Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We All Need A Little Self Pampering II

My very first luxurious item, other than Kate Spade, Liz Claiborne and Braun Buffel. I've worked hard, and so it really is okay to splurge a little, just to make myself a tad happier.

And now, I'm lusting for a Burberry wallet, followed by a bag. Hmm...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sydney - 10 July 2010

10 July was one of the most productive as well as memorable day I spent in Sydney. Memorable because I ended the day so beautifully that I wish to re-live it again some day. NOT!

Before I went to Sydney, Debs raved to me about Bills over and over, and said that I MUST have their Ricotta Hotcakes. So nearly 2 weeks after I set foot in Sydney, NJ4 and I finally got up in time for brunch!

The hotcakes were wonderful! Soft and fluffy and very flavoursome but not too sweet. Have not been able to get my Ricotta Hotcakes fix in Singapore ever since I came back. =(

Anyway, we popped by Glebe for awhile and then went straight to La Perouse. Oh joy, I love that place so much!

Out of nowhere, a huge pelican flew in and everybody around were awed by the size of it.

Obviously, that was one freaking huge pelican, because even though it was in the background, it was still so big in comparison to us who were in the foreground.

We drove to Little Bay which was nearby and then went to Na Bangkok for dinner with a small group.

But wait, we weren't done with the calories loading just yet! Met up with NJ4's friend-of-16-years and his girlfriend, and we settled for dessert at San Churro.

16 years of friendship, and counting.

So anyway, I do not know what I ate but I had a minor food poisoning that night. We were already asleep when I started to feel ill and my puke threatened to emerge but I kept it down for an hour or 2. The next time I woke up, the discomfort was so great that I just had to puke. Good thing there was a plastic bag nearby!

Everything came out on auto-pilot and I was like a faucet that could not be turned off. And the end result:

NJ4 helped to fasten the bag and threw it out, and according to him, my puke weighed at least 1 kg. EPIC!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

We All Need A Little Self Pampering...

And I did just that! Met up with Dil after school today for lunch and a round of shopping.

Happy after my IPL, we went to settle our growling tummies and because I had an intense craving for something spicy, we decided on Thai food!

The drink that the both of us had.


Mine. So innocent looking, but it was a spicy devil!

With bloated tummies, we walked around town and upon Dil's recommendation, I bought facial products for my long neglected face.

My 2nd pair of Papillio. I LOVE!

You've been such a great friend babe, even though we just got to know each other some time in June. =)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sydney - 7-9 July 2010

For 3 consecutive days, NJ4 and I did a little bit of going around places, and A LOT of eating!

7 July - Bondi Junction
We went to Bondi Junction, had sinful but oh-so-satisfying desserts at Max Brenner, and then took a walk around.

That night, we went back home and enjoyed the white wine that NJ4 bought for us before I arrived.

Mmm, sweet, sparkling and totally refreshing. Yummy.

8 July
Because we love the fresh food from Sydney Fish Market, we went back there again!

The prawns were so fresh, juicy and sweet! It was like I died and went to Seafood Heaven.

A walk around and a few hours later, we found ourselves settling for dinner! I seriously ate a lot more in Sydney than I have ever before!

Mango Beer!

9 July
Another day of food, food and more food! Dim Sum lunch at Zilver, followed by some dinner that I cannot remember (probably potato chips or something), and we finally ended our day on a sweet note with desserts!

Food at Zilver was delectable!

Whoever said that desserts were meant to be shared to lessen the sin and the guilt? I do not buy that! =D

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