Monday, November 30, 2009

Sense Of Accomplishment!

I am over the moon, because I have gotten my Zara coat after running around so many outlets to get my size! What I bought wasn't what I initially eyed, but it is of similar cutting and design, only nicer.

Coupled with the orange beanie I bought yesterday, I feel so excited about heading over to Sydney next winter! I need gloves and boots to complete my pre-trip shopping and I'm good to go!

In order for the trip to materialise, I have set myself an ultimatum: 3 consecutive weeks of purple smileys. I want the numbness in my right ribs to go away, and I want to visit Jay-Jay in Sydney, so I must accomplish this. I must.
2 days ago, I spilled my melon milk. Yesterday, I spilled my cereals. This morning, my persimmon rolled out of my hand. But people always say, "there's no point crying over spilled milk", or cereal, or fallen persimmon for that matter of fact.

I feel like a sinner for wasting food, whichever method the wastage was made. I must be the biggest sinner on Earth.

Friday, November 27, 2009

All The Oomph!

1 week since NJ4's return and it has been good. Some people say that 'absence makes the heart fonder', while others say that 'absence makes the heart wander'. I'm glad we belong to the former category.

Anyway, NJ4 brought back a whole load of snacks for me and I have been busy snacking on them so much that I can practically see myself expanding sideways.

krispy Kreme donuts!

Chocolates, nougats & Go Natural bars!

Thank you love, for all the lovely snacks and for bringing back the awesome Go Natural bars.

Anyway, because my love commenced his internship the following Monday after he touched down, we didn't manage to have a proper dinner together until last night.

Off to Alice in Wonderland Oomphatico we went, and once again I was delighted by the mad awesome food there! =)

Australian oysters.

These fresh, succulent oysters were sheer delight to savour! I'm not much of an oyster fan because of some odd reason that I don't quite know myself, but these babies didn't make me cringe as I ate them, so thumbs up!

L: Spinach Feta Pie
R: Duck Confit Risotto

I love spinach and I love feta cheese, so this dish was divine! Fiber-filled dish to aid constipation! LOL! My love enjoyed his risotto so much that he kept commenting on how delicious it was. I had a bite and although I found it nice, I personally do not eat rice, so I cannot say I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Today was spent squeezing with the massive crowd at Expo for SITEX, and I still hate such crowds. I always end up cursing out loud at some people, and today was no exception. I need to hold back my fire.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It has been a blissful 4 days with my love, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming long weekend. 3 months will fly past faster than we know it, so quality time is important.

I cannot wait to visit him in Sydney next June, and I know it's rather crazy, but I have already started window shopping for winter wear. I'm going to get that Zara coat which I so love! Heh!

Friday, November 20, 2009

And Look Who's Back!

Since the beginning of last month, Jay-Jay told me that he'd be back on 21 November morning, and I have been anticipating tomorrow ever since then. About half an hour ago, we had this conversation:
[1O] CMA says:
*hahah i just came out of the shower
[1O] CMA says:
[may anne] nj4*ilu [O.F.M Addict] says:
[1O] CMA says:
[1O] CMA says:
*was checking if i had everything
[1O] CMA says:
*and i change already!
[may anne] nj4*ilu [O.F.M Addict] says:
*ready to leave hm?
[1O] CMA says:
[1O] CMA says:
*u makan already?
[may anne] nj4*ilu [O.F.M Addict] says:
[1O] CMA says:
[1O] CMA says:
*i brb again!
[may anne] nj4*ilu [O.F.M Addict] says:
[may anne] nj4*ilu [O.F.M Addict] says:
*ure supposed to leave hm now
[may anne] nj4*ilu [O.F.M Addict] says:
*it's almost 11
[may anne] nj4*ilu [O.F.M Addict] says:
*and i thought u have to be at airport at 11?

From my bedroom door, I heard, "How much do you miss me?", and I thought it was my brother fooling around with me until I looked up and saw my one and only.

This boy here gave me a crazy surprise, all the while with me thinking that he'd only be back tomorrow morning. OMG OMG OMG. This isn't real. I'm off to cuddle my love!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

As it gets harder each day, I feel more dejected but I know giving up isn't the solution. I just have to hold it up for another couple of days before Jay-Jay returns from Sydney. Just a couple of days.

Monday, November 16, 2009

HNF Charity Walk 09

So, Home Nursing Foundation's Charity Walk 09 came and went, and the staffs at HNF are all glad that it was a great success. Despite the gloomy and wet weather the day and night before, the morning of our event was blessed with good weather. Sure, the grounds were wet and muddy, and we all had some form of "feet mud spa", but that didn't bring our spirits down a single bit.

Our Guest of Honor was Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan, and I had the honor to assist him in the cow painting. What I did (as what my other colleagues who assisted the other 3 VIPs did) was to hand Minister Khaw the paint and brush, and indicate the section which required touching-up for the cow to be deemed completely painted.

So there, this article was reported on The Sunday Times, 15 Nov '09. And I was caught on camera, in full glory with Minister Khaw, the cow, and our purple t-shirts. Thank goodness I don't look retarded. Hah.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Best Father In The World.

I must be the luckiest girl to have the best Daddy on Earth! I need to be at the MRT station at 5.45am tomorrow morning where I'll be picked by my colleague, and because the MRT is a good 15 minutes walk from my house, my Dad said he'd send me to the station.

I am actually very used to walking that path, but due to the fact that it's so early in the morning and that I "can be settled with one hand" as Dad termed it, he refused to let me walk by myself and kept reminding me to wake him up when it is time to leave.

Now tell me, what have I done to deserve a father like that? I am really very blessed. ♥

Taxed On My Free Time.

Giving up so much for (external) work is not worth it at all. I'm giving up a pedicure session with my girlfriends later this evening because of a briefing I have to attend at ECP which we were told only yesterday.

And like that isn't already enough, I need to get up at an unearthly hour of 4.45am tomorrow morning and make my way to ECP for the company event. I feel super grumpy today. I need a rainbow.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mom, Di Di and I went down to Ikea Tampines today and it was one heck of a fruitful trip! 1 high back office arm chair, 1 mid back office arm chair, 1 laptop rest and a few assorted items later, we went home as happy people.

Just last week I mentioned to my parents about wanting to have a cactus, so when Mom saw it at the plant section of Ikea today, we bought a couple! Orange cactus is mine (obviously), and the red one is for Mom. So pretty! =)
So, my friends and I were at DblO last night but no, we didn't party hard. Not at all. I was so busy being Nanny Chan to my dear friend who got so stressed out over issues that are not within our control that she KO-ed earlier than expected.

And the loo was filled with girls merlion-ing all over the place. I pity those girls who got puked on by their friends. Don't they know that looking at others puke is a catalyst to making oneself puke as well? Good thing I'm immune. Hah.

Hello party. Goodbye party.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

The new MO I saw today was a very assertive man, and I understand that it is due to his professionalism, but he really scared me out of my wits. Daddy was worried that the MO's forcefulness would scare me off and not want to return anymore, but he explained it to be necessary.

I always thought I was very much less critical than most. Little did I know it was that serious. Blah.

Oh by the way, I know I'm lagging like crazy, but I finally got myself a Twitter account, so let's tweet! =)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

In less than 3 weeks, 18 days to be exact, I get to see NJ4 again. Not that we don't see enough of each other on webcam almost every night already, but it's just different.

Don't get yourself too hyped up love, you still have your exams to concentrate on, and that prevails everything and anything at the moment. Study hard and all the best for your upcoming papers! See you really soon! =)

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