Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hong Kong - 24 Oct 2011

Last day in HK and we did a quick dash around places we have not covered. One of which was the Expo, and of course not forgetting the Apple store that opened in HK not too long ago.

At Wan Chai, as we were making our way to the Expo, we saw something that immediately drew me in like a magnet!

Like O.M.G. I cannot NOT go in!!!

Boy, was the (double?) chocolate muffin sinfully gooooood! I ate like a kid and had chocolate all over my mouth, but I seriously couldn't care less because all I knew at that point in time was that I was starving and I'm a sucker for chocolate products, and that muffin satisfied all of the above criteria. LOL!

After a pretty long walk, we finally made it to the Expo and some golden flower thing.

And of course, not forgetting the Apple store!

We had our last meal in HK at the same Dim Sum place in Jordan that we so love, before we went back to the hotel to pack up.

So that concludes our Hong Kong trip, and I'm finally done blogging about it after 4 months since I got back from HK. HAHAHA!

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