Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Run Events In 2013

24/02 - HK Standard Chartered (10km)
11/05 - Nike She Runs (5km)
31/05 - Sundown (21.1km)
11/08 - Adidas KOTR (16.8km)
25/08 - ST Run In The Park (15km)
03/11 - Nike 10K
10/11 - GE 2013 (21.1km)

Sunday, December 08, 2013


I must be very blessed and have done something very right in my past life to deserve the man I have today.

Christmas came very early for me from the fiancé. My renewal of handphone contract was due in Dec 2013, so I was deciding what phone I should get myself with the renewal. After looking around and testing out various phones, I decided on getting the Samsung Note 3. Before I got down to doing so, the fiancé upgraded his Dad's line and got the phone for me as a Christmas gift.

When he passed me the gift, I was shocked at how heavy it was and I suspected what it was after feeling it. I asked him why he was giving me the gift so early and he replied, "I keep longer also no use mah."

As instructed, I only opened it after he went back home. I gingerly unwrapped it and when I saw the Samsung logo, I said to myself, "This can't be...". I ripped the rest of the wrapper off and lo and behold, it was really what I thought it was! It was supposed to be an Xmas gift I was going to give to myself, but the fiancé was a step quicker.

Always surprising, always loving. I wonder what have I done to deserve a man like him. But I'm more than thankful to have him.

Thank you, love.

 photo Note3_zps5ec2bc64.jpg

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Nike We Run 2013

On 3 November 2013, I set yet another personal best for a 10km run event. I crossed the finishing line at 58mins 5secs. For awhile now, I had a goal of completing a 10km run in under an hour, and I finally did it! I achieved a 59mins unofficial 10km during my own training before, but this is the first time for an official run event! I cannot explain how accomplished I felt as I was nearing the finishing line and saw that I was under an hour. =)

A few days before the race, the boy and I were in town so we popped by Orchard Central to look at the feature wall that Nike created the words "OUR RACE OUR RULES" using all the participants' names. Within 3 minutes, the boyfriend found my name which was smacked right in the middle of C in the word 'race'!

 photo IMG_8577_zps6b8e27dc.jpg
 photo IMG_8543_zps07962274.jpg
 photo IMG_8544_zps65be3d15.jpg
My customized event tee, thanks to the fiance!

 photo IMG_8653_zps4a9abb01.jpg
Before the race.

With the help of J and the boy, we found a few pictures of ourselves from various photographers, and here are some pictures of me which I like.

 photo 1451471_521087457987783_2119936063_n_zpsc942107e.jpg
 photo 1422629_10202450236208161_1013133881_n_zps8c92c39b.jpg
 photo 993439_534324229985327_1348859675_n_zpsf494b5eb.jpg

I must say that the weather was pretty good that morning, not too hot.

 photo IMG_8659_zps2d21c3fd.jpg
Post-run with my favourite run event partner, D.

 photo 1452046_10153408580395463_2093063968_n_zps6906abd9.jpg
And of course, my beloved. =)

 photo IMG_8671PNG_zps21e7bf32.jpg

Friday, October 18, 2013

Mauritius - 12th Sep 2013 - Undersea Adventure

One whole day out at sea, in the sea, and on various cool transports and equipment. It was one heck of an adventure and life experience!

 photo IMG_0127_zps9283c6cd.jpg
 photo IMG_0125_zps7f9a5d84.jpg
 photo 12Sep_zps36a6cc1f.jpg
 photo IMG_0129_zps6dc759d4.jpg
 photo IMG_0132_zpsd5ff0b78.jpg
 photo IMG_0133_zpsf2499de9.jpg
 photo IMG_0134_zps04422cbe.jpg
 photo IMG_0137_zps46170805.jpg
 photo IMG_0139_zpsb6557d48.jpg
 photo IMG_0152_zpsfa8ea0e4.jpg
 photo IMG_0154_zpsab0eba9e.jpg
 photo IMG_0169_zpsa1cb394c.jpg
 photo IMG_0173_zps0a73615e.jpg
 photo IMG_0170_zps0b490f45.jpg
 photo IMG_0175_zps7703adb1.jpg
 photo IMG_0158_zpsca97fed6.jpg

After taking pictures around the hotel which was near the jetty to set off for our first undersea activity, it was finally time! The first activity was the submarine ride. Our first time in a submarine, and while it was not extremely exciting, it was still quite an eye-opener!

 photo 12Sep-2_zpsd87bfe2d.jpg
Down the submarine we go!

 photo IMG_0216_zps51454e07.jpg
 photo IMG_0219_zpse9dca999.jpg
In the submarine

 photo 12Sep-3_zpsc43b2d55.jpg
A genuine shipwreck!

Being in a submarine, being able to see the seabed, and seeing a shipwreck was quite an experience, however the excitement level was quite meh.

The next activity made up for what was lacking in the submarine adventure though. Here comes the Subscooter Ride!!! I was totally impressed and bewildered at the technology of this as it was pressure that kept the water from entering the space where our heads were.

 photo 12Sep-4_zpsbdc5c7f2.jpg

 photo IMG_0319_zpsac6321e4.jpg
Parents in their Subscooter!

 photo 12Sep-5_zpse3797221.jpg
Dad and Mom

 photo 12Sep-6_zpsd2e58bed.jpg
Kor Kor and SIL

 photo 12Sep-7_zps2c9a42bc.jpg
Oh hai! K and I happy in our Subscooter!

Got to thank the then-boyfriend-now-fiance for letting me drive the Subscooter while he be the photographer! And an awesome photographer he was for managing to catch this perfect clear shot of me feeding the fish!

 photo IMG_0338_zps1c3ab0ce.jpg

 photo IMG_0332_zps5c4abc4b.jpg
Our diver and guide

 photo IMG_0326_zpsbe396b15.jpg
 photo IMG_0324_zps33d8f76e.jpg

And finally, it was time for our last underwater adventure! Like the Subscooter, the same pressure technology was used for the helmet (which weighed a lot to act as weights to enable us to walk on the sea bed).

 photo IMG_0341_zpsa8ab51d1.jpg
 photo IMG_0342_zpsef43d21a.jpg
 photo 12Sep-8_zpscff49a45.jpg
 photo 12Sep-9_zps6ec6b787.jpg
 photo 12Sep-10_zpscc64d397.jpg
 photo 12Sep-11_zpsbd8bfc24.jpg
 photo 12Sep-12_zpsd4f428d9.jpg

The entire undersea experience was pretty good, and definitely worth going at least once in a lifetime! And I shall end off this post with a picture of my SIL and I being photobombed by my brother and a crew.

 photo IMG_0382_zps9d836f0a.jpg

Monday, September 30, 2013

Mauritius - 10th & 11th Sep 2013

Ever since January 2013, my family have been planning a trip to Mauritius, and after 9 months, the trip finally came! Boy, was it one heck of an awesome trip!

On 10th Sep, 12 of us flew from Singapore to KL via Air Asia, and the from KL to Mauritius via Air Mauritius.

 photo IMG_7786_zps58529a85.jpg
 photo IMG_7789_zpsa574055b.jpg
On the way to KL!

 photo IMG_7795_zps7f352d25.jpg
Mauritius, here I come!!!

 photo IMG_7803_zpse8b26c94.jpg

The Dodo bird on the Mauritius disembarkation card is so cute!

 photo IMG_7807_zpse75fd6b9.jpg

After dinner, a movie on board, and a short nap later, I woke up to a beautiful sunset on board Air Mauritius! (Mauritius is 4 hours behind SG)

 photo IMG_7808_zpsfe247bc4.jpg

And awhile later...

 photo IMG_7817_zps1ab4574d.jpg

When we arrived in Mauritius, Uncle Samuel was there to welcome us and a private minibus was arranged to transport us to the holiday villa which belonged to my relatives.

 photo IMG_7829_zps24e77947.jpg

We were greeted with great hospitality by Grand-Uncle and Grand-Auntie who lovingly prepared supper for us!

 photo 11Sep_zps15f97e5c.jpg

The following morning, my Kor, SIL, then-boyfriend-now-fiance and I went for horse riding by the beach activity! The view was simply breath-taking and the experience on a big horse was awesome!

 photo IMG_0039_zpsa1a0201e.jpg
 photo IMG_0041_zps3da8b66b.jpg
 photo IMG_0051_zps5b0965da.jpg
 photo IMG_4580_zpsac1979c1.jpg
 photo IMG_0080_zpsf0c25e6c.jpg
 photo IMG_4596_zpsa4d74e5c.jpg
 photo IMG_0096_zps337331f1.jpg
 photo IMG_4609_zps8eb13f10.jpg
 photo 546965_10151837630942403_1639927480_n_zps88ff31c2.jpg
 photo 11Sep1_zps6877ba81.jpg
Our respective ride!

We all then went on a trip with Grand-Uncle and family to visit the Yiptong House which is an office building, the Yiptong grave, as well as the house where my Great-Grandfather lived in.

From the little I know, Yiptong in Mauritius is quite a big name, and they do commodities distribution, trade in oil, and have a factory for production. And for those who don't already know, Yiptong is the name of my Great-Grandfather, and we adopted his name into our names as our second surname for recognition purposes as my Great-Grandfather had 18 children and their families are all over the world now.

 photo IMG_4627_zps4fa3c6c7.jpg
 photo IMG_4639_zpsbf6abc93.jpg
 photo IMG_4651_zps43605708.jpg
Us in front of the Yiptong House.

 photo IMG_4660_zpsf0632b71.jpg

A few of my relatives are buried in this majestic grave, including my Great-Grandparents. I never knew a grave could look so beautiful.

And then it was time to visit the plot of land where my Great-Grandparents' house once stood, which was rebuilt into a small mall, with their new house perched right on top on a secret 4th floor.

 photo IMG_4705_zpsb0da1134.jpg
 photo IMG_4708_zpsc2037095.jpg
Great-Grandmother, Great-Great-Grandmother, Great-Grandfather

 photo IMG_4711_zpsfd911d93.jpg

I was very surprised to see Dada and Popo's headstone picture in the house, and that really touched my heart, for they are eternally together even back in Mauritius where they met.

 photo IMG_4713_zps6afb5a2b.jpg
Painting of my Great-Grandparents, Mr & Mrs Chan Yiptong.

 photo IMG_4714_zps2466cb79.jpg
Just a small section of the very huge house.

 photo IMG_0121_zpsca9eb7ae.jpg

Got back to the villa in time for me to catch an amazing view of the sunset, right from our backyard. Such beauty of nature can never be found in Singapore. =)

 photo IMG_4723_zpsf4a810fe.jpg

And I'll end this post with a very random picture of a packet of Julie biscuits to show that my family is the official distributor of one such product.

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