Friday, April 11, 2014

Mauritius - 16 Sep 2013 - Last Day

On the very last day in Mauritius, le fiancé and I got up early to do a short jog on the beach. Running on the sand is one of the toughest run I've experienced, but the chilly morning air made the jog a tad easier to manage.

 photo 16Sep-1_zpsf47bf87c.jpg

Our relatives brought us around for a little bit, followed by lunch, then a trip to the supermarket and a mall.

 photo IMG_5281_zps15ed3cfe.jpg
My cool grand-uncle!

 photo IMG_5279_zps7e0aca5f.jpg

We went by a supermarket to load up on Mauritius branded tea to giveaway to colleagues. Just look at the number of packets we swiped off the shelves... =/

 photo IMG_8045_zpsc9a75bc1.jpg
 photo IMG_8046_zps496aebd6.jpg
 photo IMG_8048_zpsf98bfe77.jpg
 photo 16Sep-2_zps9bc9c6b4.jpg

We then headed back to my grand-uncle's place for a home cooked meal before they sent us to the airport.

 photo IMG_5341_zps69b7c044.jpg

This cosy living room is just a small part of the house, the entire house was HUGEASS! That is what happens when you have a lot of land in the country, with a small population!

 photo 16Sep-4_zpsfd256424.jpg

 photo IMG_8076_zpsca27996e.jpg

Back to reality, back to the humid weather. Back home.

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