Tuesday, August 30, 2011


As a 3rd month celebration, K bought a short trip to Batam for the 2 of us last week.

Our resort was pretty nice, although the room was a little small.

Because there was nothing to do around the resort, and the "swimming pool" was too gross looking to utilize, we car-pooled with another group of Singaporeans and went out to town.

And of course, we whacked A&W! I haven't had A&W ever since they closed down in Singapore, but I was quite disappointed with the waffle ice cream. The rootbeer float didn't fail though!

The cabbie was scheduled to come back to get us 6 hours later and we finished combing the place in about an hour, which left us dying of boredom for the next 5 hours. It was then I learnt that somebody can't frown for nuts!


The following day was slightly better as we had a half day city tour.

And we left Batam with a beautiful sight at the ferry terminal.

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