Sunday, July 29, 2007

After passing my Basic Theory Test on the first attempt more than 2 years ago, I procrastinated until today to book lessons for my practical. And I hopped from BBDC to SSDC.

In less than 10 days I'd be starting my first lesson, which is damn fast according to my boy. He waited about a month to start lessons back then, so I suppose it's really very fast for my case.

After 2 years of procrastination, finally, this is it. LOL!

Yay-ness to the green tea and red bean ice cream at Ice Kimo. Amazing that I'm on the low side (and still dropping) despite not exercising for almost over a month now and still indulging in all the good stuff with him. Weekends are not meant for calorie counting, just sheer blissful indulgence. =)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Simpsons was a great "just for laughs" show, super retarded but extremely enjoyable. But of course, nothing beats the company I had.

Friday, July 27, 2007

X-ray today revealed that the excess air is finally totally gone, and because on the 19th there was still some remaining air, the respiratory specialist concluded that my wound just healed within last week.

The worst news I got from him was that I was not to do any exercise at all for the next 6 weeks, apparently to allow the wound to heal completely and to prevent another chance for my damn lung to puncture again. WTF. So any exercise that requires me to inhale with more strength than usual is totally out for me. Doesn't that very much concludes that EVERYTHING is out? Damn. 6 freaking weeks before I can put on those runners again. =(

The Countryside girl is off to have a particular Tamarind for dessert. Yum, exotic delicacy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My new toy that Mom bought for me. An air purifier, no thanks to the recent relapse of Pneumothorax.

Goodbye to stale air in my room, hello to nice fresh smelling air. And apparently the scent that Mom chose would help me to sleep better. Not that I have much problems sleeping lately, in fact, I'm sleeping almost at about the same time as when my boy has his lights out in camp. Oh, the goodness of being accustomed to sleeping "normally" again, or rather, at a more humane timing.

And it's Wednesday! Yeah, not a big deal to many out there, but it is to me! In about 48 hours' time, I'll get to see that goofy face again! With a smile plastered to my face, I want this 48 hours to swoop by fast.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Horror of all horrors! The lung specialist forbade me to do any form of exercise until the remaining air is totally gone. This is really bad! No jogging and I'm so going to turn into a fat glob of lard! DAMN!

In a week's time I still have to go back for another follow up and take another x-ray. At the rate I'm receiving so many x-rays, I can just imagine the number of cells being killed. 5 x-rays in 2 weeks, 10 x-rays so far in 5 months. If Pneumothorax doesn't kill me, I bet the x-rays will. -_-

If ever Pneumothorax returns, the doctors are going to glue my lung to the wall of the ribcage to substantially reduce another recurrence. Now, that sounds promising!

Been a week since I last saw him, and it's another dreadful week to go. Right after my appointment next week, I'll get to see my boy! Yay for that! =)))

Monday, July 16, 2007

The power of taking medication that causes drowsiness is that I managed to sleep through everything without remembering what I did or did not do.

I downed cough syrup, flu pills, and muscle relaxants that was prescribed and sleepiness got to me at 2030. The best part was I totally could not remember my boy calling me at 2215 and he even messaged me after hanging up. I think I actually read it but I really have no damn recollection at all when I just read it again. All these only surfaced when I asked him why he did not call, totally OOPS.

Checked my drafts and found a message full of gibberish that was meant to be sent to the boy, and that message was, "I cvudf?.g i" Now somebody, tell me what the hell was that all about?

Oh anyway, thanks to all who called or messaged for well wishes. I must have sounded like I was in spaceland last night, sorry, can't help it! LOL. Right, I should go try to sleep somemore.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

And the verdict, it's Pneumothorax, again.

Like before, it's the same lung.
Like before, I was poked twice by the doctor.
Like before, the needle was used on me (but the doctor's initial decision was to use a chest tube, thank goodness I didn't have to go through that).
Like before, I spent many hours at TTSH. (read: 0900-1830)
Like before, I have to go back to see the specialist.

Unlike before, my doctor wasn't all that cute, though still easy on the eyes.
Unlike before, the anaesthetic didn't quite work on the first jab, and so I actually felt pain when the needle was inserted in me.
Unlike before, I had a major diarrhoea going on today and I had to battle the pain both from my tummy and my chest. (and the doctor operating on me forbade me to clear my system before the operation for, quote "I need to monitor you and make sure you don't pass out in the toilet, just hold it for 15 minutes." And so he lied, for the operation took longer than that.)
Unlike before, the amount of air extracted was 780ml (previously: 480ml).
Unlike before, I still have a remaining of approximately 50ml of air left in me.
Unlike before, I was put on a drip. (and hell, I was jabbed thrice before the doctor found a suitable vein.)
Unlike before, I still feel some tightness in my chest.
Unlike before, my boy (although then he wasn't my boy yet) couldn't be with me today.
And unlike before, I had Orange by my side all those while, and that instantly brought my boy's presence very much felt. =)

My love --- 3 insertions,1 plastered, 1 exposed, 1 with tube.

What you get for moving around too much.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Oh crap, there's this nagging pain in my right chest when I inhale, just like the last time when Pneumothorax hit me in February. Doctor said that there is a tendency of a relapse but I damn sure hope that this is not it again.

I'm hoping that it's due to the fact that I'm having a sore throat and flu and that the incessant coughing is the cause of the pain. No, I don't need Pneumothorax to hit me again now. Damn it.

And the fact that I'm missing him is not helping one bit. =(

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tomorrow is the day that I would lose the luxury of constantly having my boy around. Tomorrow is the day where Orange would temporarily start to replace my boy's hugs.

We went shopping for Orange's clothes earlier, and here's Orange in Tigger's overalls. Now I can hug her to sleep without having to fear of destroying her delicate fur.

I'm so going to miss him. =(

Monday, July 09, 2007

In a few days time, the Army would be taking my boy. So today we went out to have fun, and to stuff ourselves silly with food before he'll be deprived of such in NS.

Went to Kuishin-Bo for lunch, but seriously, with all the rave about how good it is, I personally found it quite average. I only really enjoyed their super thick slices of salmon sashimi, the pork kebab and the green tea ice cream. Other than that, food there was quite ordinary. Maybe because I didn't try everything there, so I might have missed out on some good stuff, but I'd rather go for ala carte at Waraku than stuffing myself silly at Kuishin-Bo. But nevermind, for we have to give everything in life a shot.

Build-A-Bear Workshop just released their limited edition Autumn Bear which I set eyes on prior to the launch. 06/07/07 was the launch and today I'm a proud owner of one of them. =) It's orange and furry and so very cuddly, and it even has a birth certificate, which includes its name, height and weight measurements, as well as the owner's name, that would very well be me. Of course, the birth of Orange was made possible by my one and only. =) I love Orange a lot.

We're ending today with very nice white wine. =) Perfect.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

We conquered the distance from Yishun to Countryside (YCK) on foot. I adore long walks like this. More please!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Trooped down to SGCC with my boy earlier today for a tanning session, with the new bikini set that he got for me the other time. Very pretty, heh. And now that poor boy's burnt, lobster red, LOL!

Late lunch at the poolside cafe was very nice for I got to savour very chewy beef hor fun and yummy ice cream.

He then drove us to Sentosa and we walked the whole of Palawan Beach. And oh holly molly, we bumped into Wei Quan. Fancy bumping into him, hur.

The entire day was good, very good. =)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The people around me whom I love are receiving the brunt of this certain disability of mine.

And I'm sorry. I'll try to make things right, with my willpower (or whatever there is left of it).

call me tiger