Wednesday, June 30, 2004

my oh my!
whoo hoo!i've been medalling wif my n7200 4 the past 2 daez...haha...the craze 4 it is over oready thou...still excited but nt so mad now...dwnloaded loads of MAD!cant wait 2 receive the rest of my prizes...i wonder wen will dat b man?cant wait 4 the mp3 n cash especially!
ok ok...sch's gonna start n dat sux!BOOYA!my timetable's finally out!here it goes...
mon: 0900-1300
tue: 0900-1600
wed: 1100-1500
thu: 0900-1600
fri: 1000-1600
weird timetable...but owellz...doesnt look dat bad 2 me as compared 2 yr 1's 1st sem...hahaha...alritez,i gtg...cya all arnd!cheerios!

ps:hon gtg 4 his physio 2dae...miz him...

Sunday, June 27, 2004

yes man!
i got in2 the top 5 4 the singtel shootout!whee!meanin i juz won myself a new nokia 7200,$500,a pair of watches,a samsung mp3 player n lots more!ive got the fone wif me nw oready!hahaha...
dammit!so thrilled!got 4th place onli thou...saded...3rd-5th position r entitled 2 onli $500,2nd position $1250 n champ is $12500...i wanna b at least sad!owellz,at least $500 is betta than those aft the 5th position!hahaha...
thrilled thrilled thrilled!im mad!!!!!ARGH!
7th mths!
HAPPY 7TH MTHS ANNIVERSARY HON!!!the row we juz had ydae was horrible...i was 1/2 expectin history 2 repeat itself...the feelin dat i had 3 yrs ago btwn him n i was the same as last glad dat tings r ok now...dunno wat happened 2 u last nite...dunno wat u really did...hope u'll tell me the truth...
n HAPPY BDAE 2 DANPING!!!whee!sum1's finally 18!!!yay! up soon yahz?n so sorri i cant go n 4 ur bdae celebration 2dae...hugz hugz!
ok...i guess none of u out there noe diz(besides hon)...but i joined the singtel shootout comepetition...n im goin 4 the finals abt another 5 mins i'll b headin dwn 2 orchard 4 the finals...yeahz... haha...din wanna tell ani1...aniwae,by the time u peeps read diz,i'll probably oready b over wif the finals!so yay!haha...alritez all,i gtg oready...kinda runnin late...wish me luck!ciaoz!

Friday, June 25, 2004

1stly,i'd like 2 sae,happy 17th bdae lil bro!!!wen 2 orchard at 8.14am diz mornin!yeahz man!2 mit Deb...4 wat?4 the Mango sale of coz! was MADNESS!ok,i onli bought 1 miserable orange top dat i eyed previously...the rest wasnt really wat i'd wear so dat explains it...haha...spotted a droop top...but my shoulders aint broad enuf 2 hold dat droop top on my shoulders,n it's oready like size S!it practically DROOPED all the wae 2 my chest!liked it alot,but cant fit me,sad case!wat 2 do?!
bought a pair of heels as well,frm Isetan...oh yeahz,Steph wen bonkers wen she heard abt the Mango sale...tink she's gonna fly dwn 2 ani outlet in no time!cant wait 4 the sch term 2 start again,wanna b wif those 2 nutcases again!haha!
aniwae,gotta go 4 npcc mitin tmr mornin...n im gonna watch "The Best Bet" wif hon tmr...hehe...yay!cant wait 2 c u bonkers hon!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

hi there all!
whoo hoo!it's been ages since i last blogged cos my bro stopped work oready so he's hm practically everydae,so my chances of touchin the com is like 0.01%? now dat he's out,i get 2 use the com!but it's noon n there's no1 online...sad case!
aniwae,met up wif Deb ydae...changed my top,ended up wif the pink 1 coz the blue 1 doesnt haf the size dat i wan...den headed 2 FOX...BIG disappointment...HAIZ!retty on the outside but the clothes weren't pretty!those nice pieces r alwaes spoilt by ugly sleeves...Deb,i guess onli u noe wat im tryin 2 sae here...well,cant do anithing if it's their style...
oh aniwae,lemme update abt the past few daez ever since i stopped bloggin...i met up wif jer everydae,n everyone's so worried abt his back prob...wen 2 sentosa on sundae wif my gramps,2nd uncle's family,n my own family...hon came along too!we were supposed 2 spend father's dae wif my grandpa but in the end,we split up n wen on wif our own activities in sentosa coz the adults said it was too much of a hassel 2 mit up at sentosa n go everywhere it actually defeats the purpose of havin 2 spend father's dae wif my grandpa...
alritez...i guess im tinkin too much nw...heh!betta get goin nw!cheerios!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

outing wif deb ydae was great althou it was pretty short coz i had 2 rush back 2 mit jer(he wen 2 the hosp 4 his back prob,slipdisc or howeva u spell it?)aniwae,bought an espirit top...n i should haf listened 2 Deb n haf gotten small!argh!i juz tried it at hm n find it's too big...
hmmz...suppose 2 go over 2 his hse now but im pissed wif him...4 mani tings datz juz happened within 30mins aft i woke up...can u believe it?i wake up n he does tings 2 make me unhappy...he's like ignoring me on msn n God noes wat the heck is he doin...argh!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

goodness gracious!!!i haven been online 4 juz the past 2 daez n i've got like 49 emails?freak!n there's like 16 in my junk all in all i've got like 65 unread mails?i almost fainted wen i signed in2 msn!
aniwae,i'm peeling like nobody's back is peeling nicely but my right arm seems 2 peel in a very horrible wae!thank goodness left arm aint peeling...diz may sound insane,but i LOVE peeling the skin off!it's like so fun can?
aniwae,will b mitin deb at 4.15pm later!!!goin 4 a lil eyebrow trimmin cum shopping session!hehe...followed by dinner...cant wait cant wait!

Saturday, June 12, 2004


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Thursday, June 10, 2004

oh damn...yes,i did it AGAIN!watched 3 movies in a row again 2dae!watz my life cumin 2 man?aniwae,watched Harry Potter,followed by Duplex then Jerry Maguire...tink i shld do smth more productive tmr...
Harry Potter was alritez,aint as nice as the last 2 seasons but it was still nice...oh,readin the book b4 watchin the show wld make more sense,trust me...heh!Duplex was hilarious!it's all abt a couple tryin waes 2 murder an old lady hu lives above dem coz she pisses the hell outta dem...frankly speakin,if i were dem,i wld haf tried all waes n means 2 slaughter dat old hag as well!coz she's juz a cranky old lady hu acts so swt but yet she's a damn devil inside!haha...i seriously had a good laff man! *ginz* as 4 jerry maguire,it was kinda monotonous...wif a tinge of love story in it...
im outta here...buaiz!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

surprise surprise!
whee!hon tagged me frm camp!wat a surprise!was so shocked wen i came in2 my page n saw his name on my tagboard!n he tagged trice!whee!
aniwae,2dae was an EXTREMELY slack dae 4 me( usual i watz new?heh!)...i watched 3 movies in a row!1st was kill bill 2,den shrek followed by shrek 2!haha...shrek n shrek 2 was hilarious man!nice!so romantic summore...haha!
aniwae,i tink im healing frm the post-tanning slight's less painful now so i guess i'll finally b able 2 haf a gd slp 2nite!dat oso spells dat im ready 4 another tanning session soon deb!haha...we've really gotta go n even out our tan otherwise we'll look so ridiculous!haha...

Monday, June 07, 2004

burnt behind!
im bloggin frm deb's place...she's over at dat kid's hse givin him tuition,she'll b back suppose 2 b watchin Dawn of the Dead but im takin a break frm's so cold in her room summore...
aniwae,wen tannin wif deb 2dae at Sentosa n we r baked!im baked behind n she's baked infront!'s so hilarious coz we r onli tanned on one still so fair infront...gross!we've gotta go tan again to even out our tan!n i juz realized dat ny face is oso onli partially burnt...diz is BAD!
now my skin on my back feels so shoulders esp...hope i dun start 2 shed skin...dat'll b the most terrible ting...
alritez,im goin back 2 the show nw...cheerios!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

blur vision = tired
crap,im damn tired's blur...tink i'll b slpin soon...aniwae,2dae was sucha long dae 4 me...wen 2 PHS,den 2 PA,den back 2 PHS den 2 PA gawd!travel to n fro...1st trip 1 PA was 2 bring my sec1 cadets 2 collect their full u...2nd trip dwn was 2 get my probation form signed but the HR head wasnt in(AGAIN!)like y on earth is she alwaes nt arnd?irritating...
aft my 2nd trip dwn 2 PA,i was still kinda earli 2 go back 2 PHS 4 sec2 n 3's air rifle shooting practice,so i wen 2 Toa Payoh 2 collect my jeans...
*jumps 4 joy*!!!mummy said she's gonna bring me 2 buy more jeans!meaning it doesnt hafta b on my own expense!yay!diz pair i got frm TPY was at my own expense...really cant wait 2 go shoppin wif mum!shoppin wif mum is simple the best!i told her i wanna get abt another 4 more pairs n she scolded me siao...watz so mad abt dat?1 dae 1 pair 2 wear 2 sch wat...i've excluded wkends very good oready...haha...
alritez,i tried tokin 2 ben online 2dae...tings went...hmm...nt smooth neither was it was juz least more tings r kinda cleared now...he's still kinda weird n all dat...din really go in2 ani kinda discussion,juz a superficial conversation...but owellz...i'll juz wait n c how tings goes...
hmmz...diz is gettin abit too draggy...i'll betta b off 4 2 bed...zZzZ...nitez!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

2dae practically juz spent the whole dae wif hon...ate so much as well...datz bad!aniwae,im lookin 4ward 2 seein him again soon diz fridae...cant wait...
aniwae,diz post is actually kinda dedicated 2 danping...din wanna blog 2dae but aft seein wat my dear fren has been thru,i really felt dat i shld blog diz out...
2 danping: i noe u r goin thru a pretty rough patch nw...but try 2 hang in there,dun let such tings get in ur wae n pull ur chirpy spirit dwn...if there's aniting u nid,i'll alwaes b arnd,juz feel free 2 approach me if there's a nid yeahz?here's a tight hug 4 ya!*HUGZ*!take care gal,n b back 2 ur usual self soon!take care yeahz?!
alritez,guess i'll end here 4 nw...ciaoz!

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