Saturday, September 27, 2008

Postcard-size "letter"

My very first cheque from Nuffnang is here! And I love the way how they are "GOING GREEN", so environmental friendly!

So anyway, the equation is simple: extra moolah = extra shopping! =D

Thank you Nuffnang!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My mother just sent me an SMS saying that she took pictures with F1 McLaren racer Heikki Kovalainen, and that she missed the chance of taking one with Lewis Hamilton (he's so good looking! -drool-) yesterday.

Damn, my Mom even shook hands with Heikki!!! Why am I not working at Daimler at the moment, or why didn't F1 happen back in 2004 during my internship there? =(

But it's okay though, for I'd be watching the practice run tomorrow as well as the actual race on Sunday! And we'd be nestled comfortably in Daimler's meeting room. Shiok-ness!

My Mom would read this, so here's to you Mom: HAO LIAN LAH! Hahaha!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

For those not in the know, I'm one who is extremely self-conscious, have a plunging level of self-esteem, sensitive, and feel very insecure more often than not. And it has been this way since the day I started being aware of my surroundings and remembering things.

But I've never felt it as bad as now. Some actions are bothering me tremendously and it's gnawing at my insecurities.

Edited @ 11.50pm

Mama Mia!Caught Mama Mia! with my love after work. It was a good stress buster, and it somewhat helped to alleviate the mean feelings I was experiencing this morning.

I've said it before, but I have to say it again, that I love musicals very much! =)

And Pierce Brosnan is damn hot for a man his age! Charming old men are really quite irresistible, hahaha!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

So, everything has been unveiled, and I loved every single bit of it. NJ4 is officially my longest relationship ever, and that little silly bee felt that it calls for a celebration. I know for a fact that this was planned almost a month ago, because he told me to remember 200908 back then.

At the stroke of midnight, a task reminder rang on my handphone with the reminder saying, "Come out for a big surprise! =)" Obviously, my boy set this reminder a long time ago when my handphone wasn't with me. I went out and got greeted by this:

Secret Recipe - Chocolate Banana Cake

Now tell me, how could I not melt and break into a smile? =)

Evening came and we got ready for Part 2 and 3 of his plan, of which Part 2 is being postponed to next week because nature wasn't to our favour today. So till then, be patient with all the secrecy. =D

My Love drove us down to East Coast for dinner and I was so excited when we reached the entrance of the restaurant. So classy! Pictures will do its job from this point onwards.

Interior 1 Interior 2
Menu Bread condiments
Bread 1 Bread 2
Shared: Scallops with salad

His: Live Scottish Bamboo Clam (with 2 different sauces)

They portioned this into 2 parts because they asked if we were sharing. A very thoughtful and commendable gesture.

Mine: Duck Confit (with sour berries, walnut & apple salad)

Oh my goodness, I was on cloud nine when I had my first bite! The duck tasted somewhat like Peking duck, but I've never ate duck meat which was so soft and tender before! Yums! And I heart walnuts!

At the start of the meal, the waitress and the manager (I think) came to ask if everything was fine with the food and if we needed help with anything. Great food, nice ambience, and a personal touch from the staffs, it really has standard.

Thank you Love, for loving me more than before. ♥

A prelude to what's going to unfold on 20th September 2008. Of which I have no clue at all as to what events are going to follow. At least I know what the occasion is for, but I'm still going to be in for a big big surprise! =) I cannot wait!

Friday, September 19, 2008

It is extremely hard to fight evil when the biggest evil is living right inside me. It is a war I have been struggling to fight, and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

It is just so hard, so very hard.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

When Sparky meets Goldie...

Friday, September 12, 2008


Goldie is the newest addition to my family, our very own parrot. =)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

As I passed the barrier and stepped out onto the foot path, I sensed a car driving up next to me and I looked up to see my darling waving and grinning widely at me from inside his car.

This was a total surprise to me, because I had the impression that he was still in camp doing his umpire duties for the ATEC mission. I love sweet little surprises like this. Thank you love. =)

On an entirely different note, my crazy bestie said this:

禪 says:
you're my angel man . with dyed hair

Ben Ng, go and fly kite. -_- What was that supposed to mean. Like I'm some havoc angel? GAHHH!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Eventually, I will forgive, but I will never forget. Bitches aplenty around here, I will bear that in mind.

CT and SS, may you two burn in hell without even leaving traces of ashes I will try my best to forgive sick people like the both of you.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's NJ4's mommy's birthday today and I was invited for dinner with them. THE family. Totally got me freaked out because it's the first time in almost 19 months that I get to meet them officially (not considering that time when baby commissioned from OCS).

Knowing how his family function, it got me more hyped, but I'm glad I placed my jitters aside and accepted the gracious invitation.

His family isn't that scary afterall, and his Dad is the 'happy pill' of the family. Dinner was fantastic, and the deep sea fish was yummmy! The atas fish chalked up 80% of the 0.5K meal. WOW!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

NJ4 is crazy, extremely crazy.

Thursday night he had a 24km route march with his recruits, and the march lasted throughout the night till Friday morning. After which he attended a briefing for some activities, followed by book out which he came to meet me and we went for a movie marathon.

Death Race Forgetting Sarah Marshall

2150: Death Race
The entire race was like a game, similar to what you get on a game console. Unrealistic, but awesome effects and good adrenaline rush.

2355: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
This show really cracked me up like crazy. And it really supports the saying of "You won't know what you would be losing until you've lost it". True, so true.

2 different movies, same hall, same seats, same companion. =)

And effectively, he hasn't slept for 2 conecutive nights. -_-

Thursday, September 04, 2008

When asked to look for a particular contract, I did. This year, last year, and heck, even 2 financial years ago. Zilch outcome. Having to breathe in dust from old papers is something I should avoid with my history of Pneumothorax, but I still did my job anyway.

She claimed to have seen that particular contract before, so I continued to search and my colleague helped out. A couple of futile hours later, my colleague called the vendor and surprise surprise, that "contract" was actually a verbal agreement, and what she saw was some scribblings somewhere (that we still haven't found). To add on, 5 of us have never seen that "contract" before.

So my search just ceased. -_-

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I've gotten my Honours. Not a fantastic class, but still an Honours nonetheless. At least I do not have to retake anything, so a not-so-good Honours is better than none at all.

Anyway, on a lighter note, my love took a "birthday leave" yesterday, and like always, he's the sweetest thing ever!

He sent me to work, took a nap in his car the entire morning just to accompany me for an hour during lunch, went home after my lunch time was over, then came to pick me up from work later in the evening. =D

Caught Wall-E at AMKhub, and it's so nice! Humour + sweetness, what's there not to like? Wall-E is such a brat, especially during the "cleaning up process". LOL! Go watch it, definitely very worth the time!

And baby, thank you for everything, as always. =D

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