Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Nokia 7200 will be the death of me! As of now, the keypad is able to work already, but I still cannot unlock my phone. Why? Because I have this security setting I set in the past, and when I enter the security code (the one that I created), it states error.

I've tried all sorts of combinations, but to no avail. I think the internal system is screwed.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Just saw my younger brother on the news. His final year project was that they designed a software that's able to detect cataract easily. All you have to do is capture a close-up picture of your eye, then enter that picture into that software designed by them, and viola! You can get the answer of whether or not you have cataract.

If I remembered correctly, his team won Champion. Well done bro!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Yesterday's meetup with the girls was an extremely fat overloaded one. Again, it was 7 short of 1. But the main people were present, so it was more than enough.

We went for steamboat buffet at Ting Yuan (Bugis) and believe it or not, the 6 of us sat and ate for 3 hours continuously! The staff there must have been praying real hard that we vacate soon, because the amount we ate was really very shocking. Especially Shinyu, the biggest eater I've seen so far for a small-framed girl like her.

After that, the other 2 left and the usual 4 of us trooped down to Wine Network in Valene's chick Peugeot convertible. Pretty driver, cool ride, what a combination!

Dessert wine was great, especially after such a hearty dinner. Hitched a ride home with my younger brother after he knocked off.

Today was crazy, had revision lesson from 10 - 5pm. Same for tomorrow. First time I'm going to school for lessons on a Sunday. -_-"

I need my sleep badly, hardly got any sleep last night. Right, I'm off to watch Lost 2 (yes yes I know I'm slow, but I'm taking my time ok).

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

In loving memory of my Nokia 7200 (27 June 2004 - 21 March 2007).

Ok, my phone is not dead dead yet, more like in a coma state. After a tanning session and my poor phone decided that it has lived enough. Currently, I'm unable to have any access to the keypad, they refuse to work. That said, I can't unlock my phone for nuts, so the entire phone is as good as gone.

I've tried cleaning the keypad, knocking the phone gently, then with a little more force. No, it still refuses to work. DAMN! The phone that I so painstakingly won, and now it's dead. Let's hope that a miracle would happen and the keypad would miraculously work again.

Monday, March 19, 2007

NJ4 is so cute. He said, "You can blog me, but don't block me." =)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hey boy, thank you for being around for the past 7 years. Really very glad that although we've been through so much, we were still able to sustain this friendship. Means alot to me, really.

You've stuck by me through good and bad times, encouraged me and given me some form of light when I thought all was lost for good. For your case, I've nagged you quite a bit, but very happy to see that you do heed my advice too.

Although we have not met up properly for a damn long time, you're still always standing up for me and protecting me. I guess that's the true meaning of best buds, not always contacting, but always around when the other needs it. Thank you, and I mean it.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Music and Lyrics is a good show. A very aww-so-sweet, but not too sappy kind of show. One thing I like about the show was all the singing. I just have this soft spot for musicals. Heh.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rina's 21st birthday party was a smashing one! Her parents allowed guests to doodle on the wall in the living room, writing all our birthday wishes to her. And apparently they are going to leave it there for her kids to see in future! Fantastic idea!

The little birthday girl was just like a little princess yesterday, a rather busy one. Getting to see the others was nice as well.

Oh, thanks for that heart you made using the confetti paper. (=

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wine Network is really a good chillout place. Ambience is fabulous, and of course, being able to get staff price via my younger brother is an added bonus.

In total, 8 of us were there, age ranging frm 18 - 25. Good wine, good crapping session, good lame games played. Black Magic made my younger brother go nuts, and I was quite sure that he wanted to skin himself after getting the "magic". Haha! Silly bro.

Letters from Iwo Jima, coupled with the company, was very good. 3 days is a long wait! Hurry back home! And I love this mug alot. =)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

From the time I woke up till now, I've only had a glass of milk. And earlier on MSN, I was telling him that I feel like eating this certain cupcake by Sunshine. A "haha" followed by a "i brb" led to a phone call 3 minutes ago asking where on earth can that cupcake be found.

Thanks for the effort, and I was starting to wonder why your "i brb" was taking so extremely long. Heh.
I love my girls! Finally got to meet up with them after soooooooo long! Think the last time I saw them was since my birthday party last year? (except for Val).

The Village at Heeren serves the exact same food as the old Marche. Just a change in name, totally -_-.

Went down to SRC and MingJie joined us. He's still as talkative and crappy as ever. He drove us all in to Sentosa and we chilled out there for awhile, it was good. Nice catching up with the girls and with the addition of Val's boyfriend.

Going to see them again in a week's time! I can't wait!!!

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