Sunday, September 30, 2007

Suffering from insomnia is really no joke. Having spiked my drink with quite a heavy dosage of vodka at around 8pm last night, I was almost ready to bet my life that I would have the easiest time falling asleep.

But no, it didn't happen. When I felt the slightest tinge of fatigue at about 1am, I was so quick to shut my laptop down and hit the sack. But my eyes refused to shut. They stayed fixated to the ceiling, closet, wall, and whichever other points that I had my focal point on. For one and a half hours, tossing and turning was inevitable because laying still sent ringing to my ears.

At 2.30am, I tried using my mint chocolate Baileys as an aid, and mind you, I had it neat. I allowed the alcohol to hit my almost empty gut (since the last time i ate something was at 10pm).

REJOICE! It worked! Not. -_- 3 hours later I was still awake, and I was even in time to greet my love a very good morning.

Finally managed to fall asleep at around 5.30am, and woke up at 10am. My body is bound to give way soon.

My Financial Reporting lecturer was telling us about some FRS thingy online which is bound to send anyone to sleep in less than 5 minutes. And that insomniacs (namely, me) should give it a try. Maybe I should.

My chest is starting to feel weird again. =(

Friday, September 28, 2007

Remember the last time I blogged about Siamese banana? I had it again just now. And like before, it's my late lunch. I'm starting to wonder what's with me having Siamese bananas for late lunch?

The flesh isn't as closely joined as compared to the previous time. But you can see from the skin that it's indeed joined. Interesting.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

With the way my boy is pampering me with all these goodies, it'll be hard for me to lose weight. But I heart him for loving me so much.

When he starts training in OCS tomorrow, he's bound to lose more weight than he did in BMT, so I'll work hard to lose weight too.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Congratulations to my darling for making it to OCS. =)

Congratulations to Ben for making it to OCS too. =)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm back from my 3 days fun-filled trip from Bangkok!

15 Sep
We were at the Budget Terminal at 4.30am, as our flight was at 6.30am. The Budget Terminal looked very much like a warehouse, something very similar to Singapore Expo. The word for it: Empty. Without even sleeping a wink that night, my boy and I were pretty overly "high", and to still be able to look quite fresh and alert, that's really something. Usually I'd look totally wasted and panda-fied.

The morning view from the plane was absolutely breath-taking. To see the rise of the sun was indeed a beautiful sight, and from such altitude, really fantastic.

And finally, we arrived at Novotel at Siam. Waiting at the hotel lobby, and our room with the mega-sized bed respectively.

We jumped for joy, for we finally could have a little shut-eye before we started our day shopping out in the streets of Bangkok.

Triumph lingeries there are almost half the price of Singapore. 4 at the price of $151. That's damn cheap! 4 pieces in Singapore would easily set one back by about $280. $151 is a kill!

My boy settled his Phad Thai craving for dinner, and I had a fruit slushie that went by the name of Two Piece Bikini. Delicious.

Say YUM! =)

16 Sep
The entire of day 2 was spent at Chatuchak, the mega weekend market which sells almost anything and everything! Look at the pets, so cute! If it wasn't for all the hassle at the airport regarding pets, I would have already gotten myself a baby from there.

The most retarded sight of the day was uniformed men selling pirated VCDs of some sort. My boy and I were so amused that we had to snap a picture before walking away. Look:

At the end of the day, I bought a whole load of stuffs, while my boy only got himself 1 top. Totally -_-. Chatuchak sooooo big and only 1 pathetic item caught his eye?! zZz! Here's my loot from day 1 & 2.

The 6 hours plus of walking around Chatuchak left us more thirsty than hungry, so our dinner were delicious fruit slushies again. His Mango Smile and my I-can't-remember-what's-its-name.

17 Sep
Food there is cheap like nobody's business! The Mcflurry cost us only about $0.90 and the Blizzard from Dairy Queen was only $1.10. Total madness! And so after a filling lunch, my boy and I stuffed ourselves silly with ice cream!

The 3rd day was weird because we went grocery shopping. LOL!

We went out again after depositing our groceries, and we came back with all these sin:

Kiwi Express -- Blackcurrent Blackout

Upon returning to Singapore, I got myself a huge bottle of Baileys, the item that's been sitting on my wishlist for quite some time now. Mint chocolate flavour! I'm going back for the caramel creme some day!

I loved my little getaway a lot. Thank you baby, for everything. =)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And so, the first day back at school was nothing fantastic except for the newly installed escalators. Thank goodness for them, so now we don't have to climb 4 storeys like mad (especially when we're late) and end up being super out of breath.

Happy to bump into Valene during Audit lecture. And the first thing she said was, "What are you doing here?!" Obviously I'm like you girl, there to study. LOL. Interesting how SIM mix the year 2s and 3s together for certain modules.

This weekend, we're not going to Rasa Sentosa anymore. Change of plan. We're heading to Bangkok instead. Hope this 4 days holiday will be able to take my mind of my blasted TP. =(

This is totally irrelevant: I've got a retarded neighbour, some Caucasian fella. There's a dog somewhere out there barking (or yelping rather), and that guy just shouted out of his window, "Shut your fucking dog up. Fucking idiots." He said something similar 3 times. -rolleyes- What's his problem? He's nosier than the dog with his incessant complaints.

Monday, September 10, 2007

It's so damn stupid to mount the damn kerb in the damn circuit. With that, it's a bye bye, even though I only had 6 demerit points on the road. 6 out of 18 is one hell of a result. The irony of it was that I wasn't even doing any narrow course, just a normal turn.

The tester told me to TURN TURN TURN even though I wasn't quite positioned properly to turn yet, and there I have it, my very own joyride up the damn kerb. Are all TP testers always in such a rush?

The most retarded thing was that it was raining yet he still asked me to get out of the car to take a look. For fuck? I could FEEL that I mounted the kerb, still must check? So I got drenched for something I could FEEL and need not SEE. End result still fail, so see for what? zZzZ!

I'm pissed and depressed. Cry me a river. =(((

But I'm glad that my parents are so supportive. I got hugs from both my Mom and Dad, something that I haven't had in years.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Tell me you love Tigger too. I cannot get enough of Tigger, and my latest addition of him is this uber cute handphone pouch above. I heart Tigger. =)

I had the weirdest banana for lunch (or late lunch rather) about half an hour ago. Siamese banana. Weird appearance, but fantastic taste. YUM! And the best way for me to round up lunch is to savour the taste of my very own home-made ice blended earl grey tea.

Monday, September 03, 2007

From a 5 months wait, to 3 months, to just one week. =)))

Sunday, September 02, 2007

We had a great time last night, and I'm glad that he loved and enjoyed everything that was set out for him.

Half of the afternoon was spent bustling around the kitchen with my Mom, making a lychee jelly-top cheesecake. And it was all worth it when I saw the smile on his face when it was presented to him later at night. Here's the cake that was worth the time making, just to get that priceless smile from him:

The cream cheese sort of floated up a little when the jelly was poured over. Disaster to the appearance, but taste wise, definitely unaltered.

Brought him to Essential Brew for dinner, and boy, was the food there good. Serving there was humongous too! My boy was totally stuffed out after dinner, and so was I. Don't Army guys have slightly larger appetites? So, go figure the portions served. Then again, maybe it was because he helped me with half my meal? No, portion was really generous.

His: Vanilla Obsession -- Mine: Temptation Island

His: Rosti Stacked Beef -- Mine: Grilled Tofu Steak

Both our mains were really good but my dish totally won me over. Quaint ambience (if no one's throwing a party of some sort there), very good food (judging by our orders that is. Don't flame me if you try/tried something else and it doesn't/didn't reach expectations. To each his own.) Definitely worth another visit, and another, and another. Ok, you get the idea (and again, to each his own).

Caught Ratatouille, and it's a good watch.

I'm glad you had fun baby, and that this whole plan was a success. Thank you for being the good Prince for the night and allowing me to do all coverage (though you still tried to squirm your way out at EB. Good thing I caught it in time, heh). Treat the shirt with care okay? I'm going to load you up with more stuffs in due time! =)

call me tiger