Friday, August 31, 2007

The 5 months wait for my TP test is shortened to 3 months. =)

If it wasn't for that one last assessment I have to attend on Monday, I could have clinched the rare dates of either 7 or 11 September. Hope there will be more cancellations by others in September.
Happy birthday darling! =)

It's a pity that my boy has to spend his birthday stuck in camp, and to make things worse, he'll only be booking out on Saturday night. What happened to the usual Saturday afternoon? Bummer.

Doesn't really matter anyway. I've got Saturday night all planned out. Just for you. =)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Today was by far the best trip down to SSDC, because I had him with me. That lucky boy will only be booking in later tonight, so he accompanied me to my driving lesson.

I'm so blessed to have him there to wait out that one hour plus with me after my lesson for my Final Theory Test. Booked for my TP test, and it's an agonizing 5 months long wait.

The "Little Terror" will be patient. =)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'll be going on a little vacation a week after school starts. It's so ironic because I had 3 whole months of holiday yet I'm only going away during school term.

Over last weekend, my boy booked a pretty room at Rasa Sentosa. 3 days 2 nights, yay! And no, I won't be missing school at all for I do not have lessons on Mondays.

He's the sweetest thing on earth, my sweetest drug. =) I love Unicurd soy dessert, but I love you more.

I drove his Mom's BMW today, LOL.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

While having my driving lesson earlier today, I spotted an unusual sight. Then I told my instructor about it and the following happened:

Him: Hmm, nice arh. But maybe it's an indication of how big the hole in the Ozone layer is now.
Him: No, maybe UFO!
Me: *crack up with laughter* It's the end of the world already.
Him: *started bobbing up and down around the car, stretching sideways to get a good view like a kid*

After that, whenever I bring the car to a halt, the two of us would start looking out and up of the windscreen to view that awesome sight.

Him: People from outside and from other cars will think why this instructor and trainee keep staring up into the sky. They might think we're mad.

Just take a look at this beauty:

Pretty, no? It's like there was a circular rainbow around the sun. Just that it wasn't and couldn't be a rainbow. Rainbows do not circle the sun in that manner. It was a perfect circle, with the sun smacked right in the middle of it. Like how when light is refracted or reflected in a certain manner, you get such "rainbow" effect. Very very very pretty.

When I drove the car back into the driving school, my instructor happily wound his window down and started telling the other instructors that there's a "rainbow" in the sky. After lesson was over, I couldn't care less and stood right in the midst of all the school cars and snapped pictures of that pretty thing.

What a sight.
A couple of days ago, I casually asked my Mom (without expecting any positive outcome) if she would grant me a supplementary card, and she merely smiled (which I could positively tell that she was considering).

Today, she asked under which bank would I prefer. I told her I was fine with any, so she suggested Citibank. =) Hopefully my Mom would get the forms soon, so I'd be able to be a Citibank Platinum sup card holder in no time. Woot!

Monday, August 20, 2007

He was so mean that he couldn't even wait for a mere 3 minutes. And it wasn't like there was no one in the vehicle. Crap.

Because of him, I got slightly pissy with my boy. I'm sorry.

In future, our Sundays should be spent in a relaxed manner, and not having to rush here and there just to get all our little errands done.

From hereon, Saturdays will be for us to fly around our little city and Sundays we'll just take it slowly and enjoy the last few hours we have left before you get shipped back to the other land.

Crap, the picture is doing a damn fantastic job at pissing the shit out of me. -_-

Anyway, happy 25th birthday to my sister-in-law-to-be!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My throat hurts like crap, and it has been that way for a couple of days now. Thank goodness it doesn't sting as badly as how a normal sore throat usually would, and I'm not the least bit hoarse (yet). I suspect I'm having something more than just a mere sore throat, probably a throat infection.

It hurts with each swallow, and it feels like I have the world globe in my throat. As disgusting as this may sound, my throat feels constipated. The "can't swallow" and "can't shit" parts really are very alike one another.

And for those who know me, they would know I would never wake up at 6+am on a weekend for no apparent reason. The power of this damn "sore throat".

On a sidenote, I'm awed at some things. Sometimes the simplest things can amaze me. Who can ever beat this bo-bi telepathic pair?

Stop feeding off other people's exact words. Advert's next? -_-

Friday, August 17, 2007

For the first time since he enlisted, my man who is learning to protect our nation, is booking out today, on a Friday night!

Sometimes I wonder what's the purpose of booking out on a Saturday afternoon and having to book back in on Sunday evening. That's just about 30 hours back in civilization, then they've got to be packed back to merge with the sea of green again.

I shall embrace this long weekend with my one and only. Can't wait to go and get him after my driving lesson later, yay!

Rain, please stop. It's terrible to drive in the rain.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's been half a year since we've been together, and slightly more than three and a half years since we've known each other. Has it already been THAT long? It sure doesn't feel so. I love you. =)

Had my third driving lesson today and like the other two instructors, my instructor today thought I'm 18, 19 max. He was saying that if I would to go to the movies for a R21 film, I'm bound to have to flash my identity card. -_-

I can grow old looking young for a long time to come, but the crow's feet by my eyes are starting to show, damn. Mom has been nagging me to start taking care of my skin since I was 13, for it's never too young to start. And I shall! I want to have supple skin like my Mom even when I'm nearing 50.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

What I said of not worrying about calories when I'm out with my boy is really evident today. We had a fantastic dinner at Aunty Kim's Korean Restaurant. Thank you darling. =)

The complimentary sides.

Seafood pancake. Starchy but nice.

His dish and mine respectively. His was some rice dish where a sweet/spicy sauce is poured over it and the egg being mashed up with everything else. A pity that I abstain from rice, so I only did a taste test. Not too bad.

The beef with special sauce was YUM! My baby agreed with me! We were both too full to stuff everything down, and so we left quite a fair portion of the pancake behind (it had a 12-inch radius can!). I know it's bad to waste food, but not like we didn't try our best. Oh well.

I enjoy time spent with my one and only. =)))

Thursday, August 09, 2007

You know how it is that when you're with your loved one(s), you can set aside things and forgo certain rules of your own, make concessions, et cetera. For me would be my idiosyncrasy towards food.

With him, my dieting plans are temporarily hurled aside, and it really doesn't cause me any uneasiness or distress, unlike before.

We re-visited Ice Kimo earlier today and had the double scoop of green tea & red bean and chempedak. Simply yum! Sent him off to Pasir Ris and he bought me a donut which had a corny name of Princess Donut. -_-

Great, ice cream for lunch and a donut for dinner. Junk, all junk. -_-

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Retail therapy is really extremely therapeutic, but that only applies to the soul and mood, definitely not for the poor feet and wallet. For someone like me who has been advised against exercising, shopping is a sure and good way to burn off some calories. That beats sitting around and accumulating fats, no?

Bought a tunic which is supposed to be a long top, but because I'm not tall (okay fine, I'm short, so?), it passes off as a dress for me, and I love it so very much. But of course, an enjoyable shopping spree would not have been possible if not for the right shopping partner.

At 6.30pm, the first "meal" for both of us was this:

Mine Hers

Uh huh, no food consumption for the entire day and we settled for desserts as our breakfast/lunch/dinner. There's something very wrong with our systems, but it doesn't matter so long we're happy.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Happy 25th birthday to my elder brother!

Oh, sidetrack a little here. Friendster is so screwed up that when I saw this, I was holding back my laughter so hard that I swear could easily cause another Pneumothorax attack. Take a look at "38 years ago".

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