Sunday, May 05, 2013

Second Anniversary

On the 1st of May, the Boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. 2 years isn't long, but it isn't short either, but even after 2 years, the Boyfriend still loves me the same, or even more.

On the eve of our Anniversary, we met up for a short while because he had something to pass to me. When we met, he presented me with a sweet polka dot box and instructed me with: This is to be opened only at 12am, no earlier than that!

 photo IMG_5871-1_zps2eba43b2.jpg

12am finally came, and a text came from the boyfriend to remind me to open the box!

 photo IMG_5886_zpsa8fa0d9d.jpg

It was a box filled with many essential goodies! A spanking new Nike GPS watch, 3 pairs of Nike socks, 1 pair of orange Nike shorts in my favourite colour, and a smartphone waterproof soft case! Totally love all the new running gears, especially the new toy - the GPS watch!

Thank you, Boyfriend. =') I love all the items in the box!

On the day of our second anniversary, I was brought to a secret dining location. Perched right at the top of ION was Salt Grill & Sky Bar by Luke Mangnan, and that was the venue of our dinner.

 photo IMG_4382_zpsb43defdb.jpg
 photo IMG_4386_zpsa0124575.jpg
 photo IMG_4390_zps3c490b09.jpg
 photo IMG_4391_zpsb9bde9ee.jpg
 photo IMG_4399_zpsdb0fed1e.jpg

We decided to go with the Mains to Share - Fish, which came with 2 sides which we took the roast pumpkin and truffle fries. And because the big boy love scallops and had read good reviews on the scallop dish, he added that as a side order, together with a pear cider.

 photo IMG_4388_zpsaf848e82.jpg
 photo IMG_4383_zps4b82e3e6.jpg
 photo IMG_4396_zpsfaf7e84e.jpg
Pan Seared Scallops, Cauliflower, Dried Serrano Ham

Needless to say, the boyfriend loved this dish! I especially liked the little rounds of cauliflower that was in the dish because it was super crunchy and has a unique flavour to it, and it was super delicious!

 photo IMG_4397_zpseac3994c.jpg
Roast Pumpkin, Goats Feta, Dukkah, Curry Dressing

I have no idea how this dish was done, but it was perfectly executed! The pumpkin was sweet and soft yet had a crunch to it. And the way the curry flavour was infused into the pumpkin was so good that every piece of pumpkin was beautifully coated. Add on the goat's cheese, ooh-laa-laa!

 photo IMG_4403_zps7c3d2e21.jpg
Truffle Oil and Parmesan French Fries

The fries were okay, nothing to shout about.

 photo IMG_4405_zps22dd13b7.jpg

YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY fish cooked to perfection! Crispy skin, thick, juicy and very soft fish meat, coupled with a uniquely flavoured vegetable side consisting of bok choy and mushrooms. Seriously, nothing more to say but: GO TRY IT YOURSELF!

Happy Second, Baby! Thank you for all the practical gifts, and thank you for the wonderful dining experience. =)))

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Massive Boil!

I don't know how, and I don't know why something that started off as a little skin irritation, to a little pimple, could grow into something so massive and so scary looking.

I may have been bitten by something during my sleep, or maybe it's just that I have too much toxins in my body. Whatever it is, this is the scariest boil I've ever had! Just within a matter of a few days, the little dot grew into a huge hole with pus and blood threatening to ooze out.

Yesterday was the day my condition took a turn. The boil was ripe enough for the pus to be easily squeezed out. And today, the bump has subsided quite a lot, and it isn't as scarily protruding as it looked the last few days. Seriously, when my bump was at its peak, it looked like I was about to grow a horn, or creepy crawlies would start emerging from the hole.

So painful, so ugly, so scary.

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