Saturday, December 31, 2011

Run Events In 2011

03/07 - GE Women 10K
24/07 - Shape Run (5km)
04/09 - AHM (10km)
18/09 - Yellow Ribbon (10km)
09/10 - Nike 10K
04/12 - Standard Chartered (10km)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

X'mas 2011

This year, Christmas Eve wasn't the best I've had. In fact, it was so terrible that I wish the incident can be erased from my memory. However, Christmas Day itself redeemed everything and it ended on an awesome note.

The Boyfriend bought tickets to Wicked - The Broadway Musical for the show on Christmas Day itself, and this, was my Christmas gift from him. =)

Wicked was awesome. A Broadway musical is Broadway standard indeed. Tickets were mad expensive but oh so worth it! It was seriously worth every penny! I love musicals and I'm a sucker for them, so there was no doubt I loved Wicked!

Thank you love, for the X'mas gift on X'mas Day itself.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Live Life?

It is not surprising if at any one point in time of life, we all have had a fleeting moment thinking about death. But what if one goes to sleep every single night wishing never to wake up to see light ever again?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hong Kong - 21 Oct 2011

Day 3 in HK was packed like crazy, where we covered quite a lot of things in a day. We got up early and made our way to Sha Tin to have a glimpse of Snoopy's World and the area.

As can be seen from the pictures, the sun was merciless that day, but thank goodness the air was still pretty cool.

After a whole morning of messing around at Snoopy's World, our stomachs began to scream for food, so we went food hunting. We walked and walked and walked, but it was so hard to find some where we could settle lunch at (because most of the menus were in Chinese characters, and to make things worse, they were in fan2 ti3 zi4). After much walking, we chanced upon a small eatery and it was a gem!

Food was relatively cheap, and boy was it good!

Following lunch, we walked around for a little bit more and then proceeded to Central station for sightseeing at The Peak and Madame Tussauds.

The BF's new GFs!

Because the period we went to HK was about a week prior to Halloween, the staffs at most tourist attractions were dressed up.

If this was a real madman out to kill me, I seriously would have died, because I totally didn't know this happened at all. I was rummaging through my bag, looking for something when this scene happened behind my back (literally), and the BF was quick enough to capture this awesome moment. I laughed like crazy when I saw this picture thereafter.

I felt like a mini toy next to Yao Ming! Definitely failed very badly at trying to block him. =/ But I think the BF did quite a good job!

We ended the night with dinner at The Peak before we headed back down and back to the hotel for the day. It was fun. =)

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Standard Chartered 2011

My 6th and last run of 2011 since I started my first run in July. It just keeps getting better, and today, I clocked my new personal best for 10km at 1 hour 12 minutes (gun time).

The weather was kind, very kind in fact. And that probably played a part in my performance too.

Before and after.

Dil and her neverending silly antics.

The boyfriend ran the full marathon, and so my friends and I waited around for him and his friends so we could have lunch together. When he came to me, he brought me an orange balloon and said, "No flowers, so I brought you a balloon instead." Aww...

Our plan to have brunch at OverEasy failed as they weren't open so we went to Dil's suggestion of Sauce at Esplanade.

The 5 of us had the same sets of 2 Eggs Benedict and 3 Fry Up. Food was not too bad, but considering that we were all famished, I think my judgement may be a little off.

And so, this is it for 2011. Till 2012 comes, I'm just going to shake my legs and grow fat. HAHAHA.

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