Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brunch.. @ 3.30pm

When people say Brunch, they are usually referring to a meal eaten between breakfast and lunch, which most people would assume it to be a time between 11am to 1pm. However, knowing how my friends are (mostly cranky and abnormal, just like me), we met for Brunch at 3.30pm, which should have been afternoon tea instead.

So anyway, I brought them to Arbite because I've been there a couple of times and everytime I patronize them, I always leave with a happy palate and an even happier tummy.

2 pots of Peach Nectar tea

Before our food arrived, my 2 friends who became friends with each other in the weirdest way ever, began their nonsensical act as they ALWAYS do. Seriously, I have no idea what is up with this two, but no, they are not an item, and no, I highly doubt that will ever happen.

Introducing DL and DL!

And our food finally came!

Pan Fried Dory Meuniere & Tiger Prawns

Arbite Breakfast

Eggs Benedict

Great looking food coupled with fantastic natural lighting in the eatery, and armed with my DSLR, I totally love how the pictures taken at Arbite turned out.

And there are only 3 types of food because K and I had the exact same thing; the Eggs Benedict.

Happy Fat Us

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