Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Best Saturday So Far!

It's been a really long while since I last had so much fun, where I laughed like I really meant it, and where the sour heavy feeling in me is mostly gone.

So anyway, my Sister-In-Law's friend recently started a shoes business online, and I heard that the shoes are so comfortable that they do not bite. I was immediately sold when I heard that, for I have the most useless feet around where any and every footwear will bite my feet.

I popped by the website, and left with 2 purchases. The shoes came really quickly, and it was hand-delivered to me right up to my door step (or in my case, gate step).

Seriously, these 2 pair of shoes have got to be my best buy EVER! Cheap, pretty and so so so comfortable! I could run in those heels! And I'm sure like anything that if I were to party in those heels, I'd still be able to go for my run the same night! The flats, needless to say, was more comfortable than comfortable. I hope there will be more varieties soon!

So right after I received my lovely shoes, my lovely babe came to my place for a sisterly chillout session. And we really had crazy fun messing around in my super orange bedroom!

My favourite picture! Thanks M, for the great shot! =)

And then I got a text from a friend, asking if I would like to join him and another mutual friend for drinks that evening. My BFF was game for it, so I got ready and off we went to Overeasy for drinks.

I'm so glad to have know you babe. You've been such a great joy to me, and it's been years now, but it still feels like I only just knew you. =)

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