Thursday, October 30, 2008

Goodbye horrible-conditioned P-plate. You've served me well for the past 1 year. As of today, I bid you goodbye.

Monday, October 27, 2008

At the initial stages, we used to be very prompt and efficient in giving each other gifts and such, but as time goes by, NJ4 and I unknowingly and unanimously slacked off and we began to start delaying the gifts.

Yesterday we went to Canelé to get him a (slice of) cake of his choice which was meant for his 21st birthday 2 months back. (At least I'm better than him, because he dragged a gift for almost 11 months and still counting. LOL!)


What we had: Cafe Caramel - Milk chocolate coffee mousse, chocolate genoise with expresso, salty caramel and hazelnut feullitine.
Reactions: 3 words, 4 syllabus, 1 exclamation - OH MY GOODNESS!

We bagged the cake instead of dining in because we forgot to bring the camera down with us and returning to the car to get it was crazily far. Anyway, I've made a proposition to my love that we have to give every dessert at Canelé a try. 1 slice per month is feasible I guess. =)

Going on to more food, I'm totally addicted to bagels. Since we were at Raffles City, we popped by Marketplace and bought an entire new loaf of blueberry bagels. I chanced upon a blueberry cream cheese spread and needless to say, it went straight into our shopping cart. =D

Blueberry Bagels + Blueberry cream cheese


HAHAHAHAHA! Sinful indulgence! YUMMY!

And when we got home, NJ4 fixed up my Ikea display cabinet for me!

My 4 - 7 years old plaques finally have a comfortable place to reside! They have been sleeping in their respective boxes (filled with a fair amount of silverfishes) for those long years! Oh my!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I've said this many times before, but I still want to say it again:

I love going shopping with my Mom!

Yesterday morning, my Mom suggested that we go shopping after work at Raffles City and without a second thought, I agreed! =)

Sometimes, my Mom gets on my nerves when she goes on and on about certain things and I would roll my eyes when she's not looking (but now that I've written this down, she will know what I've been doing all these while, because she reads my blog, hahaha). But ignoring that fact, shopping with her can't get any better!

And like I've also mentioned before, food-my parents-me, we are like a complicated tangled chain which always leaves me guilt-stricken.

YoguBliss @ Yoguru Blueberry Bagels
Left: YoguBliss from Yoguru - frozen yoghurt ♥♥
Right: Blueberry Bagels from Marketplace ♥♥

Despite the ridiculous prices tagged to the above 2 food items, Mom bought them for me without even the slightest flicker of contemplation. Thank you Mommy! ♥

Later that night, NJ4 and I caught High School Musical 3. There's really nothing left for me to say about musical themed movies and plays, because I heart musicals very much.

And so, that's the beginning of my long weekend...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Heikki + CEO of Daimler + some colleagues + Mom

Got these pictures from my Mom about a week back but because I lost the mojo to blog, hence this super procrastinated post.

Okay, my blogging juices are seriously not flowing. Bye for now.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Ikea table is finally set up, all thanks to my one and only for his great help! After about 2 hours of hammering, screwing and knocking (no pun intended), the table is finally ready to be used!

And there you can see, my little helper proudly posing with his hard work. Thank you baby. =)

After exerting so much energy in building my desk, my love and I met up with his fellow Armour Officer + Girlfriend (who is also my friend) for steamboat. It's a long story, but I'm glad that we became friends. Support is extremely critical for us. So far, so good, and I'm loving my new confidante along with the support given and received.

No pictures of the people and our dinner because I cleverly left the memory card in the card reader of my laptop. So we actually brought out an empty shell which was totally useless without the card. Blah.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Daddykins is one of a kind. The best Daddy a girl can ever ask for, and I definitely would never want to swap my Dad for anything in the world!

On the way to work this morning, my Dad noticed that his car mileage reflected 088878 and he happily and excitedly announced that when it hits 088888, he wants to snap a picture of it. However, when the meter hit 088880, he almost immediately pulled the car into a parking lot just to take a picture.

Armed with NJ4's digital camera, I took a picture for my Dad.


When we got to my work place, the meter read 088887 and so my ever-so-hilarious Daddy cruised round a carpark, willing the meter to hit 088888 soon. And then...


My father is so amusing! He even said, "Eh, I'm making something for you to blog about okay!" Yeah, okay Daddy!

Anyway, NJ4 and I are 20 months old. Being ever-so-loving, he picked me from work and we headed to Vivo City upon my suggestion. With absolutely no clue as to which eatery of my choice I was bringing him to, he dutifully allowed me navigate him.

Fig & Olive
Fig & Olive

Left (His): Maghribi Chicken with Olive Rice
Right (Mine): Picante Chicken Kebab

Good food, and even better company. =) Happy 20th, Love.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My weekend was a blast, packed with one activity after another. =)

NJ4 picked me from work in the evening and we sped off to Golden Mile Food Center for Ice Cream Ice Queen. Sinful delight! =D

House Bunny
1) Black sesame + Peanut + Green Tea flavours. Sheer heaven!
2) House Bunny

I was high on sugar after the ice cream treat and was more hyped up during the movie because it was oh-so-lame-but-damn-funny!

Because I was complaining of the lack of a proper water bottle in his car, he got me us his car a water bottle that was so appropriate for me!

Orange bottle with words that I always get dagger eyes when used. =X

Went swimming with my love in the afternoon and I swear I resemble so much like a life buoy because I'm so round, LOL! After which we went for our breakfast/lunch/dinner (yes yes, we had our first and only meal at mid-day) at Hotshots - Lau Pa Sat.

Hotshots Photobucket
Crispy Burger Melt Real Bleu Cheese Burger
Crappy images, I know. I can't help it that my HP camera sucks.

Oh my goodness, applaud me for attempting to conquer a burger by myself because it used to be something very unthinkable, but I still didn't managed to stomach the entire burger myself. Anyway, the burgers were really quite nice, and it is something different from the usual fast food joints. And I totally dig the twister fries!

To add on to the sin, we went to Mr Tea and indulged in a Tea Oreo Blend (topped with whipped cream, koko krunch and Oreo biscuits).

Blah, I'm salivating already! 4 hours of walking at Ikea (Tampines) and Giant thereafter really helped to alleviate some guilt off.

Made brunch for my pig and myself. And here's my innovative soup in a mini bread bowl! Deliciously adorable!

My palm-sized bread bowl with mushroom cheese + crouton soup is really very satisfying. Guiltless indulgence is really a blessing. =)

And then down to Ikea we went again! This time with my elder brother and his wife-to-be. And I've gotten my pretty new desk and display cabinet! Can't wait to set them up soon! =D

With that, I'm dead tired, but a satisfying weekend it was.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's not funny when you have to go to the washroom 6 times within 4 hours, and it's even less amusing when it isn't the doings of nature.

I can see the obvious telltale signs of suicide.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

For memories' sake, I'd like to walk myself (and whoever is reading) through the process of my room painting.

Bye bye old room!

Yes, I know my room is very messy for a girl, and I know I have posters that are half dangling off my wall. Those posters have been up there for at least 7 years and many have already fallen off.

I've been anticipating this day for 3 months now, and the day for me to own an orange room finally arrived!

Ready for the paint job!
It has started! Somemore...
And more... And the first coat is done!
My ORANGE room!!!
Hello pretty little thing! =)

YAY! My room is now ORANGE! =D And it's so amusing that the painter who painted my room was wearing an orange top, lol!

Sungod + Honeycomb = Bright pretty cheery room! =D

My brothers' room is blue and my parents' room is green. All with a pretty feature wall too! My house is finally pretty again!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Over the weekend, my house turned into a mad house, really mad.

So there you have it. My mad house that's going to have a new splash of colours! =D And here's a little teaser of my room's feature wall:

My ORANGE room!
OH! For the love of ORANGE!!! =)

My room is already nicely painted, with 2 colour tones, but pictures will only be up after some packing is done. Currently my room looks as though a typhoon swept through it mercilessly. Hahaha.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Oh my goodness. I just heard from my fellow CI that NSF Joe Foo Wei Rong, who passed away on 1st October was from PHSNPCC, our very own junior. And as a matter of fact, his squad was under my charge when they were in Secondary 3 & 4.

After 3 long years, I can still remember him to be one of the more enthusiastic cadets. It's such a pity. =(

When I read the news on Yahoo, I thought the name sounded very familiar, but without any picture, I wasn't sure. For those who are interested, the news articles can be read here and here.

Rest in peace Joe.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I got so sick and tired of my footwear constantly wearing out at super sonic speed so I got myself a pair of Crocs yesterday. Simply couldn't resist getting those cute add-ons and will probably go back for more so I can change about and have "new" shoes to wear frequently, LOL!

I'm so loving my new flats!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

And so, the Formula 1 Grand Prix (Singapore) - first ever night race - came and went in a flash, just like how the racers zipped through the race course in a flash. The comical accident by Massa was really a pity, I feel sorry for him. But let's face it, in life, shit happens.

Anyway, on Sunday my family went down to Mom's office (Daimler) to catch the race with her colleagues and families. In addition, I managed to take pictures with Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen, and had a bird's eye view of the Paddock.

View 1
View 2

HAHAHA! Okay, so the part where I said I took pictures with both McLaren drivers wasn't the entire truth. But a slightly-larger-than-life-size poster is the closest I could get to them! I'm not as lucky as my mother, which you would soon know why in the following pictures.

By the way, the pictures that are coming up are very exclusive, coming directly from the various staffs at Daimler.

Lewis Hamilton

Oh my goodness, how can anyone else look as cute as Lewis with that kind of expression in the last picture? -drool-

Heikki Kovalainen

Mommy Chan alert in the last 2 pictures of Heikki! =)

call me tiger