Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The trip to the dentist wasn't so horrible after all.

I had 6 cavities, which required drilling and filling. He said drilling usually send patients squirming in the chair, but I was totally rigid. Scaling was very painful too but I still tolerated the pain throughout.

In the doctor's words, "Your threshold for pain is extremely high. You're an A1 patient because you didn't squirm a single bit ."

With the monster dentist I had in RGPS, I'm trained to withstand pain.

Total damage: $285 + loss of a lot of blood.
I'm visiting the dentist later and I'm scared shit-less. I last visited the dentist when I was 14 (disgusting, I know).

I'm scared not because of all the scrapping, prodding and poking around till my gums bleed like mad. I'm scared of being found out, because a dentist sure can tell.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dim Sum lunch with my Mauritius relatives was splendid. My grand-uncles (grandpa's brothers) all look scarily identical. So to say, they all look like my grandpa, hahaha! Even their spectacles are similar. LOL.

Because my grandpa has 7 brothers and 10 sisters, there are a whole lot of relatives whom I've never seen before. And every meeting with the Mauritius relatives is just like a kinder bueno surprise. And that is just my grandparents' generation. Including my parents' and my own generation of relatives and cousins, I really cannot imagine when will I get to meet all of them at least once in my lifetime.

Anyway, back in 2003, when I went to collect my uniform in PA for the CI course, I had to do a mini assessment. My sweetest drug just told me that he has possession over my assessment. In February 2004 he was involved in the Campcraft Committee, and chanced upon that assessment we did, he took his AND mine. -_- And he only JUST told me. What the. So sneaky.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Are you afraid of heights?"
"Would you feel nauseous being on a moving object for a time period?"

Only in 2 weeks' time will those 2 questions make sense to me. For now, I'm clueless, but anticipating it. With only 2 weeks left, I will, I must.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I haven't gone jogging ever since my last Pneumothorax attack in July 2007. For the 1st 3 months I was advised against exercising. The next 2-3 months I was just plain lazy, until 2 nights ago.

After 2 consecutive days of jogging, my thighs are aching like crap. I shall not slack for so many months again.

I'm hooked onto Oreo WaferSticks (white chocolate).

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lemon Cheesecake chocolate

It's always nice to go shopping with my Mom. Yesterday, we were at AMKhub's NTUC and I was looking at this chocolate because the new flavour intrigued me, but I had no intention of getting it.

Mom noticed and she went, "You want? Take.", and so I did after a moment of contemplation. She continued with, "What about the other two flavours [banoffi pie & blueberry cheesecake (I think it's blueberry, can't remember)]?" I declined, but I'll definitely have a go at the Banoffi Pie flavour some time soon. Banana and toffee, yum. =D

My problem with eating (or lack of rather) has already ceased, but my parents are still very concerned, and will still try to fulfill my cravings, especially my Mom. Just take the chocolate incident for an instance, just by looking at a food item with a slight trace of interest, my Mom is bound to get it for me. Parents nag and worry only because they care.

Being in this family is my blessing.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

This year, Sparky has new clothes to wear to go CNY visiting with us! =) He has a new red collar with a red bell to match his red shirt. In addition, my brother customised a dog tag for him. Not that we're wishing for Sparky to get lost again, but just in case.

My handsome boy.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


At 8am, we went over to Bullion Park and the management told us that one of the cleaners passed Sparky to his friend to be taken care of, so brother drove us to People's Park to get him! Such kind-hearted souls.

The cleaner said that yesterday afternoon, Sparky was found swimming in Bullion Park's fish pond, and he's a great swimmer! LOL! This must be an adventure of his life! 1st night at Bullion Park, 2nd night at People's Park.

It's good to have him back! I'm off to bathe and feed my love now!

Class is cancelled today!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mom and I went round giving out flyers and putting up notices of Sparky. We approached the security guards at Bullion Park, and the guards said that Sparky was spotted yesterday afternoon!

The condo manager placed him at some corner but he isn't around at the moment and the guards do not know where Sparky is being placed. So they will call us tomorrow morning when the manager reports to work. There's hope. =)
Everything feels so weird and the house feels so empty without Sparky. I miss his constant barking, I miss his laziness, I miss the touch of his fur against my body, I miss him. =(

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

DAMN! Sparky is missing. Someone left the small gate open and the rain probably scared Sparky into running out. What a fucketty day.

This morning, I fed him breakfast and I showered him (both of which I haven't done in a while). I dried him off and I brushed his fur. I patted him, snuggled him, and kissed him a couple of times on his head. I don't know why I did all of the above today.

He was sparkly white, fluffy and happy when I left home for school. Now he's gone. I'm going to cry my eyes out now if you'd excuse me.

I covered as much area as I could in the 45 mins I was out looking for him, but...
I wonder if he ate anything for dinner...
Oh crapitty-crap. I went to bed at 3.15am, but already wide awake now. And my alarm doesn't go off for another 7 hours. WTF.

Monday, January 14, 2008

We've come a long way. 3 years as friends, 11 months as a couple. And we're still enjoying it heaps. =D

He'll be reporting to his Pro-term unit later on. AI, mad house training. All the best darling!

Friday, January 11, 2008

My sweetest drug is back from Brunei! =D

This morning I woke up late for school, and rushed like mad. As I was locking the door, I heard, "Don't close yet!". I recognised that voice, and I turned around to see him there. Surprises as such melts my heart. And he bought me the Baileys Creme Caramel.

Thank you darling, for making little efforts like these.

On our way home, we saw this gigantic tortoise, check out its size!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh my freaking goodness! My mom has a Facebook account and she just added me! Mommy is so up-to-date, so hip! LOL!

My sweetest drug is coming home tonight. Like, finally. =D

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I just entered adulthood not too long ago, yet I'm already so worn out. It seems that I'm going through motions every single day, like I'm doing things for the sake of doing it.

Sometimes, all I really want is to talk to someone who's on the same frequency as me and shares the same pain. Emotions are running and it all boils down to that piece of shit. -shrugs-

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Earlier on, the circuit box kept tripping, and even after switching it on, it would trip again in a couple of seconds. So my Dad tediously singled out all the socket points in the house while I babysit the circuit box.

The cause came from the boys' room. Daddy came down with this:


See that thin line there? We concluded that it's a baby lizard's tail, because it definitely looked like it and it was twitching! Eww! That poor fella is stuck in the adaptor. My Dad tried shaking it out but it just wouldn't fall out. Definitely extremely stuck. Poor lizard's life is just going to end in the hollow of an adaptor. -shake head-
The weather has been wickedly cold this week.

Last night, I went to bed with a pullover and track pants, and on top of that, I had my blanket all the way up to my neck. In addition, I turned the fan skywards because it was freaking cold. If it wasn't for the purpose of ventilation, I would have gladly do away with the fan.

Despite all I've done, I still woke up with frozen limbs. Tsk.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

A few months back, when the weather was crazily humid and when the air-conditioner in my room was wonky, I bunked in with my parents for about a week. So, because of my existence, Sparky had to be vacated from his usual sleeping spot. Perhaps he was unhappy about having to sleep at a different spot, or perhaps he just wanted a share of my comfort, therefore he did this:


Prior to this picture, he actually had the audacity to settle his whole body comfortably on my mattress. I had to place him on his white silk cloth a couple of times before he stopped inviting himself to my mattress. Thereafter, he discreetly inched nearer and nearer and laid his head on the mattress (as shown in picture above).

I swear that Sparky wasn't positioned there by anyone of us, he did that himself. People with domestic pets should know how cheeky these little buggers can be huh?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Just hung up with my boo, and as I'm typing this, he's being jetted off to Brunei for training. The next 10 days will be extremely dull.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Next year, I won't go and squeeze with the massive crowd to see the fireworks. Sweaty bodies are totally disgusting. But it was nice to bump into familiar faces amidst such a crazy crowd. Hello JiaXi & Jo!

I noticed a 3 times increase in unique views yesterday, so I checked my statistics and realized that people from this forum attempted to invade my site or something. I reckon it was a case of mistaken identity, but still, WTF?! They were probably a group of extremely bored people with no NYE plans. TSK~

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