Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hong Kong - 24 Oct 2011

Last day in HK and we did a quick dash around places we have not covered. One of which was the Expo, and of course not forgetting the Apple store that opened in HK not too long ago.

At Wan Chai, as we were making our way to the Expo, we saw something that immediately drew me in like a magnet!

Like O.M.G. I cannot NOT go in!!!

Boy, was the (double?) chocolate muffin sinfully gooooood! I ate like a kid and had chocolate all over my mouth, but I seriously couldn't care less because all I knew at that point in time was that I was starving and I'm a sucker for chocolate products, and that muffin satisfied all of the above criteria. LOL!

After a pretty long walk, we finally made it to the Expo and some golden flower thing.

And of course, not forgetting the Apple store!

We had our last meal in HK at the same Dim Sum place in Jordan that we so love, before we went back to the hotel to pack up.

So that concludes our Hong Kong trip, and I'm finally done blogging about it after 4 months since I got back from HK. HAHAHA!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hong Kong - 23 Oct 2011

We decided to spend the second last day of our HK trip at Ocean Park and I was a tad disappointed because I didn't get to play the rides. Mega =( Other than that, Ocean Park was okay, and only the dolphin show impressed me.

View from the cable car

The reason why I didn't get to play the rides was because we saw how crazily packed the first dolphin show was, so we went early for the next show to get good seats. To my dismay, there was no need to go so early to get seats as there weren't many people who went for the next show. =( But anyway... Pictures:

And of course, there's no better way to end the night with a good dessert despite the cold weather. =p

Monday, January 09, 2012

Bring Me Back To The Past

I have an unspoken love for my Secondary School friends, simply because whenever we meet up, they make me feel that life isn't as lousy as I often perceive it it be, because with them, laughter is always the core ingredient. Meeting them never fail to bring back many nostalgic memories.

13 years since we've met each other on the first day of Secondary School, and nothing has changed other than the fact that our friendship keep growing with each meetup (or at least, that's how I feel).

An impromptu decision the night before found us at Arbite located at Serangoon Gardens for lunch the following day. J, G and I met up first and we indulged in a little beer at lunch.

Rose Beer, Apple Cider Beer, Peach Beer

G's Pappardelle with Braised Beef

J's Tagliatelle with Mushrooms & Parma Ham

My Smoked Salmon Smorgasbord

The food was good! And I'm a sucker for all-day-breakfast, hence my selection. I saw the girls at the next table with Eggs Benedict and they looked freaking awesome (the eggs benedict, not the girls)! That shall be my next brunch!

N came while we were halfway through lunch, and she ordered something that made me camera-ready.

N's Squid Ink Tagliatelle Seafood

A pity they used tomato base sauce instead of squid ink. Otherwise, I'm sure we'd all have some "black smiles" fun. On a side note, nobody would believe that we're all 25-going-26.

We adjourned to Udders after lunch, where V joined us and since I brought my DSLR, I thought we might as well have some crazy kiddy fun with it!

For the first set 10 shots, we weren't ready for that super-sonic shutter speed, hence the retarded-ness in the first 3 frames and shocked looks in the following 7.

After we got the hang of it from the first round, our second set of 10 shots saw us doing really crazy stuffs.

I love these bunch of people. And for those who could not make it, there's always a next time! =)

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Wild Oats

Some time back, K bought a coupon for Wild Oats for us to try. We finally got down to moving our asses because the expiry date is drawing near.

Wild Oats isn't exactly the most accessible place without a two or four wheel drive, we but still made it there on our own two legs (or in this case, four legs).

Honestly speaking, the search and little "hike" was all worth while.

From first to last picture: Hill Slide, Mojitio, Mini Wild Rocket Burgers, Sarawak Chicken Curry Shepherd’s Pie, Life

Thankfully, we got there early, and managed to get seats. As the night went on, it got really crowded, and we saw many people being turned away because it was full house.

Set away from the rowdy crowd in town, this is seriously one of the better places to chill with friends or just with your significant other. Food and drinks were fantastic (imho), and the ambience there was simply serene.

I love this place.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Macau - 22 Oct 2011

We visited Macau for a day during our HK trip, and I really loved the buildings there.

Once we got to the heart of Macau, the first thing we did was to get a Portuguese eggtart each! I'm not a big fan of eggtarts, as in I would eat it if it's available and placed infront of me, but I would not crave it. But for these Portuguese eggtarts, it's a whole different story altogether!

These tarts are to die for!


After all the walking and sightseeing, it was time for (more) grub!

My Little Prince was hungry too!

When we were there, there was some Art Competition going on, and I must say that these kids are REALLY TALENTED! Just look at these 2!

Extremely beautiful pencil sketches!

Macau was beautiful! Sadly, we didn't manage to visit any Casinos as we were running late for our ferry back to HK. Lesson learnt: book the latest return ferry in future.

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