Wednesday, February 02, 2011


The conversation that went on in the car as we were on our way back home, was too much to bear.

When I asked for assistance to lookout for a reasonably priced car that I can buy, I was given a million and one reasons as to why I do not need my own set of wheels.

Ever since he got his driving license at 18, he had the luxury of a car and had been driving throughout his poly life, his army life, his work life and now his university life. Yet me, being the elder sibling, never ever had that luxury. Never.

I have voiced out my desire to get my own set of wheels, with my own money, but the topic was always brushed off. Yet in the car just now, they talked like I was not there. They talked about getting him the car that he's been hankering after, they talked about how long he had the luxury of the spare car, they talked and talked, and totally disregarded my feelings.

But I just kept my mouth shut, I kept my thoughts to myself, and I pretended to sleep. It was cool.

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