Wednesday, July 23, 2014


8 months since I adopted the love of my life. When she just came, she was a indoor toilet-trained dog, so whenever we brought her out on walks, she would never pee or poo. Slowly over time, she learned to pee and poo in public, but always on the pavement. -_-

On Sunday (20 July), I brought her out for a walk and for the first time, I witnessed her pee on the grass! Not only that, she actually "horse kicked" the grass, in an attempt to cover up her business as how other dogs usually do! She walked a little more and peed again. I was wondering why she had so much pee that evening, but when she peed a third time, I realized that she was actually marking territory, another first!

This may be no biggie to people, but to me and Truffle, it is a milestone and a pleasant surprise to see her being a proper pooch for once. =P

I have so much love for this pooch, I don't know what would I do without her when the time comes that she would have to leave this world and me. ='(

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