Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bug Alert!
The dirt bug is around! Was down with flu a few days back and just recovered today (though not fully). My boy caught some kind of bug this afternoon, he was slightly feverish and breaking out in cold sweat.

Was sort of his "nurse", although I didn't really do much. Glad that he's back home safe. Hopefully it won't affect his media brief later in the evening. Take care boy, hugs!

I need my sleep badly, been deprived of sleep lately.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm Fat With a Capital "F"!
Gained over 2 kg in just a week. Super fat now! I feel fat, I look fat! Especially at my tummy area, it's SO DARN bloated!

Hopeless May Anne couldn't resist food, so now she has to face the consequences of being fat and hating herself immensely for that. Tomorrow onwards, I swear to myself that I have to go on a diet. Otherwise I can happily climb up Swissotel and jump.

Diet Diet Diet Diet Diet Diet Diet Diet!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Liquid Kitchen
Just got back not too long ago. Went out wif RenJie. Went to Mr Bean opposite Paradiz Centre, then to Plaza Singapura, then to Orchard, then to Liquid Kitchen which was the main interest for the night.

Never been there before, and I can say it's an extremely good place to chill out at. Food there is pretty good, wide range of drinks as well. Tasted Sex on the Beach for the first time, never knew it was so nice. A whole new experience at Liquid Kitchen. Super cosy place.

We walked home from Liquid Kitchen (Thomson). I'm bloated.

*For the 2nd time, I saw 2 Fairlady in a day. Again, that made my day! Hahaha!
Happy anniversary. Sorry that I made you worried. Hugs!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

24 hours and more to come
Been with him for the last 24 hours and counting. Went clubbing with him at black last night. Just the two of us. My 1st time clubbing with my partner (and only my partner alone), interesting!

Stupid incident happened. Some people just can't seem to grow up. People our age (or older) should be mature enough to think with a clear headed mind, apparently I think that failed someone last night. A spur of heated anger? Definitely not.

Oh well, whatever the case was, I had fun with him last night. Now he's being a pig and refusing to get off my bed. Like ROLLEYES! 5 hours should be enough rest, so it's time to drag him up!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

What Am I Doing?
I've got to stop what I'm doing. Can't carry on with that quirky habit. It's not good, and I feel like shit everytime after that happens.

Why is it that I don't have that little bit of self restrain? Why is it that I don't have the determination that I used to have? Why is it that I'm the way I am? I really can't carry on with that anymore. It has to stop.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Everyday I pray that the same thing wouldn't happen the following day, but my prayers were never heard. Self control and determination is all I need. I really don't wish for it to carry on anymore. I'm losing my strength to fight.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

1 Month
A month since we met and started goin out. How time flies.

One day before this day of last month, an ice cream offer was made and someone was thrilled. Just because of ice cream, how classic.

I need more sleep. Been through a lot lately. Lots of problems, old issues, unsettled issues, new issues. Where's my break?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Fresh Air -- Where?
IAP STILL sux! I want to run away, but I can't! I need air.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

IAP = Shit
23 days and still going.

I hate IAP! It's such a crap elective! What a waste of my time, I have no idea why I got tricked into choosing this as an elective. Maybe the knowledge of it being a project-based module tempted me back then. But now, I feel it's an ultra wrong elective to take! So damn shitty!

Fancy coming up with a company and doing brokerage trading. Like how "interesting"! It's not at all fun, it's crazy, it's stupid. =(

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

19 Days In A Row (and still counting)
Imagine meeting the same person up for 19 consecutive days. Madness? Sick and tired?

Yes to the former, but no to the latter. Every single day feels just like the first day. It's just amazing how it can be this way. The fact of us is still sinking in, and it feels great!

Anyway, here's some stupid lame shit that happened:

Him: *said something super lame* (can't remember what exactly)
Her: Talk rubbish lah!
Him: If rubbish can talk, dustbins can dance.
Her: -rolleyes more than 360 degrees-

So wanted to chew his head off. And so wanted to roll my eyes till they pop out of the sockets. But still, he's a joy who's always around. =p

Sunday, July 10, 2005

A day filled with so much laughter. PSA to nasi lemak (contaminated) to minor food poisoning to a mad rush to the loo to fashion disasters.

Brother's friends are over playing mahjong. It's going to be a noisy night. Bummer!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fort Canning Madness!
Thrilled to the core. Crazy, I would say. Got provoked by 2 crazy bastards there, and may they burn in hell. Like, get a life?!

But putting those 2 rotten worms aside, it was great! The first and perhaps the last time. =p

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I'm Sorry... =(
I broke someone's heart. Badly. And I'm utterly sorry about that. I'm sorry to have to put you through this. I played with fire and I got burned. The ache in the heart that comes along with it is inevitable.

At this point in time, the amount of "sorries" wouldn't be able to heal the deep gash in your heart. Don't feel that you've failed in love. You've been great, by far the best I've had, and I thank you for all the sweet memories and lovely times we've spent together.

Thank you for loving me, thank you for all your gifts, thank you for the care and concern you've showered me with. Thank you for everything. I'll miss you.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

I've been told to update, so here goes. The past week was filled with countless events, ranging from CA/project madness in school, to skipping lessons, to going shopping and many more.

I played with fire and I've been burnt. I guess I brought things upon myself and I've got no one to blame. Maybe on your part, you weren't that sensitive. But it doesn't matter now.

Having pretty bad relations with my parents as well. But things are starting to get better (I think). Oh well, I'm off to study now.

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