Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sydney - Sydney Fish Market (3 July 2010)

People who know me well enough would know how much I love eating fish. Even before I went to Sydney, I was already very excited at the thought of visiting Sydney Fish Market.

So the day finally came and NJ4 can attest to the crazy amount of excitement I had that day!

Super duper fresh and thickly sliced sashimi!!!

After we had our stomachs filled, NJ4 and I took a walk around and took snapshots around.

Anzac Bridge

Just before we left Sydney Fish Market, we needed a sweet snack and so we got this expensive-but-very-delicious ice cream cookie!

You know how they say that food tastes better when you fight for it? Yup, so that was exactly what we did!

By the time we left Sydney Fish Market, it was already mid-day, so we rushed down to Paddington Market! Sadly, nothing caught my eye, but the items sold there were pretty interesting and unique.

And that, was another day spent in Sydney!

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