Saturday, March 26, 2005

What a Small World
Went to watch the eye 10 with RenJie yesterday, screwed up show! Not up to my expectations, the commercials were so misleading!

Anyway, I met ChengXi's twin bro in the theatre! Haha! I thought that guy was ChengXi so i practically called out and waved to him! And that guy responded with, "I'm not ChengXi, I'm his brother, JiaXi."

I was like totally stunned! Haha! They look so freakingly alike! From head to toe! Haha! Maybe because I met ChengXi only twice before, that's why I'm unable to differentiate the twins. But seriously, they are a pair of super identical twins! Even their dressing sense are similar!

Got to attend a Chingay dinner later at NTU Hall 10... Boring! But the thought of being able to meet the whole Chingay family again simply rocks! Haha! Alright, I better get going now! Cheerios!

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