Thursday, September 03, 2015


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Friday, August 08, 2014

The meaning of family is so fuzzy. Family will not do shit to each other like what I have received from mine. There is no meaning to kinship, no meaning to family, no meaning to love.

I wish Pneumothorax killed me back then.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


8 months since I adopted the love of my life. When she just came, she was a indoor toilet-trained dog, so whenever we brought her out on walks, she would never pee or poo. Slowly over time, she learned to pee and poo in public, but always on the pavement. -_-

On Sunday (20 July), I brought her out for a walk and for the first time, I witnessed her pee on the grass! Not only that, she actually "horse kicked" the grass, in an attempt to cover up her business as how other dogs usually do! She walked a little more and peed again. I was wondering why she had so much pee that evening, but when she peed a third time, I realized that she was actually marking territory, another first!

This may be no biggie to people, but to me and Truffle, it is a milestone and a pleasant surprise to see her being a proper pooch for once. =P

I have so much love for this pooch, I don't know what would I do without her when the time comes that she would have to leave this world and me. ='(

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Krabi - 11th Jan 2014

Woke up bright and early for breakfast at a little cafe nearby, before a good massage at a cosy massage parlour opened by a fellow Singaporean.

The Singaporean owner of the massage parlour had a beautiful dog on the premise, and it was such a friendly and calm little thing!

 photo 11Jan_zps8490c589.jpg

For his birthday celebration, I wanted to bring K to this winery place which was near our hotel that had a yummy sounding menu and a beautiful place to chill and relax with a glass of wine after dinner, but he managed to find another place that had extremely good reviews. So we booked ourselves for dinner for that evening and spent the whole afternoon walking around along the streets. We returned to the hotel with funky flavoured Pringles which cannot be found in Singapore.

 photo 20140111_145243_zps6974ede8.jpg

We then prepared for K's birthday dinner at this place called The Hilltop. I later learnt from K that this place was set up by a Singaporean guy with his Thai friend cum business partner. During dinner, we met the Singaporean owner personally, and chatted with him for awhile. He was a young chap, and rather charming, but what was commendable was his service, as he kept going from table to table to ask diners if the food was alright, if they were enjoying themselves, etc etc. As the boss of the place, it was really humbling to see that he personally waited on the tables and cleared dishes too!

So anyway, a transport was sent to pick us up right from the doorstep of our hotel, and when we got to the place... OMG, so breathtaking! I shall just roll the pictures to let them speak for themselves. To add on, the food was fantastic and super huge in portions! Even after the food came, I kept running to and fro to snap pictures of the view as the sun was setting and every few minutes looked very different from the last. And what sealed the sweet deal at the end was that transport was provided to send us back to our hotel too!

 photo 20140111_174950_zpse78c1cd0.jpg
 photo P1060171_zpsf963f9cf.jpg
 photo 20140111_175447_zps59455e46.jpg
 photo 20140111_175339_zpse46ea332.jpg
 photo 20140111_180038_zpsf0d62913.jpg
 photo 20140111_175302_zps451034c3.jpg
 photo IMG-20140111-WA0018_zps7540c3c2.jpg

The above picture was taken in front of an exclusively private table, away from the rest, on the edge of the hill, perched over a majestic view. I guess this seat has to be booked way in advance! A Caucasion couple had their private and romantic dinner at that table, and they even had a personal waiter who attended to them the whole time.

 photo 20140111_174955_zpsbdf9018c.jpg
 photo 20140111_175202_zps236f1654.jpg
 photo 20140111_180312_zpsbe25aa30.jpg
 photo 20140111_181045_zps2ce1e7cb.jpg
 photo P1060184_zpsc4d36b3e.jpg
 photo 20140111_181952_zps10389b9e.jpg

Okay, so after spamming pictures on the awesome view at The Hilltop, let's get down to the equally awesome food!

 photo 20140111_180415_zpsb2aca212.jpg

 photo 20140111_180808_zpse6c4fdbe.jpg
Fresh Watermelon Juice

 photo 20140111_180645_zpsb805be13.jpg
Duck The Hilltop Style

The duck was freaking awesome! Much raved by many online, and we tried it for ourselves and were impressed! Sweet and salty fusion, with very tender duck meat which was well-marinated. And for a starter dish, the portion was good being a main dish even on its own!

 photo 20140111_180841_zpsf5f63948.jpg
Pla Tod Rad Prik - Deep-fried Sea Bass with Sweet Chilli Sauce

When this dish came, I was shocked at the size of the fish! I was telling K, "Die, sure cannot finish everything!", and I was right.

 photo 20140111_180707_zpsc6b836c1.jpg
Stir-Fried Chinese Broccoli with Prawns

 photo 20140111_180926_zpsfb5a46a3.jpg
Tom Yam Goong

This was a small portion, which allowed us to have nearly 3 bowls each, cannot imagine what the large portion will look like! Seriously, food portions were ridiculously huge, not a bad thing for large eaters!

 photo 20140111_181000_zpsd696d1a6.jpg

For the quality and quantity of the food, coupled with such awesome view, the price of about SGD 70 for the meal was super cheap!

 photo 20140111_181242_zps95f5d701.jpg
 photo 20140111_181325_zps5bec3e8f.jpg

The Singaporean owner was so sweet to present K with a surprise birthday ice cream. I suspect that the chocolate ice cream was made by them as the chocolate was thick and rich, and very smooth!

 photo 20140111_192951_zps07592a13.jpg
Happy Birthday, Love!

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Krabi - 9th & 10th Jan 2014

Last year, K and I decided to take a short break away from work, soak in some sun, as well as to spend his birthday abroad. So we booked ourselves a vacation to Krabi for earlier this year!

I love going away with K because we get to spend time together, away from everybody, and just enjoy each others' company. The only down side was that I missed Truffle so much. LOL!

 photo 20140109_124018_zpsd2c5edac.jpg

I brought a bottle of Pringles to Krabi and halfway through the flight, I noticed that the pressure build-up caused the air inside the bottle to push the foil, making it look bloated.

 photo 20140109_135821_zps1c882710.jpg

We arrived at Krabi, booked a couple of trips for the next few days with our hotel, and explored the nearby area for abit before settling for an early dinner at a roadside store which had flies flying around, but hey, that makes the experience more fun and the food more tasty, no?

 photo 20140109_172348_zpsef8d54bf.jpg
 photo 20140109_175007_zps074f164e.jpg
The view of the mountain from where we ate.

The next day, we were booked for Phi-Phi Island tour.

 photo 20140110_075247_zps5670c0cf.jpg
 photo P1060004_zpsdf8bbdaa.jpg
 photo P1060007_zpsf49fde6b.jpg
 photo 9amp10Jan_zps0610c5d5.jpg
 photo P1060016_zps1a356bc5.jpg
 photo P1060026_zps593d7930.jpg
 photo P1060028_zps2b862b50.jpg
 photo P1060033_zpsa5eadcbb.jpg
 photo P1060030_zps8250316a.jpg
 photo 9amp10Jan1_zps33d40bac.jpg

We went snorkeling and it was great fun for we were equipped with an underwater camera!

 photo 9amp10Jan2_zpsf2f37610.jpg
 photo P1060049_zps9a2a8a34.jpg
 photo P1060056_zps3d6de417.jpg
 photo P1060072_zps99d46db2.jpg
 photo P1060068_zps14995324.jpg
 photo P1060100_zps35237821.jpg
 photo P1060103_zpsc7eafb1f.jpg

After all the snorkeling and sightseeing, it was time for lunch, where we had a simple buffet lunch on one of the island. Quality of food was meh, but we were hungry and just had to get our stomachs filled.

 photo P1060114_zpsfa024906.jpg

After we had watermelon, the boy went cranky and played with the seeds.

 photo P1060115_zpscd26f6b4.jpg

We then carried on with the tour where we went to look at the Viking Cave, and other islands.

 photo P1060119_zps63796e86.jpg
 photo P1060105_zps7a517b29.jpg
 photo P1060123_zpsffa0e1ba.jpg
 photo P1060133_zpsfac5cfb3.jpg
 photo P1060134_zps02ccd706.jpg
 photo P1060132_zps19a227a9.jpg
 photo P1060128_zps52cf1cf5.jpg
 photo P1060124_zps6390e93d.jpg
 photo P1060130_zps399f92db.jpg
 photo P1060140_zps35417931.jpg
 photo P1060160_zpsb8575ad0.jpg
 photo P1060161_zps60445e60.jpg
 photo P1060146_zpsc170fcd3.jpg
 photo P1060156_zps49a2ed1d.jpg
 photo P1060138_zpseeb348cc.jpg
 photo P1060166_zps90f967f4.jpg
 photo P1060164_zpse5c6f9f2.jpg

After the tour, we got back to our hotel and washed up before heading out to this nice quaint eatery which had hotel lodging as well. Food was good, not too expensive, and the setting was so chill and relaxing. The staff were all very friendly too!

 photo PhotoGrid_1389357969046_zpsba93d782.jpg

And that was the end of Day 1+2 of Krabi.

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