Friday, February 10, 2012

211 Roof Terrace Café

This evening, K and I utilized a food voucher that he bought for us quite some time back, and I'm really thankful for he got it after I merely commented something along the lines of, "That's one place that I've wanted to tried for quite some years now but never got the chance to."

So to Holland Village we went, and like 2 very starved adults, we placed our orders pretty quickly once we got there. Surprisingly, our food came really quickly, without compromising on standards.

K had the Babyback Ribs and I had the Lamb Cutlet. Both dishes were so damn good in terms of taste, texture and portion!

And obviously, me being me, I could not help it but had to goof around a wee bit, as I always do.

Cappuccino Foam Smile!

Dinner ended on a sweet note with ice cream at Island Creamery, a little treat from M to K. =D

Ice cream, my joy and my bane. Something I cannot say no to.

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