overnight moisturizing and hydrating cream which acts like a mask. Because I have horrible dry areas on my face, this will do me some good!

And then, I went on getting this oh-so-adorable t-shirt:

Our "sales girl" gave out freebies to the 3 of us too! And I must say that they are damn awesome stuff, look:

Thank you babe, for helping us to get the stuffs we "ordered", and thank you for all the freebies too!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ever since my damn problem was openly made known to them, it has bonded me closer to him but caused a strain between me and her once in awhile. And it hurts so bad that my chest physically feels the pain.

At times like this, I feel I cause too much pain to the people around me and it makes me feel that I am better off dead.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Edited: Just did a stock check and realised I have a massive stash of bars, oh my goodness! Although the expiry is still a good 6-9 months away, I should let go of some, should there be any interested parties. And I'm guilty to say that I have yet another massive batch on its way. Any takers? LOL!

- Larabar Pecan Pie
- Clif Luna White Chocolate Macadamia
- Clif Luna Toasted Nuts 'n Cranberry

Another order collected today. =) Luna White Chocolate Macadamia was so good that I just had to get another box. As for Luna Toasted Nuts 'n Cranberry, it was the very first flavour of Luna I tasted and I loved it a lot, so I decided to get a box of it once again.

And Pecan Pie Larabar has always been a flavour I wanted to try. Now, my curiosity can be satisfied. =)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh my goodness! Look what just came to me, hand-delivered right to my doorstep at 12.35am?!

Snacks from Hong Kong!

Mango Pudding Flavoured Collon

Shark's Fin Flavoured Pretz

Dark Snickers - I love dark chocolates!

Walnut Tart - I had trouble reading the Chinese words, but got it translated by Dor, thanks love!

My ex, who is now one of my closest and most nonsensical buddy, just touched down from Hong Kong, and after checking with me that I am still awake, made a slight detour to pass these goodies to me before heading home. RenJie, thank you for the sweet and savoury snacks! =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My appointment at TTSH with that doctor went pretty well. It is a small world because she is my primary school mate's sister. Not that I knew her before that, but because she had to do some "history digging", therefore that knowledge came to light. I got a referral to LC and my 1st appointment there will be in 2 weeks' time. We shall see how things go from there. =)

Before the appointment, my parents and I went for Indian food! In the past, I would have panicked and gone into a frenzy, but over the years, I have evolved into many different stages and I learnt to let go and be more receptive. And I'm glad that I have come this far and am able to enjoy what I like.

Indulging once in a while have not killed me and will not kill me. That is a powerful fact that I have managed to embed in my head. =)

And Mom bought me a gem!

Organic Black Sesame Butter

If this is nice, I will go back and get myself the Almond Butter! =)

Anyway, I have gotten all my stitches removed, and it was one hell of a painful experience. The nurse tugged at the knobs mercilessly and I was so afraid that she would snip my flesh as she was cutting the threads loose. =X

Chest tube wound.

Side breast wound.

Back wound.

Judging from the scar on my back, I'm expecting the other 2 scars to heal as nicely! If that is the case, then all my worries will be for naught and I will be one very happy girl! Less the soreness from my stitches, the surgical cut on my back is almost non-evident!

I'm so looking forward for the scabs of the other 2 cuts to fall off, and I'm praying that they will turn out like the one on my back, or better! =) It has been a good day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today is the day I get my stitches removed. Today is the day I get to see how bad the damage is. Today is the day that I will regret putting myself through that painful surgery and having to live with the fugly scars for life. Today, is the day.

Edited @ 12.45pm:

No, I haven't had my stitches removed due to a few factors thrown together, but will be doing so tomorrow. So tomorrow is the day I have to go down to TTSH for an appointment with that doctor, and tomorrow is the day I will probably hate my body even more. =(

Friday, September 11, 2009

It has been a week post-operation, and I'm feeling and breathing way easier than I did on the day I got discharged. But the pain is still there, about 30% or so.

Strangely, the entire section of my right ribcage feels numb. Not completely numb, but there is an obvious decrease in sensation in that region. I cannot wait to see my surgeon/specialist for my follow-up, for this is worrying me quite a fair bit. =(

Staying at home the past week has been a bore, and I still have 1.5 weeks to go before I can get back into action at work. I cannot go anywhere, because I cannot wear a bra as the bra band sits exactly over my wound where the chest tube was inserted.

I feel like a prisoner of my own wounds. ACKS!

Monday, September 07, 2009

- Clif Luna White Chocolate Macadamia
- Clif Luna Peanut Butter Cookie
- Clif Luna Chocolate Nut Brownie
- Clif Luna Nutz Over Chocolate
- Larabar Cashew Cookie
- Larabar Cinnamon Rol

After waiting for nearly 2 months, my bars have finally arrived! =) What a good way to cheer myself up after a painful operation. Heh!

Saturday, September 05, 2009


My Pneumothorax surgery was a success, but it was and still is a painful and torturous journey to go through.

When I was warded on 2nd September, I was still able to be my usual cranky self, and I even brought my laptop and stuffed toys along to keep me company.


So, 12am came and I had to start my fast. The following day when I was wheeled into the operating theatre, the last thing I remembered before knocking out was of my surgeon teasing me about me definitely not being afraid of this operation since I bungee jumped before. And also of the pretty Anesthetist who told me to breathe slowly and go to sleep when I felt like it.

I was woken up after the whole procedure, which I immediately asked for my handphone, and after messaging my parents that I'm out of the OT, I concussed again. My Mom later told me that upon seeing me, they immediately regretted sending me for the operation, because from a bubbly person, I became like a pale dead log.

When I was still recovering from the after effects of the anesthesia, Daddykins snapped away at my chest tube canister which was sucking all the excess air and fluids out of my lung.

So, there you see in my hand, was a self-administering morphine gadget which I was told to press when the pain became unbearable. It is amazing how I kept drifting in and out of sleep and was still able to catch on all the important information that I was suppose to absorb.

In my semi-conscious state, I knew the delivery man came and went, and look what pretty things got delivered to me!

From my elder brother and sis-in-law, younger brother and girlfriend.

From NJ4 who's in Australia, somehow liaised with my Mom to send this order to me.

From my company, Home Nursing Foundation.

Because I just got out of surgery and was in such great pain, I happily self-administered morphine throughout the night, which I bear the brunt of the side-effects the following day. One mouth of breakfast sent me regurgitating more than what I consumed. Lunch was a torture to keep it in, and dinner was yet another challenge but I was feeling way better by then already. It's a good thing the IV fluids were giving me just sufficient energy to get by.

So, I was throwing up air over and over again, when yet another bundle of joy was delivered to make my day. =)

From my loveliest girlfriends and their boyfriends.

From my cousin, Dione.

My cousin wanted to visit me but the security guard was being an ass saying that visiting hours are over, so my Mom had to go down to receive her love for me. =)

The other visitors I had were:

RenJie, thanks for the magazine and 'Up' DVD.

Eric, thanks for the lovely sunflower.

And of course, today was a good day, because it was my discharge day! Before everything got removed, Dad took pictures of my wounds yesterday, just for memories sake (not like the scars are not enough of a memory, but you get the idea).

Close up of the hole where I had the chest tube in me.

My 3rd incision is rather near my breast, so no pictures taken for that. So there you have it, 3 scars for life. Sigh.

And because I felt much better as compared to the day I got wheeled out of the OT, Daddykins told me to pose one for the camera although I looked like crap.

And just a while after my chest tube got removed from me and I was more mobile, I had another 2 visitors. =)

Doreen, thank you for the lily, and thank you for the "shampoo". =)

HongBin, thank you for attempting to fatten me up so soon, knowing that my appetite have been totally crappy the last few days. =)

Last but not least, thank you Mom, for staying with me throughout the night after my surgery, and thank you Dad, for making countless trips down to the hospital and taking emergency leaves despite your busy work schedule. Thank you Kor Kor and Da Sao for helping me clear my "garden" today! =)

Just before I left, a senior nurse said, "It's a good thing you're being discharged today, otherwise this corner will turn into a garden very soon!" I can't help but smile and agree. Thank you all. =)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tomorrow is 2nd September, which means I will be warded tomorrow, and I totally did not realise it until I was setting a calendar reminder on my handphone while I was on the way back home from work earlier.

I have no idea why all these while, I thought that the 2nd was Thursday. So thinking that I still had 1 more day to go, I have yet to hand over my work to my colleague. And because of my blunder, I have to go in to office tomorrow morning just to hand over my work.

Why didn't anyone correct me when I kept saying that I'll be admitted into the hospital on 2nd September, Thursday??? Damn, I need to start packing, pronto!

call me tiger